The 10 Best Mini & Small Electric Skateboards (in 2023)

Today a lot of e-board brands are producing compact and small electric skateboards for urban use, in addition to the standard. These models are light, easy to carry, travel-friendly and more affordable. Some of them even fit into a backpack. In this article, I will present the most reputable small (mini) electric skateboards on the market. However, before we dive deep into the topic, let me show you an overview of the best mini and small electric skateboards: 

Best Small and Mini Electric Skateboards



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Backire Mini

WowGo Mini 2

Meepo Mini 2

Exway Wave

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Verreal Mini

Electric skateboards are becoming more popular. The market of e-boards grows very fast, with plenty of new models popping up. The major design that e-skate companies focus on has mainly been the longboard (long and wide skateboard) because it allows stable, comfortable and fast rides through the city. However, along with the big electric skateboards (longboards), come a few disadvantages as well. They are bulky and heavy! Not very comfortable to carry or even to travel with.

Why Using a Mini Electric Skateboard?

Urban Rides and Portability: If you commute a lot the portability of electric skateboards may be essential. It’s not very convenient to carry your big and bulky electric skateboard into a bus or tramway. If you commute with bus, train or tram (for European folks) you’ll end up having to lift your board into the vehicle, and maybe – if there are a lot of people – even hold it the entire drive.

Lightweight: If you aren’t the Hulk, then carrying an electric skateboard up a stairwell will likely end up exhausting. Therefore, light and small e-boards are much more convenient if you live on the 5th floor and don’t have access to a lift. Boards with hub motors are easy to kick push forward, but boards with belt motors are not. If that’s the case, then finding yourself with an empty battery will require you to carry it. Keep that in mind!

Air Travel: To travel the world with an electric mobility device sounds attractive. Unfortunately, the majority of electric skateboards or not able to be transported on a plane. As such, you should carefully consider which e-board to buy if you find that you fly a lot. Small and Mini electric skateboards are predestined to be your perfect air travel companions, as far as e-boards are concerned. 

What to Consider When Choosing an Urban Mini Electric Skateboard?

Battery: On small boards, you won’t have enough space for a big battery, so it’s a given that your range probably won’t be the best. As such, we won’t be able to power through a large range with a single charge, considering the battery capacity we have. Make sure to buy a board with an efficient and high-quality battery.

Weight: Electric skateboards are fitted with an electric motor and a battery which reduces human efforts remarkably, but this also adds additional weight. An urban mini e-board should not only be small but also light. The weight of e-skateboards varies depending on the size of the battery, motor, deck, trucks, and wheels. You should check out my comparison table on the weight of the best electric skateboards to get an incredible overview of different e-board models and their weight.

Motor type: Different kinds of electric skateboards are available on the market right now. Some with one motor, some with a dual motor, and others with even four motors (4WD). I think it’s obvious that the more motors you’ve got on your e-skateboard the heavier it will end up. However, another question is also important: Belt or Hub motor? The hub motors are lighter, quieter and more stealthy! The belt motors come with some advantages as well: You can use normal wheels with belt-driven motors. This means a urethane wheel with full-thickness simply has more cushion than one with an in-wheel motor (hub motor). The hub motors also provide more torque and therefore better acceleration and hill-climbing ability in comparison to the belt motors

Wheels: If your board and deck are tiny, you will need some decent wheels otherwise the vibrations caused by rough roads will make your rides terrible. Be on the look-out for wheels with a proper diameter. (size of longboard and not skateboard wheels)

Customer support: When we buy products, customer support is always essential. If one part breaks or if we run into other problems, we will be happy to have someone to turn to. Customer support can walk you over the fine line between being frustrated and happily satisfied.

Air Travel: If you want to take your e-board with you on trips via airplanes your battery can’t exceed the capacity of 160 Watt-hours. Additionally, I recommended having a removable battery to be taken with you as a carry-on item like a regular power bank. Due to the significant battery capacities, the majority of e-boards are not made for air travel. However, in this article, we will surprisingly find numerous models that are Air Travel-friendly. If you want to know more about this topic, check out my definitive guide on air traveling with electric skateboards.

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Best Electric Skateboards

The Best Mini, Small, Light, and Urban Electric Skateboards

Backfire Mini

The Backfire company was started in 2009 in Virginia, USA, and describes itself as having a mission in creating affordable, quality skateboards. The Backfire Mini is a model designed to be portable, and with its less than 13lbs of weight, Backfire describes this model as the perfect city dweller’s choice of commute.

all-in-one designriding on rough pavement can be uncomfortable
lightest board on the marketcan’t swap wheels
good range for such a small board
air-travel friendly battery available

The range can be extended with its exchangeable battery, which comes in the Standard 175Wh, as well as the Airborne 99Wh, which is a separately available purchase option. The board is carbon fiber and comes with a wheel size of 85mm in diameter, but you can purchase larger wheels separately if that’s more your thing.

