If you want to convert your normal longboard into an electric skateboard you need an electric skateboard conversion kit. There are many on the market and I am here to help you with all the choices out there. I did research regarding the most reliable and reputable electric skateboard kits. You can read the details in my article below. But now let’s get to the juicy stuff, which is the best electric skateboard conversion kit?

The Mellow Drive and Ride Unlimited R Kit are the best electric skateboard conversion kits. These electric skateboard conversion kits are superior in mounting convenience, sleekness, ability off put on and off, building quality, air travel friendliness, warranty, and customer service.

Mellow DriveUnlimited x Loaded Race Kit
Top Speed22 mph (36 km/h)26 mph (42 km/h)
Range7 miles (15 km)13 miles (21 km)
Battery Size99 Watt hours2 x 90 Wh
Motor Power2 x 750 Watts2 x 840 Watts Max
Weight8.6 pounds (3,9 kg)9 pounds (4 kg)
Max weight capacityno info240 lbs (110 kg)
Hill climb20 %20 %
Charge time3,5 hrs (normal charger)
40 min (fast charger)
2 – 3 hrs R Kit
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 80 mmWheel Diameter: 82.5 mm
Water ResistanceIP65 (water and dust proof)Batteries and Motor controller – IP65 rated
Warranty6 months (USA)
2 years (EU)
1 year (USA)
2 years (EU)
Air Travel friendlyYesYes
Price$ 1099 Mellow Drive
$ 1139 Drive Kit
$ 1349 Race Kit
Website Linkmellowboards.comunlimitedxloadedusa.com

Why using an electric skateboard conversion kit and not an entire eboard?

Electric skateboard (or eboards) are gaining a lot of popularity among commuters, sport riders, and hobbyists. New electric motor technology and powerful rechargeable batteries have led in the era of high-performing battery-powered skateboards.

Before diving into the best electric skateboard Kits available in the market, I want to get into the whys. First off, fitting these kits to an existing deck is interesting, but they don’t offer much of a cost-saving over buying a complete e-board.

Now, with several excellent skateboard kits on the market, you don´t have to purchase electric skateboards at a whole package deal. If you want an electric skateboard, the easiest but most expensive option is to purchase a complete board. With eboard kits, however, you have options for customization and personalization. You can add-on a modular electric kit to your pre-chosen, personal deck. In my opinion, this interactivity is something electric skateboards today have lacked. The ability to pick any board you like, put your preferences on, sit down and make the skateboard your baby.

The majority of e-board conversion kits come with everything you need. All the hard electrical work is already done and you just need to fit the kit to your deck. This can be done by anyone with a few tools, a bit of time, and an instruction (ideally video you can find a ton on YouTube)

Things to consider when choosing an electric skateboard Kit

There are numerous important factors to consider when choosing a conversion kit for electric skateboarding. So before you rush for the cheapest Kit on the shelf, think about your purchase and these variables.

  • Ease of Assembly: This is the most essential part of electric skateboard conversion kits. If you don’t want to mess with a lot of calculations, cutting, drilling, soldering then the ease of assembly is your most important factor. The easiest set-ups are plug and ride. Hence you just have to mount your kit on the deck, plug the battery in and you are good to go. In this article, the majority of eboard kits are plug and ride.
  • Motor type: The motor is one of the most important factors when thinking about power on an e-board. The motor, the battery and electric speed controller (ESC) will control how fast we can go, how well we climb hills, how much acceleration, and how much braking we have got. If you want to go fast and live in a hilly area better buy an electric skateboard kit with a powerful motor. Check out my comparison table featuring the best eboards and their hill-climbing abilities. 
  • Battery: The battery size and battery quality (yes there are huge differences) is clearly the most crucial factor when it comes to e-skate range and cost. The battery is the most expensive part of an electric skateboard Kit. The bigger and the better the battery the more range you get and the more expensive your Kit will be. But it’s also important to distinguish between different battery brands, types, and setups. Battery capacity is usually measured in Watt-hrs. Watt-hrs = volts x amp-hrs. Some eboard companies try to hide the real size of the battery and therefore just display a range or the battery size with ampere-hours or voltage numbers on their website. But I did research and evaluated the Watt-hours (Wh) for every eclectic skateboard conversion kit on my list.

