Best Electric Skateboard Accessories (in 2023)

Buying a new electric skateboard is always fun; there’s nothing like unwrapping the box and hitting the road for the first time on a new board. But finding the best electric skateboard accessories is also an undeniably important part of the purchasing process for a new e-board. Far too many riders underestimate how much some of the innovative accessories on the market today can make a difference. Skateboard accessories can vary greatly in usage and applications. Some accessories can help improve the physical riding experience on a device, while others can make your board easier to transport. Whatever your needs, our guide to the best electric skateboard accessories in 2020 should help you find an accessory to make your ride even better!

Best Electric Skateboard Accessories:

Action Camera

Especially if you intend to start streaming or posting videos online of your electric skateboarding adventures, an action camera could be a must-buy. Insta360 is one of the most popular action cameras on the market for electric skateboarders. When you’re barreling through the streets or down a hill at 20 miles per hour or more, it’s often impossible to hold a phone and get a steady video of your movements on a board. Action cameras can be equipped with “selfie sticks,” headbands, wristbands, and more. These tools help you to use your action camera in a way that captures the beauty of your ride without distracting you too much.

If you’re looking for a quality action camera, read up on reviews from popular YouTubers who specialize in skateboarding videos. These influencers should be able to point you in the right direction for a camera with high quality and packages that can effectively track your movement on a device.

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We live in the age of the iPhone, and the electric skateboard industry is certainly not exempt. There are a number of apps that can help to optimize your experience while riding around on an electric skateboard. To start, shopping apps can really go a long way when it comes to looking for the right board on the go. But once you already have the perfect electric skateboard for you, iPhone and Android applications can do a lot to make your rides safer and more fun.

“Ride” is one standout app in this sector, which is becoming more competitive on the daily. With the Ride app, you can track your e-skating rides. The application can measure the distance traveled on your board, the top speed, your average speed, and more. As you become accustomed to a new skateboard, tracking performance metrics like this might help you to figure out whether the device lives up to its promises.


While a lightweight skateboard is often ideal for commuters or travelers, sometimes the perfect skateboard is a little bit on the heavy side. Luckily, the e-skateboard industry is rife with companies specializing in the design and production of skateboard-friendly backpacks. You can read a more detailed guide about e-board backpacks here. Remember that regular backpacks might not be sufficient or convenient for carrying electric longboards. A good skateboard backpack will have a snug place for you to place the device to where it sits firmly against your back, close to your center of gravity. Putting an electric skateboard in a regular backpack would minimize the bag’s positive influence on your carrying capabilities, as regular bags aren’t designed specifically to carry these long and heavy devices.

If you need a backpack to help carry your electric skateboard, look for models designed reputable brands with high-quality, durable materials.

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If all you’re carrying around during the day is your electric skateboard itself, a skateboard bag might be right for you. The upside to these bags is mostly their sleek design and developed structure, which is specifically fitted to accommodate skateboards and other accessories. Read more about electric longboard bags in our extended guide here. A good electric skateboard bag will be able to successfully hold your skateboard tightly. It should be fitted with straps to keep the board from shaking around inside of the bag. After you’re done reading this guide, you’re probably going to be looking for multiple accessories to keep your skateboarding rides fun and safe. As such, you might want to search for bags specialized to carry specific types of accessories along with the skateboard itself.

Compared to backpacks, specialized electric skateboard bags have their ups and downs. On one hand, some riders find that backpacks make it easier to handle the weight of the board. But many e-skateboard bags have more room and specific spots to store things like helmets, remotes, and more.

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Bash Guards

Bash guards are an often underrated accessory many riders add to their boards. You should know that not all riders will need a bash guard. If you are consistently careful and you rarely encounter obstacles that your device could collide with, your need for a bash guard might be minimal. However, we generally advise that all riders could benefit from a bash guard. As the name suggests, bash guards are small accessories fitted on the ends of your skateboard to protect it from damage when you run into obstacles.

Bash guards can be made out of a variety of materials. Obviously, a bash guard that’s too hard might be frustrating, as ramming into a hard surface with another hard object could be jarring. Look for a bash guard with minimal give but with the flexibility to absorb some impact as you hit a surface or barrier.