With an IP rating of 65, the board is water-resistant, but it’s not recommended that you ride during those rainy days, as that can cause the wheels to slip. A bonus is the remote, which is fitted with an R2 Oled display so that you can check the status and change the settings on-the-go. Make sure to check out our own Review on the Backfire Mini!

Backfire ships internationally and offers a 180-day warranty with the Mini. Additionally, they have US and European local service centers for convenient, quick support.


Top Speed26mph (42km/h)
Range9 – 11 miles (15 – 18 km)
Weight12.8 lbs (5.8 kg)
Battery Size Standard: 175Wh
Airborne: 99Wh
Max weight capacity 240 lbs (110kg)
Charge time 1.5 hrs
Warranty 6 months
Link to Website(Global)
Price $599
Link to own ReviewBackfire Mini Review

Exway Wave

Exway has been on the scene for a couple years now. Based in China, they’ve been pushing the bounds of what’s possible in a budget electric skateboard. With exclusive Hobbywing technology, they are now going further with technology and software than even some premium brands. For Exway, it’s all about the details Exway’s Wave is bringing further improvements to the short board niche and thus is our pick for 2020. 

exway wave hub and belt version

With all short electric skateboards, it starts with the deck. Exway added a deep concave into the deck for good foot placement, as well as the classic kicktail. This allows for mobility and stability at high speeds. Being a smaller board also means that the Wave is lighter, at only 14lbs, making it easy to run errands with and commute to work and school. 

Hub and belt version availableMore expensive than competing short boards
Swappable motors and batteries are awesome!
Built-in Front and Tail Lights
Quality parts and software are front and center

Another popular feature of the Wave (and many Exway boards) is the swappable drivetrain. Many of the boards featured in the article either have hub motors or belt motors, which have pros and cons. However, the Wave can actually swap out its hub motors for belt motors in just a few minutes. It’s a separate add-on for purchase, but customers who see the need for both motor setups can have it on their short board. The Wave tops out at 23mph, which is plenty fast for a short board. 

Motors aren’t the only swappable thing on the Wave. The battery has an easy quick release that allows for battery swaps in mere seconds. Yeah, it’s pretty handy. The 216Wh batteries will get customers 10-15 miles on a charge, and can be charged in just a bit over an hour with the fast charger option. 

Exway Front Lights

Exway utilizes Hobbywing in their boards and has an exclusive deal that gives them new technology to use on the Wave. The OLED remote comes with a turbo mode, and can also power the board on and off (which is rare with electric skateboards oddly enough). The remote shows you some basic information about the board, but the Exway app shows the user all sorts of handy stuff, and even allows you to make software tweaks to the board realtime. Software updates, acceleration and braking curve, and battery health are all available in the app. You can change your wheel size in the app to improve range calculation accuracy. 

Exway Wave rear light

Finally Exway goes a step further with quality and details in their electric skateboards. The Wave comes with built in rear red lights and front white lights that work off of the board’s battery and ESC. The Exway Trist Trucks are custom and CNC for strong reliable riding. The ESC is hidden inside the rear truck base but still allows heat dissipation.  The battery cells can be placed in a hibernation mode that allows the Wave batteries to stay healthy during long periods of storage (seriously, who thinks of that??)

Exway offers solid support and decent English for being a Chinese company. The Wave comes with a 12 month warranty. However, bear in mind that shipping replacement parts internationally can take a long time, so it’s best to be patient. The Exway Wave starts at just $699, and Exway offers several bundles and combinations of batteries, parts, and motors for customers to choose from.


Top Speed23 mph (38 km/h)
Range15 miles (24 km)
Battery Size216 Wh
Warranty6 months
Weight14 lbs (6,4 kg)
Hill Climb25%
Price$649 – $1097
Link to
Discount CodePay $15 less using “ESKBD

Meepo Mini 2

Meepo is one of the many Chinese budget board companies. The company was established in 2017, so they are actually still pretty fresh, but they have made their name! Today they’re well-known in the market and in my opinion they are the market leaders of the electric budget board field.

meepo mini 2
Meepo Mini 2
super fast and strongriding on rough pavement can be uncomfortable
mini board with the biggest batterycan’t swap wheels
good range for such a small board

Their products are reliable and most of the users can do nothing else than recommend Meepo. The only drawback with Meepo is that the company is located in China, so shipping time and customer support are not the fastest. The shipping time is around 10 days. Meepo offers free shipping to the majority of countries. Understandably, the English level of the employees is not top-notch (can relate). However, they are really eager to help and Kiran, the founder of the company, is very present on YouTube and Reddit.