    Some Kits come with easily swappable batteries, this is pretty convenient if we want to get more range quickly without waiting some hours to recharge the battery (just take another battery pack with you) If you want to know how long electric skateboard batteries regularly last, check out my article I have written about it. 
  • Remote control (RC): One factor which a lot of beginners don’t know is the importance of the design of the remote control (RC). If an RC is poorly designed we will have a hard time really enjoy our rides. When it comes down to control the acceleration and braking precisely the RC is essential. So make sure to think about the remote control too when buying an e-skate conversion kit.
  • Electric speed controller (ESC) The ESC is the brain and main computational unit in an electric skateboard kit. It is an electronic part and mechanism that regulates the drive and the speed of the motor. The ESC supplies the motor with the ideal amount of electric power and controls the acceleration and braking curve. The ESC is an essential part when it comes to how smooth the ride of your eboard kit is.
  • Customer support: If we purchase products customer support is always important. If any part breaks, we have problems with the assembly we will wish we have got someone to go to. Customer support can make the difference between being frustrated or happily pleased.
  • Wheel size (wheel bite): Another crucial part to consider when choosing an eboard Kit is the wheel, truck, and deck size. Most importantly the distance between the wheels and the deck. We don’t want to have wheel bites (when the wheel touches the deck) when making turns. Eboarding without making turns and carving? Yaak! This would make our rides awfully inconvenient! Hence, make sure that you got the wheel size right. But don’t worry too much, the majority of eboard companies are well aware of this problem and got you covered with the right advice.  
  • Air Travel: If you want to take your eboard with you on planes your battery cant exceeds the size of 160 Watt-hours. Additionally, it is recommended to have a removable battery to take it with you as a carry-on item like a normal power bank. Due to the big battery capacities, the majority of eboards are not made for air travel. But on this list, we will find surprisingly many models which are Air Travel-friendly. If you want to know more about whether you can take your electric skateboard on planes, check out my guide on Air travel.

Note: All specs and prices are at the time of writing, so it is always worth checking before choosing as this is a very fast-evolving technology and manufacturing.

The best electric skateboard kits


The Mellow Drive

Mellow was like many electric skateboard companies funded on Kickstarter. With the help of more than 350 backers from all over the globe, the Mellow Team succeeded with pledges totaling more than 300% of their initial goal. The Mellow Drive is an electric skateboard conversion kit. Hence it can be mounted on almost any deck with just 4 screws like a normal truck. (look out for wheel bites though). Mellow is based in Germany. And like you would guess from Germans the electric drive is very well engineered. In fact, the company was founded by two guys one of them being an electrical engineer at BMW. The Mellow Drive was inspired by the search for the endless ride. It combines the characteristics of a skateboard with state of the art German engineering.

The Mellow Drive gives you the freedom to choose your favorite deck and recycle it into a full e-board. With its compact battery size, it also qualifies as an air travel mate. With under 100 Wh, the battery pack is labeled with the UN transport certificate and can be carried as hand luggage on an airplane. You can even plan your trip with an App that displays your range depending on your riding mode and state of charge. Thanks to its completely sealed top shell, the Mellow Drive and its remote control is water and dustproof (IP65). It can handle wet conditions, as long as extremes like deep puddles and heavy rain are avoided. An easy click-in mechanism allows you to swap your Battery Pack and multiply your range in moments. All it takes is two clicks and a couple of seconds. You can even charge your phone with the battery pack!

One of my favorite things with the Mellow Drive is its 2 year warranty time (2 years for the drive system and remote and 1 year for battery pack). Very unique and rare in this industry!