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While bearings are generally considered replacement parts, they also function as necessary accessories for most electric skateboards. A good set of top-shelf bearings can demonstrably improve the performance and control of your wheels, which is huge for increasing how much you enjoy your ride. A more detailed breakdown of everything concerning bearings can be found on our eskate bearings guide here. This guide outlines some of the best e-skateboard bearings in 2020. We included details about Rocket Skateboard Bearings, Bone Swiss Bearings, and Zealous Ceramic Bearings, three brands that we consider to be industry leaders for bearing quality and performance.

To find the right set of bearings for your skateboard, read up on the latest technologies and most preferred brands in the industry. Skateboard tech is always evolving, and age-old bearings are definitely no exception to the rule of progress. Keep up-to-date on the latest developments in bearing tech to figure out what brands are best for you.

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Like bearings, bushings are an essential part of the riding experience of a board on the most technical level. Bushings work to isolate vibrations to keep your board riding stable. Bad bushings often mean that your wheels will shake and vibrate as you go over surfaces, particularly rougher terrains. Clearly, having a quality set of bushings to minimize vibrations is a key element of a more enjoyable riding experience. Despite the simple appearance, there’s quite a bit that goes into an effective bushing. Our guide on the best eskate bushings of 2020 should give you a more comprehensive overview of the numerous elements that contribute to a bushing’s effectiveness.

But as a basic rule of thumb, remember to put a good deal of thought into which replacement bushings you want to buy for your electric skateboard. After all, a solid set of bushings can mean the difference between a smooth ride and a shaky, un-fun experience.

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Deck Hook

Honestly, deck hooks remain one of the coolest technologies on the contemporary e-skateboard market. But they’re also extremely intuitive and simple. A deck hook can be use to convert a regular backpack into one capable of carrying an electric skateboard. Most deck hooks fasten to the top part of the back of a bag using magnetic connectors. Once it’s attached firmly to the backpack, the deck hook’s two hooks allow you to firmly hold your device on the deck hook.

There’s a downside to deck hooks, though. They are considerably cheaper than most full e-skateboard backpacks. However, the deck hook fastens to the back-end of a backpack. This means that the board is pretty far from your center of gravity. Especially if the rest of your backpack isn’t full, it might be uncomfortable to carry an electric longboard on the back of your bag.

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Elbow Pads

Elbow pads seem simple enough, right? They need straps to firmly fasten the device to your elbows. You also want a hard protective covering to make contact with the ground or debris in the case of a crash, as well as a softer fabric on the inside to cushion and protect your body parts. But in reality, there’s quite a bit of design nuances that contribute to the overall success and value of a set of solid elbow pads. Our eskate elbow pads guide should be a helpful resource if you want to do a large amount of research into this greatly variable topic.

Pads can range from budget to extremely expensive. If you’re a new rider, we recommend sparing no expense when it comes to the integrity and reliability of your elbow pads, as safety equipment can really save your skin when it comes to crashes at potentially very high speeds.

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Fast Charger

An alternative, faster charger is a great way to get around a limited battery power. If you want to ride your device to and from work but only have enough juice to get to the workplace but not back, charging during the day could make even a smaller battery work. But if your skateboard comes standard with a slow charging device, this can become more difficult to do. Finding a solid fast charger should not be super hard, considering that most charger manufacturers clearly state the power and speed of their charger on the official product website. You do need to make sure that the charger you purchase doesn’t transmit more power than your board’s battery can handle. This could cause technical problems within the battery itself.

Check out Backfire’s Fast Charger

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Feet Straps

Not all skaters will have much of a use for feet straps. The most popular application for these accessories is on the boards of riders who want to do tips and tricks. But in reality, a far greater variety of electric skateboarders might benefit from a solid set of feet straps. Feet straps keep your feet firmly planted and attached to the top of your deck. When you’re hitting top speeds or carving down a hill, there’s hardly anything more dangerous (and terrifying!) than feeling your feet start to slip from the deck of your board. A solid pair of shoes and a layer of grip tape on the deck is a good way to avoid this problem, but feet straps can help to pick up the slack of the board’s design to keep you grounded.

In addition to improving the performance of your board through increases to maneuverability, feet straps can also seriously maximize the safety of your riding experience.

First Aid Kit

We probably don’t need to spend too much time explaining the functional application of a first aid kit. Even if you haven’t been skating for long, numerous hobbies and pastimes make it necessary to have access to a solid first aid kit. You won’t need anything too special for a skateboard-specific first aid kit. You want to be prepared for a myriad of bruises, cuts, and scrapes, all of which can happen when riders fall off their boards or crash against an obstacle.