Now Meepo offers a successor with Meepo Mini 2. Like we would expect from the company the board comes with great specifications at a very affordable price! Meepo offers two different models:

  • The Meepo Mini 2
  • The Meepo Mini 2 Extended Range (ER) – with a bigger battery, more powerful motors 
Intro to the Meepo Mini 2


Top Speed25 mph (40 km/h)
29 mph (46 km/h) – ER
Range11 miles (18 km)
20 miles (32 km) – ER
Weight16 lbs (7,2 kg)
18 lbs (8 kg) – ER
Battery Size 144 Wh
288 Wh – ER
Max Weight Capacity 300 lbs (136 kg)
Charge Time2 hrs
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 90 mm
Warranty6 months
Link to
Price $ 429 – Meepo Mini 2
$ 629 – Meepo Mini 2 ER

Vestar Mini

Though just slightly heavier than the Backfire Mini at thirteen pounds, the Vestar Mini offers an increased range and top speed. This improved speed and increased weight likely come from the powerful dual motors included in the skateboard. This mini electric skateboard can obtain speeds of up to 27 miles per hour, and it provides an impressive range of twelve miles, or 16 kilometers. The 7-layer maple deck material provides a sturdy board with great texture. With a maximum weight of 280 pounds, this lightweight board carries a bit more than most similar models can.

hub and belt version availableVestar doesn’t have a long track record
carry handlebushings are not the best
3 battery options available

The Vestar Mini also closely mirrors the iconic appearance of the Boosted Mini. This is great news for fans of the classic e-skateboard, as this board is considerably cheaper and might offer a similar aesthetic.

The Vestar Mini seems to be a solid all-around board that offers great performance with an impressively lightweight frame. It’s cheaper than most models on our list, so riders shopping for a quality board on a budget might be interested in what the Vestar Mini could provide.


Top Speed27 mph (30 km/h)
Range12 miles (16 km)
Weight13 lbs (5.9 kg)
Battery Size Standard: 5.2 AH
Max weight capacity 260 lbs (120 kg)
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 83 mm
Water ResistanceIP 65
Warranty6 months
Link to
Price $529.99

AEboard AX Mini

The Aeboard AX Mini is a lightweight product with an 8 ply maple deck and special honeycomb wheels, designed to absorb part of the otherwise bumpy ride through any rough terrain. At purchase, you can choose between three battery types: the standard 4Ah, Samsung E35 7Ah, and the travel-friendly battery at 90Wh. These offer a variety of ranges, but with swappable batteries, the usual 2h charging time can be neglected for later if you happen to invest in a second battery. A decent motor power renders a high hill climb ability of up to 35%, as well as top speeds up to 30mph.

flight travel battery availableAeBoard doesn’t have a long track record
3 battery options availableriding on rough pavement can be uncomfortable
can’t swap wheels

Aeboards has a 90-day warranty on the mini, but it’s a good idea to at least skim over the details of the warranty, as they have some requirements regarding the warranty. Furthermore, it should be noted that Aeboard offers no return on its products, no matter if the product is defective due to faulty manufacture or otherwise.

The Aeboard AX Mini comes with three battery options, depending on what you need:

  • Standard – 4.0 Ah. With a range of 10 -13.5 miles
  • Samsung 35E – 7.0 Ah. Range of 15.5 – 18.6 miles
  • Flight travel battery – 90Wh. Range of 5.6 miles. Ok on the majority of airlines, but do double-check.


Top Speed30 mph (48km/h)
RangeStandard: 10 – 13.5miles (16 – 22km)
Samsung 35E: 15.5 – 18.6miles (25 – 30km)
Flight travel battery: 5.6miles (9km)
Weight14.3lbs (6.5kg)
Battery Size Standard: No info
Samsung 35E: No info
Flight travel battery: 90Wh
Max Weight Capacity 330lbs (150kg)
Charge Time 2 hrs
Wheel Size105 mm
Water ResistanceNo info
Warranty3 months
Link to
Price $519.99

Evolve Stoke

The Evolve company was founded in Australia by Jeff Anning. Striving to create products with the exhilarating feeling of skateboarding and the carving that comes along with snowboarding and surfing at the same time. What started as a passion project has since become an award-winning international distributor within the e-skateboarding scene.

Double Kingpin trucksEvolve doesn’t have the best track record
good lookingPricey
belt driven

Evolve describes the Stoke board as the perfect board for carving. It has a surfer inspired shallow tail design (made out of fiberglass and bamboo), paired with the Evolve Super-carve truck and Orangatang Caguma wheels. Additionally, It’s fitted with an EVA foam pad at the rear kick-tail.