The Mellow Drive comes in different models:

  • Mellow Drive (Drive system + remote) you will need to have a deck and front trucks and wheels.
  • Mellow Drive S (The Drive S is basically the same product as the Mellow Drive but with less speed (power peak) (Drive system + remote) you will need to have a deck and front trucks and wheels.
  • Mellow Drive Set (Drive system (Drive S) + remote + front trucks and wheels) you just need a deck and you are good to go
  • Mellow Cruiser/ Surfer: These are complete boards equipped with the Mellow Drive


Top Speed15 mph (25 km/h) Mellow Drive S
22 mph (40 km/h) Mellow Drive
Range7 miles (15 km) Mellow Drive
Battery Size99 Watt hours
Motor Power2 x 750 Watts
Weight8.6 pounds (3,9 kg)
Max weight capacityno info
Hill climb20 %
Charge time3,5 hrs (normal charger)
40 min (fast charger)
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 80 mm
Water ResistanceIP65 (water and dustproof)
Warranty2 years for the drive system and remote and1 year for battery pack
Link to Website (USA)mellowboardsusa.com
Link to Website (EU)mellowboards.com
Price€ 699 Mellow Drive S (only available in Europe)
$ 1099 Mellow Drive$ 1139 Drive Kit

Unlimited x Loaded

Unlimited x Loaded Race Kit

Ride unlimited started out on Kickstarter with their first product the “Unlimited’s Eon | World’s 1st Electric Skateboard Powertrain”. This campaign got funded on Kickstarter for $335K USD, which is pretty successful and now the company has renewed its base model into 3 different eboard kits. The company based in Barcelona. The companies purpose is very simplistic: to bring electric skateboarding to everyone while preserving their individual style and character. This project is all about simplifying electric skateboard and offering an easy plug-and-play solution. The product technicians at Ride Unlimited have designed a sturdy powertrain kit that allows any skateboard or longboard to be converted an eboard in minutes. The Kits have three riding modes that can be fine-tuned to your own custom preferences via a mobile app. The motor and electronics are weatherproof so you can ride through puddles but heavy rain or submerging is not recommended. The Drive kits come with everything needed to mount to your board, you will need board plus trucks to fit).

The great thing about Unlimited is that our batteries are sub 100 Wh which means you simply take them off your Kit or Complete and bring them carry-on for your flight. It really depends on the airline and airport security but Ride Unlimited has traveled from Asia to the EU with 7 batteries!

There are three different kits available:

  • Solo Kit: Single drivetrain
  • Cruiser Kit: Single drivetrain with two batteries
  • Race Kit: Dual motor drivetrain with two batteries
  • Complete e-Boards: Kit of your choice, Loaded deck, Paris trucks, and Orangatang Nipple bushings


Top Speed23 mph (37 km/h) Solo Kit
23 mph (37 km/h) Cruiser Kit
26 mph (42 km/h) Race Kit
Range7 miles (11 km) Solo Kit
13 miles (21 km) Cruiser Kit
13 miles (21 km) Race Kit
Battery Size90 Wh Solo Kit
180 Wh Cruiser Kit
180 Race Kit
Motor Power840 Watts Max – Solo Kit
840 Watts Max – Cruiser Kit
2 x 840 Watts Max – Race Kit
Weight4,4 pounds (2 kg) Solo Kit
6,6 pounds (3 kg) Cruiser Kit
9 pounds (4 kg) Race Kit
Max weight capacity240 lbs (110 kg) — but also dependent on the deck
Hill climb9% Solo Kit
9% Cruiser Kit
20% Race Kit
Charge time1 – 2 hrs Solo Kit
2 – 3 hrs Cruiser Kit
2 – 3 hrs Race Kit
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 85 mm
Contact Patch: 58 mm
Warranty1 year (US)
2 years (EU)
Link to Websiteunlimitedxloadedusa.com
Price$ 769 Solo Kit
$ 1099 Cruiser Kit
$ 1349 Race Kit


Onan X2 – 4WD

Onan is a Chinese company. They focus on standard skateboard booster, electric bike, electric scooter with professional research & development in intelligent transport vehicles industry. The company was founded in 2006. In April 2016, Onan arrived at an electric skateboard scene with their Onan X1 Booster. But the X1 Booster is rather unexciting. Not going fast enough for most of the people and not going far enough either. It was, however, reliable and affordable. It was discontinued and now Onan has two different electric skateboard kits on the market. The Booster X2 and the Booster X3. The X2 is the more powerful model. Onan X3 arrived at the market in April of 2017. It was meant for people who didn’t need to go that fast or to climb that steep and doesn’t need the big 93mm wheels that Onan X2 has. It is $100 cheaper than X2. Like Mellow and Ride unlimited the Onan boosters fit under any deck, hence you can upgrade your normal longboard into a powerful e-board. Some more features: Swappable battery, Flight compatible, 2 hub motors, waterproof, Regenerative braking, handles up to 30% slope.