We recommend carrying a first aid kit in your backpack or skateboard bag, especially if you plan on riding with a group of skaters. Even if you don’t crash or fall, groups of riders are almost guaranteed to have at least one accident among them, especially if you’re doing tricks or carving up hills. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and an improperly treated scrape or wound can have serious applications down the line if you aren’t very careful and prompt with disinfecting.

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Flight Battery

Most electric skateboard batteries make it impossible to travel on many airliners. The FDA federally prohibits passengers from riding with any battery above 160 Wh. If your battery is larger in capacity than 100 Wh, then you need to check with the airline before carrying the device onto a plane. Read more about restrictions and air travel concerning electric skateboards on our flight travel guide.

Many skateboard companies provide models of their boards equipped with flight-safe batteries, or batteries that are smaller than either 160 or 100 Wh in power. Some companies even sell their own flight batteries which can be used with multiple types of boards. If you plan on checking or carrying on your battery as you travel by air, it’s important to consider purchasing a flight battery. The weight of a model matters little when it comes to carrying a skateboard on a plane; the size of the battery is the main limiting factor.


Many e-skaters underestimate the importance of gloves to a safe riding experience. When we crash, one of our first natural instincts is to put our hands up to brace for impact against the ground. While this does keep our bodies from taking the worst of the damage when we fall, skin sliding against rough pavement is never a good or safe thing. Read more about gloves in our comprehensive e-skateboard glove guide.

As far as luxury safety gloves for skateboards go, the Flatland3d gloves are a very sure bet. We reviewed these gloves and found that they generally offer a high degree of safety.

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Griptape – specially designed

Specially designed grip-tape is great way to personalize your electric skateboard while improving your maneuverability in the process. Many specialized grip-tapes come with beautiful designs to make your board look great. Grip-tape is also extremely important. Good tape can help you to better grip onto the deck of your device, which helps you to avoid the risk of sliding off or losing control of the e-skateboard.

Griptape Cleaner

This one should be self-explanatory. Even if you try to avoid getting dirt on your deck, debris will naturally come off of your shoes. The rough surface of most grip-tapes can easily trap dirt, mud, or other outside contaminants. A number of options exist for grip-tape cleaners, but we recommend you look for products made especially for this purpose. Just taking a rag, a wet cloth, or even a scrubber to your board might not do the trick, and it could run the risk of wearing away essential lining of the tape.

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Gone are the days when the only option for e-skaters was a bulky helmet that’s effective but unbelievably ugly. A while back, we wrote a guide to finding the best helmet for your safety without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your look. Although it’s great that so many options exist for riders to choose from, choosing a helmet is a little more complicated than it once was.

Half Shell Helmets

As you could probably work out, half shell helmets cover the head but not the face. They’re the traditional look associated with helmets, especially among electric skateboarders. The downside to these models is that they don’t necessarily protect the face, which could easily be at-risk, especially if you fall forward off of your skateboard in a crash.

triple 8 dual certified helmet

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LED Helmets

If you’re one to ride at night or in low light areas of your town or city, LED helmets might be right for you. Lumos is a standout company when it comes to LED helmets, and we published a full-length Lumos Matrix review on the company and its product line. Lumos helmets include LED lights on the back of their helmets. Obviously, this means that you should be riding with traffic rather than against it, although this should be your rule in general.

lumos matrix

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Full Face Helmet

Some riders aren’t a fan of the full face look, especially if they’re skating in-town. But for those who are, full face helmets easily offer the greatest level of overall protection among all types of skating helmets. Your head and face are both protected against the road, and against other obstacles you might encounter on the road or during a collision. The TGE pass is one major contender for the top full face helmets for electric skateboarders. We reviewed the TSG Pass here.

tsg pass

Knee Pads

Anyone who’s fallen off an electric skateboard, or even any fast-moving transportation device, should know how important knee pads can be. It isn’t just about avoiding the dreaded skinned knee. Falling straight on the fragile knees can seriously harm your mobility, especially as you age. Knee pads can keep your knees from being damaged when you crash. Read more about the best knee and elbow pads at our relevant guide here. The Killer Knee Pad is especially respected within the e-skating community, and we cover the Pros and Cons in our individual 187 Killer Pro Knee Pads review here. Before you hit the road with your new board, be sure to pick up a solid set of knee pads to keep safe.