The board, with its 151 Wh battery, it’s air-travel compatible. However, check with your airline before taking it with you. The board doesn’t offer a terrific range, and the inability to change for larger wheels due to wheel bite might be a problem for some. However, the users give kudos to the comfort of this board, with its sleek design and the customization available through the remote lending to a fun ride.


Top Speed22mph (36km/h)
Range10miles (15km)
Weight17.9 lbs (8.2 kg)
Battery Size 151 Wh
Max Weight Capacity 220 lbs (100 kg)
Charge Time 1.5 – 2 hrs
Wheel Size85 mm
Warranty 6 months
Link to
Price $999.99

Ownboard Mini KT

Jointech is the parent company of Ownboard, which was founded in 2013. Ownboard was created in 2017 to be a combination of great international business and devoted customer service. Simply told, the company was made to design fully functioning boards under one unified brand. Their OWN boards, customers OWN boards.

The Ownboard Mini KT is thirty inches of 8-layer maple and a kick-tail design, made to be both sturdy and sleek. It has a water- and shockproof frame with ceramic ball bearings to prevent any chance of slipping, rain or shine. The 90mm diameter, elastic PU-wheels are exchangeable.

The Mini KT is fitted with dual 250 Watt Hub motors and comes with three different types of Lithium-ion batteries: 4.0 Ah, 7.0 Ah and 8.1 Ah. Additionally, you can choose if you’d like to pay a few extra bucks for the replaceable PU motors, or would feel comfortable with the default.


Top Speed25mph (40km/h)
RangeSamsung 4.0 Ah:
Samsung 6.0 Ah: 12.5 – 14 miles (20 – 22.5 km)
Sanyo 8.1 Ah: 16 – 19 miles (25.5 – 30.5 km)
Size Length: 30″ (76cm)
Weight16.8 lbs (7.6 kg)
Battery Size Samsung 4.0 Ah
Samsung 6.0 Ah
Sanyo 8.1 Ah
Motor Power250 Watt x2
Max Weight Capacity 265 lbs (120 kg)
Hill Climb 25 – 30 %
Charge Time 2 – 3 hrs
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 90 mm
Water ResistanceSupposedly. No rating.
Warranty 3 months
Link to
Price Samsung 4.0 Ah: $369
Samsung 6.0Ah: $409
Sanyo: 8.1 Ah: $519
(+ Replaceable PU motor: $13 – $15)

Verreal Mini

Verreal is a bit more well-known as an e-skateboard company than Apsuboard. The Verreal Mini comes in two options; riders can choose between either the single motor or the dual-motor version. Because dual motors provide such a boost to overall performance in most models, we recommend that users who can afford the increase in price (from $279 to $318) splurge for the two motor option. The website outlines that the Verreal mini can achieve a top speed of 18.6 miles with a range of 10 miles on a single charge. The Verreal Mini is a bit heavier than the other two models on our list, but it’s still extremely lightweight at 15.4 pounds. Riders should also note that it comes with a maximum weight of 220 pounds, which might keep some riders from climbing aboard.

Specs and Features

Top Speed18.6 mph (30 km/h)
Range10 miles (16 km)
Battery Size144 Wh
Motor Power1 x 250 Watts
2 x 250 Watts
Weight15.4 lbs (6 kg)
Max weight capacity220 lbs (100 kg)
Hill climb20 %
Recharge timeno info
Water Resistanceyes – but no IP rating
Wheel / Tyre Size90 mm
Warranty3 months
Link to
Price$ 279 – Single Motor
$ 318 – Dual Motor

Miles Mini Boards

The company Milespower is located in San Diego. They have got three boards in the offer: A big e-board, the Miles Rampage, which looks a bit like the Evolve boards, and two small and urban electric skateboards: the Miles Single and the Miles Dual.

Miles Mini

The Miles Single has got one in-wheel hub motor and has a very sleek and modern design. The Battery and the ESC (electric speed controller, the brain of the board) is built into the deck. The deck is made out of carbon fiber and, may I say, looks pretty nice. The Miles Dual has two hub motors and a bigger battery, lending it more power and a longer range than the Miles Single. The Single comes with a basic remote with fast/slow, forward, brake and reverse functions. There is no display. The Dual comes with a premium remote with an information display and safety light, on top of the basic functions.

What’s very unique about this board is its ability to customize the grip tape design.

One feature I really like is that the company also offers airline-friendly swappable batteries. It has 99 Wh, which follows the TSA guidelines. With the airline-safe battery, you can expect about 6-14 miles from either board.