Onan Booster X2 in action

But one unique feature of the Onan boosters is that you can pair them together and have a 4WD. The main differences to the normal systems and the 4WD system are the power of start and braking. You will have better acceleration, more torque, and better brakes.

Users say that acceleration and braking curve is not very smooth, hence the riding experience of Mellow and Riding Unlimited products are better.

Onan Booster X2 Review


Top Speed22 mph (40 km/h) Booster X2
18.6 mph (30 km/h) Booster X3
Range8 miles (12 km) Booster X2 and X3
17.4 miles (29 km) Booster X2 and X3 ER
Battery Size90 Wh – standard battery
158 Wh – ER Battery
Motor Power2 x 1000 Watts X2
2 x 600 Watts X3
Weight10 pounds (4,5 kg) X2
9 pounds (4 kg) X3
Max weight capacity264 lbs (120 kg) — but also dependent on the deck
Hill climb30% X2
20% X3
Charge time1.5 hrs normal Battery
3 hrs ER battery
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 90 mm X2
Wheel Diameter: 75mm X3
Water ResistanceIP65 (water and dust proof)
Link to Websiteonan-booster.com
Price$ 799 X2
$ 699 X3

Older and other electric skateboard kits

Teamgee H3

I am just listing the Teamgee H3 for reasons of thoroughness. This electric skateboard conversion kit is not getting produced anymore.  

Landwheel L3

Like the Teamgee H3 I am listing the Landwheel L3 kit for reasons of completeness. This electric skateboard conversion kit is not available anymore.  

IvoryBoard Mark 2

IvoryBoard started 2017 on Kickstarter. The Kit actually looks quite nice, but their website does not allow you to order a Kit. It seems like the company did not really take off and is another example of a company failing on the market after a Crowdfunding success.

Chinese budget and cheap electric skateboard Kits

Some electric skateboard conversion kits are being offered from companies that also offer whole electric skateboards. Hence, you can buy the brand’s kit, take the deck you want and build yourself your own electric skateboard. But please note that you will not save a lot of money. Some of these kits are even more expensive than the whole board you can purchase from the manufacturer. And also consider that you have to have some basic handcrafting skills to assemble all the parts together. The majority of brands offer video tutorials for putting the parts together.

Meepo Board V3 Kit

Meepo V3 Kit

The company was founded in 2017 in China. Today they’re well-known in the market and in my opinion they are the market leaders in the china and budget board field. Their products are great and most of the users can only recommend Meepo. The Meepo Board V3 Kit is a collection of all the parts to build a Meepo Board V3 EXCEPT the deck. All the parts (even the grip tape) are included to build your own version of Meepos successful V3. You have the choice to buy the normal or the ER (extended range) Kit which comes with a larger battery. Meepo has Pressamlbed the ESC part (Electronic speed controller/brain of the board) and motors so it will save a lot of time and effort. You will save $30 dollars in comparison to buying the whole Meepo V3 board.


Top Speed29 mph (46 km/h)
Range11 mi (18 km)
20 mi (32 km) ER model
Battery Size144 Watt-hours
288 Watt-hours ER model
Motor Power2 x 540 Watts
Weight16 lbs | 7,2 kg (with deck)
Max weight capacity300 lbs | 136 kg (but also dependent on deck)
Hill climb30 %
Charge time2 – 3 hours
Wheel SizeWheel: 90 mm x 60 mm
Water Resistancewater resistant and moisture & dust proof (but no IP rating)
Warranty6 months
Link to Productmeepoboard.com/v3-kit
Price$ 399
$ 599 ER Kit

Wowgo Electric Skateboard Kit

Wowgo Electric Skateboard Kit

Like Meepo and WOWGO is a company based in China which produces trustworthy budget electric skateboards. The founders, Jason and Aiden started WOWGO from the living room of a shared apartment in crowded Shenzhen. The first WOWGO board was completed in September 2017. The WOWGO Electric Skateboard Kit includes all the parts (except the deck) and necessary tools to build WowGo Board (like the WOWGO 2S)  WOWGO preassembled some parts to make it convenient for you to build your own board.


