Backfire G3 PLus – Long Range at Low Cost

If you haven’t heard of the G3 Plus model, which is Backfire’s top-line street board,   you need to read this piece about this every-other-board-killer, long-range longboard. This board’s specs literally outdo every model Backfire has minus the ability for off-road which requires AT wheels and is left to the Ranger X2 (& X3 coming soon) for that one. This board is honestly a thing of beauty and very sleek design, not to mention the fact the amount of power that’s under the board inside the casings is just plain ridiculous. This board is not for the average rider, this board is an investment for the rider who rides very often, who likes to go long-distance and doesn’t want to worry about range-anxiety, as well as enjoying a top speed that should satisfy their inner speed demon.

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Between the hype of the G3 and the recent Zealot, this board is the underdog, just like certain music artists or major league athletes, this board is under-rated & over-looked.

Backfire Zealot (Belt) and Backfire G3 (Hub)

If you already own this model, then you know what I mean, but if you don’t have it or are working on acquiring it in the near future, you will soon understand with all that I’ve said.

Specs and Features

Top Speed28.5 mph (46 km/h)
Range20 – 25 miles (32 – 40 km)
Battery Size346 Wh (50.4V
Motor Power2 x 600 Watts (Ultra-High Torque Hub Motors)
Weight16 lbs (7.3 kg)
Max weight capacity260 lbs (120 kg)
Hill climb30%
Recharge time6 hours
Water resistanceIP55 (splash water & dust resistant)
Wheel / Tyre Size85 mm
Warranty6 months
Link to (Global) (USA)
Price$999 – Sea Shipping
$1149 – Air Shipping

Overall Riding Experience

The overall riding experience is honestly, amazing. I love this board and riding any other backfire model just doesn’t measure up to the overall specs of the G3 Plus especially with an insane battery for long-distance & longer deck for tall riders with a wide stance.

There are 5 noticeable specs that make the G3 Plus standout apart from the G3 model.

  1. The G3 is made out of bamboo whereas the G3 Plus is made out of carbon fiber.
  2. The G3 model weighs in at 17.6lbs, while the G3 Plus is cut down to 16lbs.
  3. The G3 only has a 260W battery, where the G3 Plus has a 346W battery.
  4. The G3 motors have an output of 450W*2, the G3+ can output 600W*2 in power.
  5. The G3 maxes out at 18.5mi. range where the G3 Plus can go up to 25mi. range.

    (#5 is under the “ideal” riding conditions of terrain, rider weight, etc.)

Accelerating & Brakes

The acceleration upon hitting the throttle is almost instantaneous on S & T modes. It’s a little slower response time on E-mode. The braking is also weak on E-mode as well, but on modes S & T the braking is much stronger and much more responsive. The overall responsiveness feeling of acceleration and braking is buttery smooth.

Weight / Portability

7.4kg / 16lb = not too bad on portability, it’s a long enough deck to be able to “roll-carry” on smooth surfaces, and carried in-arm, is not too bad if you brace it correctly when carrying it long-wise.

Build Quality

The board is made out of carbon fiber, making it 1 of the strongest decks built by Backfire. This board is the top-line model for all Backfire street-wheel boards. There are only 2 models of boards that have the red “T” add-on; G3 Plus & the Ranger X2.

Deck (Look, Concave, Flex)

The Deck is a Flexible Curved Carbon Fiber Deck. The board has enough flex to absorb bumps, but still stiff like carbon fiber should be. There is a slight concave on the outer edges of the deck where you plant your feet, which gives a really solid grip and makes your feet feel like they’re not going anywhere.

Shipping Time

I was lucky to know/find someone who had one nearby, so I was able to take a day-trip & go pick it up locally, but according to the website, wait-time is looking like a month (though with covid’s economic damage, that wait-time could possibly be slightly longer)

Customer Service

I’ve never had to deal with customer support (I recently got my board in March), but I’ve had friends who have dealt with them, and they say they’ve had decent quality service.


I was able to luck out in getting mine for $800 (it helps to find a board locally), but on the website, Backfire is selling the G3 Plus for $999 (basically $1k) if you choose “sea shipping”, otherwise, that number then goes up to “$1150” if you choose “air shipping” instead.


For the person who can spend up to 1k, enjoys a premium board, likes to ride in style, and who is genuinely serious about e-skating (kept to mostly smooth roads of course). This quality board is a must-have for the collection of the Rider who goes the long-mile.

Check out the Backfire G3 Plus at:
For US-Stock check out

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  1. Thank you for your helpful information. I have been looking across the internet for a week to try and decide what e board to get. Coming across your website gave me enough information to make a decision and I ended up getting a meepo shuffle v4.


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