Miles Mini


Top Speed18 – 20 mph (29 – 32 km/h) – Miles Single
22 mph (29 – 35 km/h) – Miles Dual
Range8 – 13 miles (13 – 21 km) – Miles Single
10 – 18 miles (16 – 29 km) – Miles Dual
Size26.5 inch x 7.5 inch (67 cm x 19 cm) (L x W)
Weight10.5 lbs (4,8 kg) – Miles Single
12.5 lbs (5,7 kg) – Miles Dual
Battery Size 108 Wh – Miles Single
144 Wh – Miles Dual
Motor PowerNo info
Max Weight Capacity 270 lbs (122 kg)
Hill Climb15 % – Miles Single
20 % – Miles Dual
Charge Time1 – 2 hrs
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 80 mm
Water ResistanceNo rating
WarrantyNo info
Link to
Price $ 599 – Miles Single
$ 769 – Miles Dual


Linky is a foldable electric skateboard. The company started on Indigo (a crowdfunding website just like Kickstarter) and was successfully funded in 2017. Hence, like many companies on the market, Linky is pretty young. The idea behind Linky is that their products are perfect for travelers. The world needs a practical green mobility solution for explorers that stays out of the way when you aren’t using it.

If you fold the board it can even fit in your bag or backpack. This board is not really a powerhouse but makes up for that with its really light and compact design. What’s special about this e-board (besides being foldable) is the placement of the motor. The drive sits on the left front wheel and not on the tail like on almost every other board on the market. It comes with a built-in front light, a remote and an app. The deck has a carbon fiber bottom and real bamboo top to maximize the riding experience while still keeping Linky light. A USB port allows you to use the board to charge your cell phone.


Top Speed18.6 (30 km/h)
Range12 miles (18 km)
Size31 inch x 11 inch x 5 inch (80 cm x 28 cm x 12 cm) (L x W x H) – OPENED
16 inch x 11 inch x 5 inch (40 cm x 28 cm x 12 cm) (L x W x H) – FOLDED
Weight12.1 lbs (5,5 kg)
Battery Size 125 Wh
Motor PowerNo info
Max Weight Capacity 220 lbs (100 kg)
Hill Climb12 %
Charge Time1 hr
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 83 mm
Water ResistanceNo rating
Warranty1 year
Link to
Price $ 999 – Linky


Louboard was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The Lou board looks like the Penny board. It is relatively small has powerful hub motors and is pretty popular. The company is based in Switzerland, and (fun fact) the grip tape is made out of small Switzerland crosses – and for better grip of course. The Lou board is available in four different colors.

They offer three different models:

  • LOU 1.0 (Has a polyurethane deck and one motor)
  • LOU 2.0 (Has a carbon fiber deck and one motor)
  • LOU 3.0 ( Has a carbon fiber deck and two motors)

The deck plates of the boards are interchangeable and so it is easy to pop the deck out and in. Lou’s motor is hub-motor, meaning it is pretty silent, allowing you to hear the rush of the wind while you ride. The battery in the LOU 1.0 and 2.0 falls below 100Wh which is allowed on most airlines. However, regulations differ for different airlines. Please double-check with your airline before taking LOU on a plane.

Lou Board


Top Speed17 mph (28 km/h) – LOU 1.0
17 mph (28 km/h) – LOU 2.0
21 mph (35 km/h) – LOU 3.0
Range6 – 9 miles (10 – 15 km) – LOU 1.0
6 – 9 miles (10 – 15 km) – LOU 2.0
12 – 15 miles (20 – 25 km) – LOU 3.0
Size25 in x 10 in x 5 in (66 cm x 26 cm x 13cm) (L x W x H)
Weight10.6 lbs (4,8 kg) – LOU 1.0
9.5 lbs (4,3 kg) – LOU 2.0
12 lbs (5,4 kg) – LOU 3.0
Battery Size 79 Wh – LOU 1.0
79 Wh – LOU 2.0
108 Wh – LOU 3.0
Motor Power1 x 1500 Watt – LOU 1.0
1 x 1500 Watt – LOU 2.0
2 x 1500 Watt – LOU 3.0
Max Weight Capacity 265 lbs (120 kg) LOU 1.0
330 lbs (150 kg) LOU 2.0
330 lbs (150 kg) LOU 3.0
Hill Climb20 %
Charge Time2 hrs
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 90 mm
Water ResistanceIP 54
Warranty1 year for battery and motor2 years for all other parts
Link to
Price $ 449 – LOU 1.0
$ 799 – LOU 2.0
$ 999 – LOU 3.0

Acton as a company is really well known in the electric skateboard industry. They have made very successful boards and right now their line-up consists of three different models. Two of them are small electric skateboards.