Top Speed23.6 mph (38 km/h)
Range10 – 12 miles(16 – 19 km)  Samsung Battery
12 – 14 miles(20 – 22 km) Panasonic Battery
15 – 19 miles (25 – 30 km) SANYO Battery
Battery Size144 Wh – Samsung Battery
230 Wh –  Panasonic Battery
306 Wh –  SANYO Battery
Motor Power2 x 250 Watts
Weight16.7 lbs | 7,6 kg (with WOWGO 2S deck)
Max weight capacity330 lbs | 150 kg (but also dependent on deck)
Hill climb25 – 30 %
Charge time2 – 3 hours
Wheel SizeWheel: 90 mm
Water ResistanceNot really
Warranty3 months
Link to Productwowgoboard.com/wowgo-kit
Price$ 409 Samsung Battery
$ 449 Panasonic Battery
$ 589 SANYO Battery

Ownboard Kit

Ownboard Electric Skateboard Kit

Like Meepo and WOWGO Ownboard is a Chinese eboard company that produces reputable budget boards. Ownboard is wholesaler, exporter, producer, a retailer of electronics skateboard. JOINTECH the parent company of OWNBOARD, was founded in 2013, and registered in Hong Kong. The company also offers a Kit you build your OWN board (see what they did there?). However, they don´t provide a lot of information and specs on their website for the Kit. Hence I can’t tell you a lot about it. But it looks like the parts they use for the majority of their boards (Ownboard W1S, C1S, Mini KT, W1AS KT) which is a pretty popular and decent board.


Top Speed25mph (40 km/h)
Range12 – 14 miles (20 – 22 km) Standard Battery
16-19 miles (25 – 30 km) SANYO Battery
Battery Size216 Wh – Standard Battery
292 Wh –  SANYO Battery
Motor Power2 x 250 Watts
Weight17 lbs | 7,6 kg (with W1S deck)
Max weight capacity265 lbs | 120 kg (but also dependent on deck)
Hill climb25 %
Charge time2 – 3 hours
Wheel SizeWheel: 90 mm x 52 mm
Water ResistanceNot really
Warranty3 months
Link to Productownboard.net
Price$ 409 Standard Battery
$ 529 SANYO Battery

DIY electric skateboard Kits

Torque Kits (diyelectricskateboard.com)

Pro 3 Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit (image from DIYElectricSkateboard.com)

DIYelectricskateboard.com (based in Dallas, TX, USA), is a trustworthy provider (since 2014) of electric skateboard parts and has an excellent record of providing high-quality components along with excellent customer service. These Kits require the most DIY skills and time to assemble.

The diyelectricskateboard.com kits will enable you to build a modular electric powered skateboard, and allowing you to upgrade and change parts in the future. You can use any deck you want, though they recommend using a sturdy and rigid deck with a wheelbase of 25″ or more as this will give you the proper space to fit your components.

By purchasing the parts from diyelectricskateboard.com, you also get a step by step instructions guiding you through the build process. That will save some people from a headache. What is remarkable about these sets is that the parts definitely fit and are very long-lasting. It also has a pre-welded motor mount on the trucks,  good for the many who do not possess the needed welding equipment.

The ESC is also configurable, allowing you to change the settings or how much power & Torque is delivered, and also how much beaking strength is applied. Another neat little feature is the silent mode, which makes the sound from the motors almost entirely silent. All of these settings are not available on the standard commercial built electric skateboards.