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Not enough e-skateboarders appreciate the safety importance that e-skate lights can provide. If you’re riding during a sunny day, you’re obviously fine without a developed set of lights on the front of back of your skateboard. But a significant portion of the e-skating community enjoys the occasional midnight ride. Riders who live in an extremely hot part of the world could really benefit from a cool night ride away from the sun. We describe e-board lights in much more detail in our eskate lights guide. We tend to prefer the Shredlights Sl-200 lights, which can be attached to both the front and the tail end of your skateboard to ensure you’re well seen by other riders, drivers, and even pedestrians. Check out our Shredlights Sl-200 Review here.

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Neck Speakers

Neck speakers are a great way to listen to music safely while you ride skateboards. Listening to music with traditional earbuds can be dangerous, as it can distract you from and block out important sounds around you, such as the motor sound of a car or the shouts of a pedestrian. It’s also not legal to skate with earbuds plugged in on public roads in some jurisdictions. The Bose Wearable is a particularly powerful and respected brand of neck speaker.

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Padded Hoodie

Padded hoodies are great if you don’t like the look of being decked-out in knee pads, elbow pads, and other small safety features. A solid padded hoodie can effectively protect your back and chest, and some models might even protect your arms as well. We wrote a review about the Lazyrolling armored hoodie. Lazyrolling is a leading industry name when it comes to this unique brand of protective clothing for electric skateboarders.

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Padded Jacket

While we always recommend traditional safety accessories like knee pads and elbow pads, padded jackets merge style with safety effortlessly. Companies like Lazyrolling have made a name in the skating industry for their design of stylish and effective padded jackets. The idea behind a padded jacket is pretty self-explanatory. The jacket uses tough material on the outside and thick inner padding to shield riders’ bodies in the case of an accident or crash.

Check them out on Lazyrolling’s website.
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The application of a power bank should be pretty self-explanatory in general. But for electric skateboards, the primary function of a power bank is to give you a way to charge your remote control device on-the-go. Having a dead remote can quickly kill a skating excursion, so having a power bank handy is a good idea for all riders.

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Skate T Tool

The Skate T Tool is a specialized tool that is primarily used to tighten or loosen up your trucks. Additionally, the device can also help you when you’re trying to change our bearings, adjust or attach bushings, adjust belts, or replace the wheels. If you plan on owning and regularly working on your electric skateboard, it’s always necessary to bring along a specialized tool like the Skate T Tool. Some companies sell this tool individually, and other retailers might also provide riders with the chance to buy multiple tools in a larger package. We recommend bringing the Skate T Tool along if you plan to ride for a long distance, in case any issues arise that require adjustment on-the-go.

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Although they’re not necessarily made for this purpose, electric guitar stands can be an easy and cost-effective way to display and store your electric longboard. It’s easy to grab your board on the go with a floor stand because it’s so close to the ground, and guitar stands are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most electronics and music stores.

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Sunglasses Speakers

Sunglasses speakers almost look like something you’d see in a spy film. Luckily, these futuristic technologies are well within our grasp in the e-skating community. As the name suggests, a good pair of sunglasses speakers should both help you see through the sun and listen to your tunes. This makes it an excellent safety device, as focusing too much on music without paying attention to traffic can be dangerous. Personally, we prefer the Bose Audio Frame Alto as one leading brand of sunglasses speakers.

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Trucks are another accessory that doubles as an essential component of a board’s performance. Trucks primarily impact the stability and control of your skateboard’s ride. Reverse Kingpin Trucks are the most popular option on modern electric skateboards. These trucks offer consistent stability as you hit high speeds, and they can carve moderately well. Double Kingpin Trucks (DKP) offer a lower propensity for higher speeds, but they offer a greater degree of carving capabilities. Chamber trucks (pictured below) are also pretty common, especially when it comes to off-road devices, as they offer both flexibility and the stability to ride along uneven surfaces without losing control.

Frankly, it would take a whole guide to be able to introduce you to everything there is to know about e-skateboard trucks. Luckily, we have written just that! Visit our eskate trucks guide to learn more about how trucks impact your ride, and all the trucks there are to choose from.

Surf Adapter (Trucks)

Surfing and skateboarding have always been intensely interrelated hobbies. The surf adapter gives skateboarders the opportunity to channel the control and carving stability of a surfboard while riding on their electric skateboard. We haven’t tried the surf adapter ourselves, but the basic concept behind the adapter makes sense. It boosts the distance between the trucks and the deck of the board, allowing riders to adjust their sway and more easily pivot, turn, and carve on their skateboard. The surf adapter probably won’t be perfect for all skateboarders, but carvers who enjoy gliding down a nice hill could really benefit from the controls of a surfboard fitted onto the speed of a ground skateboard.