  • Acton Blink S-R (Single hub-motor, smaller battery, shorter deck)
  • Acton Blink S2 (Dual hub motor, bigger battery, longer deck)

The Acton Blink S2 is the upgraded and larger version. With the dual hub motor, it brings more acceleration, more hill climbing ability, and higher top speed. The Blink S2 also has a bigger battery and therefore a longer range. Users report that the Acton Blink S2 has better brakes, so this is another important safety feature to consider. Compared to the Blink S-R the Blink S2 is pretty big, so it’s not breaking any records when it comes to a compact design comparing to other boards on this list. Keep that in mind.

The biggest drawback of these boards is their remote controllers. They have not been updated for a few years, look and feel cheap, have a poorly positioned reverse switch (yes, you can accidentally trigger it), and lack with a lot of functions. For instance, it will not provide you with the state of the battery charge of the board. You can only see it when you connect it to the Acton App. The only indicator for battery charge on the board is a beeping sound when it is below 15% (but sometimes, the beeping happens when I go up very steep hills, despite adequate charging.)

Not the best Remote

All in all, users like their Acton board a lot. The can drive fast, last as long as advertised (advertised range = real range), have integrated LED head and taillights, have smooth and pleasant riding experience and are pretty affordable.

Acton Blink S2 Review


Top Speed15 mph (24 km/h) – Blink S-R
18 mph (29 km/h) – Blink 2S
Range7 miles (11 km) – Blink S-R
14 miles (22 km) – Blink 2S
Size27 in x 8 in (69 cm x 20 cm) (L x W) – Blink S-R
31.5 in x 8.5 in (80 cm x 22 cm) (L x W) – Blink S2
Weight11 lbs (5 kg) – Blink S-R
15 lbs (6,8 kg) – Blink S2
Battery Size 80 Wh –  Blink S-R
158 Wh –  Blink S2
Motor Power1 x 500 Watt – Blink S-R
2 x 500 Watt – Blink S2
Max Weight Capacity 220 lbs (100 kg) Blink S-R
250 lbs (113 kg) Blink S2
Hill Climb15 % – Blink S-R
20 % – Blink S2
Charge Time45 – 60min – Blink S-R
60 – 90 min – Blink S2
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 83 mm
Water ResistanceNo info
Warranty6 months
Link to
Price $ 399 – Blink S-R
$ 599 – Blink S2

Ancheer Mini

Now, let’s discuss a total Underdog: The Ancheer Mini Electric Cruiser Skateboard. Ancheer produces mainly electric bikes but also other sports gear and equipment. Apparently, they took a shot at electric skateboards and boy, have they delivered something! It is one of the cheapest and most affordable e-boards on the market. The Ancheer Mini Electric Cruiser only costs 165 dollars. To be honest, the performance of this board is not the greatest and neither is its range, but do really need to be very fast and have massive torque in the city? I doubt that. If you are looking into purchasing a small electric skateboard for urban rides, don’t need a lot of power and are looking to save a few bucks at the same time, then maybe the Ancheer Mini is the right choice for you.

Ancheer Mini Electric Cruiser Skateboard


Top Speed12 mph (19 km/h)
Range6 miles (10 km)
Size25 inch x 8.6 inch x 6 inch (65 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm) (L x W x H)
Weight8.6 lbs (3.9kg)
Battery Size 64.7 Wh
Motor Power1 x 350 Watts
Max Weight Capacity 132 lbs (60 kg)
Hill Climb10 %
Charge Time1.5 hrs
Wheel SizeWheel Diameter: 73 mm
Water ResistanceNo rating
WarrantyNo info
Link to
Price $ 164.99

Other Best Electric Skateboards

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Downsides of Urban, Small and Mini Electric Skateboards

Range: If your e-skateboard is tiny then there is no possibility to mount a big battery on it. With a small battery capacity, the range will not be significant, so keep in mind that small electric skateboards will not take you very far. This is the biggest drawback when it comes to portability in electric skateboarding. Do you know which electric skateboard has the best range? Then check out my comparison table. 

Vibration: If your ride over rough pavement or rails, an electric skateboard has to dampen the vibrations caused by the bumpy road. Usually, an e-board can accomplish this via its Wheels (the bigger, the better), its trucks, and its flexible deck, but the smaller a deck is, the stiffer it will be. That’s the reason why boosted boards are so smooth. They have big wheels and a very flexy deck. If you are deciding on a small e-board, be prepared for vibration-rich rides. It gets better as your calve muscles grow and your legs and feet get used to the vibrations.