Their line-up exists of three different Conversion Kits:

  • Pro 1 Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit
  • Pro 2 Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit
  • Pro 3 Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit


Top Speed25+ mph (40+ km/h) Pro 1
30+ mph (48 km/h) Pro 2
35+ mph (56 km/h) Pro 3
Range10 miles (16 km) Pro 1
20 – 25 miles (32 – 40 km) Pro 2
20 – 25 miles (32 – 40 km) Pro 3
Battery Size266 Wh – Pro 1
533 Wh – Pro 2
533 Wh –  Pro 3
Motor Power2500 Watts Max  – Pro 1
2 x 2500 Watts Max – Pro 2
2 x 3150 Watts Max – Pro 3
WeightNo info
Max weight capacityNo info
Hill climbNo info but probably a lot
Charge time2 – 4 hours Pro 1
5 – 8 hours (normal charger) Pro 2 and 3
2 – 4 (fast charger) Pro 2 and 3
Wheel SizeDifferent wheels available From 83 – 110 mm wheels
Link to Productsdiyelectricskateboard.com/electric-skateboard-conversion-kit
Price$ 729  – Pro 1
$ 1199 – Pro 2
$ 1299 –  Pro 3

The Different Types of Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits

  • Pre-build Kits (plug n ride)
    • Dual motor electric skateboard kit
    • 4WD electric skateboard kit
  • Cheap Chinese budget Kits
  • DIY electric skateboard Kits

As you can see there are a lot of choices on the market when it comes to finding an electric skateboard conversion kit. Arguably Mellow is the most famous and well-known option when it comes to quickly converting your skateboard into an electrically powered commuting machine. Ride Unlimited also build very reliable and excellent products.

If you have a bit of knowledge and experience with DIY builds then the Meepo, WOWGO and Pro 1,2,3 Conversion Kits will be also a great option, you get impressive performance for your money. As the builds are modular if a part brakes it’s very easy to swap and change out. Something you struggle sometimes with some companies and prebuilt electric skateboards.

Disadvantages of electric skateboard Kits

Less powerful: With electric skateboard kits, the smaller size means a smaller battery and a smaller motor. Putting smaller components usually translates in smaller power output which in turn means lower top speed and lower range on a single battery charge. Smaller and lighter boards mean typically less range and power. So we need to choose wisely.

Range: To fit under any deck the electric skateboard kits have to relatively small. If your kit is small and tiny then there is no possibility to can mount a big battery on it. Whit a small battery capacity the range will not be very long. So keep in mind that small electric skateboards will not take you very far. This is the biggest drawback when it comes to portability in electric skateboarding. But companies know that and have therefore designed the batteries to be swappable. Hence if you want to ride fare, buy an extra battery, it will increase your range twice as much!

Price: If you buy an electric skateboard kit, you won’t purchase a whole board, but you will pay as you did. You will not save money with saving receiving a deck. You have to keep that in mind. But on the other, you have the possibility to put it on any board you want!

Advantages of electric skateboards Kits

  • Mountable on any deck you want
  • Customizable
  • Air Travel-friendly

If you are planning to travel with your new electric skateboard conversion kit – you have to check out my definitive guide on Air travel.

Can you take electric skateboards on planes? A guide on Air Travel

What else to consider when buying an electric skateboard kit

Safety concerns

The kinetic energy of a moving object increases in proportion to the square of the speed. In other words, if you are traveling at 20mph (32 km/h) will get 4 times the damage (do 4 times the damage too) to someone riding 10mph (16 km/h). At 40mph (64 km/h) (and yes there are eboards out there that can reach this speed) you will have 16 times higher impact energy!

To really know how to ride more safely check out my article with 17 insanely reliable safety tips!

electric skateboard safety tips

Protective gear

If we crash we don’t have a thick protection layer out of metal as we have in cars. All we got is our protective gear (helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads), our clothes and ultimately our skin to shield us. Please ride with reasonable speed and always wear your protective gear!

Check out my articles on the best protective gear for electric skateboarding:

Last Words – now it’s your turn

Electric skateboards are great. They have many of the advantages of standard longboards but you can get around faster or further with less effort. An electric skateboard is more appealing to some people, especially commuters because they can arrive at their destination without getting sweaty.

With electric skateboard kits, we have the possibility to take any deck we like and make a powerful e-board. I love this freedom!

Now I want to hear from you:

Which electric skateboard conversion kit do you like the most? I would also love to know why you like this particular kit the most.

Let me know by leaving a quick comment.