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Wall Hook

Wall hooks are a good way to display and keep your board safe if you only have one or two devices. If you have more than a couple skateboards, a wall reck might be more aesthetically appealing and cost effective. Wall hooks screw directly into the wall, usually at a central point. You can easily fit your board on the holding device by positioning the trick between the hooks. It is not generally possible to fit more than one e-board on a single wall hook, so you might need to buy more than one if you want to display all your devices using this method.

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Wall Reck

If you have enough electric skateboards to need a wall reck, you’re in better shape than most of us. Electric skateboards are expensive. Leaving them lying around poses a number of risks. Tripping over a dormant board could lead to injury, and some riders might be even more concerned that they’ll trip and dent or chip their board against a hard surface. A wall reck can display and hold several boards. These holding devices look almost like shelves. They’re usually nailed or screwed into the wall. Make sure that you firmly attach the holding tool to the wall; the last thing you need is a loose screw sending 3/4 electric skateboards tumbling to a pile on the ground.

A wall reck is not necessary for most riders, but it can be incredibly helpful if you have multiple boards.

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Wheels for Belt Drive Boards

Belt drive systems are preferred by many riders because they allow you to switch between various types of wheels. Our comprehensive eskate wheels guide provides the best overview we have about the many different kinds of wheels and tires that can be used in a belt drive motor electric skateboard. The most popular categories of e-skateboard wheels are outlined below, along with their applications and most apt uses for the modern e-skater.

Urethane Wheels

Urethane wheels are the most popular type of wheels for most traditional electric skateboards. These wheels have a hard material on the inside and a softer material making up the tire and connecting with the ground. They don’t provide particularly good control for off-road skating or riding over rough or variable concrete, as urethane wheels are traditionally smaller and made of material less versatile than the rubber used in pneumatic or honeycomb models. Some urethane wheels are designed to allow for high speeds, and many e-boards used for tricks or jumps make use of smaller urethane wheels.

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You can probably tell from the name of this subsection what all-terrain wheels are used for. The key upside of hybrid all-terrain wheels in particular is that they allow riders to regularly and easily switch between off-road and concrete riding. These wheels are very large, which shouldn’t be surprising, considering how important wheel size is in maintaining stability and providing a smooth ride as you transition between different rough terrains off and on-road. These wheels can provide solid performance on both traditional and off-road terrains, but they don’t provide quite the stability and smoothness off-road as pneumatic or honeycomb wheels can. If you plan to primarily be off-road, try one of the models below for maximum performance.

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Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic wheels are similar to the kinds of wheels you’d find on your bicycle. These wheels are often used in long-range or rough terrain devices, as they provide the highest degree of stability and smoothness over uneven surfaces, especially rough concrete. Skateboarders who regularly commute to their work might be interested in pneumatic models, which are made of rubber and are often the standard for many of the leading commuter boards. You are able to adjust the level of air to adjust your ride, although you’re limited as too much air could pop the tire and too little could risk a flat or puncture.

Honeycomb Wheels

The big upside to honeycomb wheels is that they don’t run the risk of a flat tire, as holes run through them and there’s no airing up required. Some riders report that, while honeycomb wheels provide an ultra-smooth ride over rough and variable terrains, it can be annoying to be unable to control the amount of air in the tires. Honeycomb tires are low maintenance but a bit less customizable than pneumatic wheel types.

Wheel Sleeves for Hub Motors

Wheel sleeves are gaining traction (literally) in a big way within the e-skateboarding community. While belt drive boards can usually accommodate bigger wheels if you decide you want to ride off-road or over rough pavement and terrains, many hub-based motors don’t provide this opportunity. One Kickstarter for wheel sleeves for hub motors seeks to change this reality by creating effective wheel sleeves. These sleeves fit snugly around each wheel, making it larger and giving it the appearance and function of a large rubber wheel. If you have a hub motor device but you want to improve the off-road capabilities of your skateboard, wheel sleeves are an excellent option.


Once you’ve picked the perfect board, the fight for an ideal riding experience is far from over. This guide should provide you with a solid introduction into some of the most important accessories offered by companies in the ever-expanding electric skateboarding scene. After this guide, it might be time to start filling up your cart with new ways to improve your riding experience!

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