I am happy that you are here! I have built this website with passion, love and a ton of work!

I am Daniel and I just love to ride electric skateboards – they are so much fun! When I was new to e-skateboards, I could not find valuable information on the internet. So I decided to make my own website. My goal is to be the most helpful website about electric skateboards on the internet!

I really hope that I am providing value with this website!

Why Electric Skateboards?

First, they are so much fun! With good electric skateboards, it feels like snowboarding on the street! Second, switching to smaller, greener and more practical vehicles will happen with time as cities become more crowded and make cars seem useless. I believe in this personal mobility device “revolution” and especially in small electric skateboards which are fun and convenient to commute.

Legal Information

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Some more info

I may use Ads on this website in order to generate some revenue to keep the site’s momentum going. Running a website is not expensive, but the time invested in articles, design maintenance, and hosting can add up. I hope ads won’t bug you very much and I thank you in advance for understanding the reason behind them.

All the products I recommend, mainly from Amazon.com are reliable and trustworthy with lots of good reviews. I wouldn’t add products which I don’t find useful or don’t worth the money spent. If you think a product is inappropriate or it’s no longer available send me a message and I will work on the problem right away.

Suggestions and feedback

If you have any suggestions, improvements, complains or comments, you can leave a message in the comments. I believe in continuous improvement and your opinion is valuable.

I hope you will enjoy the information and posts provided on my website.
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