Carving: If you’re looking for a “carvy” ride then maybe you should decide on a bigger board. Along with the trucks and the deck, the wheelbase is what primarily determines if you can carve along the road with your e-skate.

Stability: Small and mini electric skateboards are not very beginner-friendly. It is not very easy to hold the balance on a small board. The rides will not be the most stable ones. Riding stability comes with big wheels, big trucks, big decks, and a big wheelbase. These are not necessarily the characteristics of a small electric skateboard. However, you, the rider, can do a lot to improve your stability. Riding experience and better leg (especially calve and feet) muscles will increase your balance drastically.

With electric skateboards, the smaller size means a smaller battery and a smaller motor. Putting smaller components usually translates in smaller power output, which in turn means lower top speed and lower range on a single battery charge. Smaller and lighter boards typically result in less range and power. So we need to choose wisely.

Upsides of Small and Mini Electric Skateboards

  • Perfect Urban Commuters
  • Lightweight and portability – Easy to carry
  • Air Travel-friendly
  • Due to design relatively inexpensive

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Final thoughts – now it’s your turn

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24 thoughts on “The 10 Best Mini & Small Electric Skateboards (in 2023)”

  1. Hi! My name is Iain and I am a college student looking to buy an electric skateboard. I’ve researched a lot about the different electric skateboards out on the market right now, and I’ve narrowed my options down a bit. I was hoping you could help me make the right choice as well. Here are the factors that are most important to me:

    My price range is $750 and under.

    Since I will be traveling on a college campus, I want a mini board.

    I want one that has a good turn radius and kick-tail that makes it easy to make sharper turns.

    My campus is a little hilly, so i want a skateboard powerful enough to handle some of the inclines. Preferably 20% or greater, although i think 15% should be fine as well.

    Here are some of the ones I’ve looked at:
    Boosted Mini S, Acton Blink S and S2, WowGo Mini, Maxfind Max 2 single and dual motor, and Leafboard. Maybe there’s another one out there that’s better for my situation?

    I hope you can find the best board for my environment. Thank you for your time!

    Side note: My campus also has a fair amount of snow that comes in for a long period of time, but the sidewalks are all heated and clear, so maybe a board that is used to colder temps/handles wet roads? If that helps narrow down the search!

    • Hey Ian!

      Thank you for reaching out to me.

      Regarding your circumstances, I would suggest that you look into Leafboard Plus, Boosted Mini S, Meepo Mini 2, and Miles Mini Dual.
      I think you will be fine with either one of them. They are all great boards!
      If you want a powerful board, go with the Boosted Mini S or Meepo Mini 2.
      You probably won’t make a mistake when purchasing a Boosted Board.
      Customer support, shipping time and smooth riding experience will make the difference in the $300.

      It’s up to you what you want to get and how much money you want to spend. I think this is all I can say.
      If this won’t help you I would recommend that you look at other blogs, forums or Youtube.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Meepo Mini 2 – The Meepo company lie about parameters they are not correct. 1. The board is extremely height 14,7cm (5,8in), 2. Weight is not 7,2kg but 7,6kg (16,76lb). I also found more false parameters. The board is overall not so bad but riding on them is not so good and comfort. The customer support don’t respect law and return. They lie all the time about basic parameters. Don’t buy goods from China when the company don’t respect basic rules law and behavior. The choice is yours.

    • Hey Peter!

      Thanks for your comment! Your opinion is appreciated!

      I haven’t checked the measurements myself, so I personally don’t know. But if it’s true then you are right – it would not be respectful of Meepo.
      What I do know is that there are lot of people out there loving their Meepo boards. When it comes to Chinese boards – Meepo is probably the most popular brand.

      I also read a lot about bad experiences with Chinese manufacturers regarding long shipping time and overall bad customer experience. (At least compared to the customer experience in western companies)

      But this will validate the price difference. If you care a lot about Customer support, shipping time and a smooth riding experience then Chinese boards won’t be the best choice for you.
      But like you stated – the choice is still yours!


    • I couldn’t name even one e-board brand that is not manufactured in China, even Boosted and Evolve have their factories in China …But I got your point.

  3. Hi! I am a college student interested in purchasing an electric mini board, with a maximum price of roughly $500. I have long boarded before so I am not a newbie but I have never owned an electric board. My campus definitely has hills so I need a board that can handle some, but not too many inclined slopes. Also, my campus gets reasonable precipitation so something that tests better with water would be awesome.

    I have looked at the Boosted Mini S (deal + student discount makes total roughly $450), the WowGo Mini (28″) Electric Skateboard, the Meepo Mini 2, and FÄBOARD GOLD 2 with both systems of propulsion. My biggest concern is reliability, since I am spending this kind of money I just want to make sure I am buying a perfect blend of quality and reliability. Any help you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hey Alex!

      Thanks for your comment! I appreciate any participation in my posts!

      I think you already have made a good narrowing and sortation.
      All of these three boards are from reputable brands. But if your main concern is reliability I would go for the Boosted. This company has the best reputation and probably also the best customer support.

      From Meepo we have heard that customer support is not as good as from US or European companies. The FÄBOARD GOLD 2 is also a good choice but the company is relatively new so I can’t really say something about reliability, but Fabian is a very motivated guy and eager to satisfy customers!

      Hope this helps! Let me know which board you chose!


  4. Hi Daniel, I need a mini electric skateboard but I have a budget, about $400. I need one that is light and has allot of range but I don’t need allot of speed. Any help would be awesome!

  5. great review! A Carver board (because it’s non-electric) allows you to generate manual speed by pumping/carving. Can the R1 be ridden like a regular board (without the electric power) and let you generate your own speed purely out of pumping/carving? Thanks again for a great article!

    • Hey Nina!

      Normally, belt-driven boards are hard to kick push. They have a pretty high resistance, so it’s not like riding a regular board.
      Therefore I don’t think that it will with the carving/ pumping neither.

      Hope that helps!

    • Carver makes an electric board now. Also you can put a waterborne truck adapter on any board (including eboards) to manually create speed plus they are super fun .. just an idea I put one on my faboard duel belt and while it looked kinda funny it actually handled a little better in done instances .

  6. Hi Daniel,
    Thank you for this great article it helped me a lot, but I would like to ask which is better the Fabgold dual belt or the linky electric skateboard?

    • At the moment I’d recommend the Backfire Mini, Meepo Mini 2 or Exway Wave.
      Hope that helps,

  7. Hi Daniel!
    Thank you for this great article.
    I have a question… Living in a town full of hills (in Europe), I am looking for a mini esk8 to commute in my town and who can deal with hills.
    I went through you comparison tool, but it is difficult to have an idea without testing…
    What do you recommend for me ? And why ? I was thinking about either a Ownboard Mini KT (in terms of price) or a Blackfire (in term of design).
    For your information, I already have a Lou 1.0 which is very lousy and doesn’t climb any hills… (but I like the design!)
    Thank in advance !

    • Hey Johnny!

      I am also based in Europe. Where are you from?
      For Hill Climbing I would recommend Belt-driven boards.
      Hence I’d look into the Onwboard M1, the Vestar Mini Belt, or the Exway Wave.
      Hope that helps.


      • Hey Daniel!

        Thank you for your precious help, I will look into it! Really like the Exway Wave design.
        I live in Switzerland, so you can imagine the kind of hills we have here =)
        As esk8 are not allowed here, I was looking for something discreet and Belt-driven boards are not. That is why I was looking for Hub motors. But as you said, it might not be the best solution for hills…
        Have you tried the Enskate R3 mini and the TeamGee H20 mini ?


  8. I could use some advice…Thank you for all of this information it’s so thorough and informative! I ‘m shopping for my 15 yr. old son. He is great on a regular skateboard but wants an electric one and will be new to it. I know for sure he wants a mini, dual belt motors. I really feel the Meepo is too powerful but need some power since we have some hills around here. I don’t see the boosted mini x on your reviews at all. Curious why? It is too expensive but I know it’s popular. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hey Suzanne,

      I haven’t listed the Boosted Mini, because the company went bankrupt in February 2020. There are still some vendors selling the boards and some guys fixing broken ones, but there is no official Boosted Customer Servies anymore. That’s why I don’t list them on here.

      According to your comment, I would recommend the Exway Wave or the Evolve Stoke. Both are equipped with dual belt motors and have a neat looking design ( I guess that’s pretty important for a 15-year-old)
      I, however, would tend to the Exway Wave. It has some unique features (swappable battery, integrated lights, smart battery, App) and is even more affordable than the stoke.

      Hope that helps.


  9. Hi Daniel!
    This is one of the most interesting and amazing article for all readers, especially for those who are searching for these small and interesting articles that help out all the readers especially for those who learn that how can we skate. Thanks for sharing this article with all of us

  10. Thank you so much this information was certainly helpful.
    I am planning to try something new, like riding the best electric skateboard? Of course, I’d want to secure the best pieces of equipment to ensure my safety on top, but have no idea where to start.
    Again thanks!

  11. The best way to kick off a great summer is by packing up pieces of equipment that are cost-efficient, safe, and ideal for my usage. They are not only an additional expense on my end but are perfect investments as well. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I am hesitating whether I should choose jkingboard or windseekerboard, can you tell me what are their pros and cons? I really want an electric skateboard


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