Are you interested in electric skateboarding but are worried that they won’t support your weight? Don’t worry I have you covered. In this post, I will show you the most suitable electric skateboards for heavy riders and explain what the difference is between them. 



Max Capacity

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Lacroix Boards

350 lbs

Verreal RS

330 lbs

Meepo NLS Pro

300 lbs

WowGo AT2

280 lbs

Backfire Ranger X2

265 lbs

What Kind of Features Are We Looking For In Electric Skateboards for Heavy Riders?

Why is maximum electric skateboard capacity so important? Why do we need to consider it? 

Strong Deck and Structural Stre

Obviously, the structural strength of the deck is immensely important when deciding which board to get. If the deck structure doesn’t support the rider’s weight well enough, you’ll end up with a lame broken board. Therefore, it’s really important for heavier riders to buy an electric skateboard with good structural strength. Look for boards with additional deck layers of wood, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Premium electric skate companies offer to adjust deck strengths according to the customers weight and/or preference.

The weight capacity is important for many other reasons, including the structural integrity of other electric skateboard components. Additional weight can lead to a damaged battery casing or ESC casing, and degraded screws or structural connections. Which, might I say, is also lame.

Safety Reasons (Strong Brakes)

Sometimes overlooked, heavy riders must also think about the brakes of their skateboard. A heavier rider will have an increased braking distance on their board, but we have to be able to come to some quick stops sometimes. When riding downhill, you often have to stop unexpectedly due to traffic. Therefore, the designated weight limit for your board should be taken into strong consideration. Any extra weight may wear down or otherwise damage your braking putting you in a risky dilemma.

Enough Motor Power

The components of your electric skateboard have been fine tuned to give the absolute best riding experience. Riding your board while exceeding the weight capacity will damage your board and lessen performance significantly. The motor has to work harder, which won’t help your acceleration one bit. You’ll find yourself with less hill-climbing ability, a lower top speed, and less range. As a result, heavier riders often choose high-end or premium boards not necessarily due to wealth but simply because they will enjoy riding a properly powered electric long board.

young man riding on an electric skateboard uphill

Enough Range (Battery Size)

As we talked about earlier, a heavier board load will make the motor work much harder to accelerate the board. This leads to a battery lasting far less time than I’m sure much of us would prefer. This means that heavier riders should look carefully at the battery specs before purchasing their e-board. You’ll have to reduce the advertised maximum range significantly if you are a heavier rider.

If you know the battery capacity of an electric skateboard in Watt-hours (Wh), you can get a rough estimate of how far the board can carry you. Here’s how. Step 1 Use the numbers of my chart or table.

chart of electric skateboard energy consumption with different weights

A good rule of thumb is that for every 30 pounds, your battery will need 4wh per mile. This means that with 150 pounds, your battery will need 16Wh of power to go one mile. With 180 pounds, your battery will need 20 Wh to travel one mile. This works for all weights, so keep your own in mind with this equation. All-Terrain wheels need more power due to the increased friction of the wheels.

Weight (lbs)Wh / mile
(Street Wheels)
Wh / mile
(AT Wheels)

Taking a look at the battery specs of your board provided by the manufacturer, you can now calculate your own individual range. Divide the board’s battery capacity number by the efficiency number (Wh/km) to get a rough estimate of your range based on individual weight.

For example, the Meepo NLS Pro is a highly popular board for heavy riders and has a 288 Wh battery. If you weigh 210 pounds that board needs roughly 24 Wh to go 1 mile. Now divide 288 by 24 and we have an estimated range of 12 miles. If you weigh 270 pounds, your board has an estimated range of 8.7 miles. That’s a big difference, which shows the importance of calculating your own range.


As we’ve gone over previously, an electric skateboard with a heavier load will require more power to accelerate with leads to increase wear and tear on the motor and batter, Other parts like the wheels, trucks, and enclosures will also have to withstand more force. Therefore, I recommend buying an electric skateboard known for it’s durability and longevity.

How do I Choose an Electric Skateboard for a Heavy Rider?

What will be the purpose of the board?

Before you purchase your board, think about what its purpose will be. Will you be commuting to and from places, riding only for fun, riding off-road, or doing sick tricks at the park? If you’re looking to commute with your board then I encourage you to pay extra attention to the range. If the board is simply for leisure you may not need to worry about most of the specs but if you’re looking to take your new baby off-road you might need to focus specifically on what types of trucks and wheels the manufacturer offers for your new board.


The overall range of prices is very large when it comes to electric skateboards. This principle is especially true when talking about models for heavier riders. Definitively, you get what you pay for. The main deciding factor when determining the price of a board is generally its technical composition. Boards with more powerful and technically complex motors, controllers, wheels, trucks, and batteries are more likely to be more expensive. However, models using simpler tech are generally cheaper. This isn’t always the case, though. Some companies artificially inflate the price of their board while other companies may charger more simply because of the brand name their board offers.

We carefully evaluated the market for you to recommend boards only with solid specs and a great reputation.

Customer Service 

Finding a company with good customer service is a good idea. The e-skate industry is flooded with budget board brands that may offer solid products, but often offer no customer service meaning if your board breaks (even within the warranty period), you can’t really expect the company to help you. Campanies with fantastic customer service departments are Lacroix, Metroboard, and Hoyt St. However, these companies sell boards in the premium segment which means they go for upwards of $2000. Backfire has a solid reputation as a budget board manufacturer while Meepo, WowGo, and Exway are also considerable. I encourage you to read some reviews, pay attention to your board’s warranty, and listen to how people talk about the brand. YouTube and Reddit are great tools for exploring how companies treat their customers.

woman from costumer service saying we are here to help

Best Electric Skateboards for Heavy Riders

Lacroix Boards – 350 lbs

Prepare yourself as we delve into arguably the best electric skateboards out there. The Lacroix Jaws, Nazare, and Nazare Lonstar are those boards. The company is based in Montreal, Canada, and was co-founded by a lawyer who quit his full-time job to manufacture these performance beasts. These boards are, together with Kaly, Bioboards, Metroboard, and Trampa, the top-notch preassembled electric skateboards. I’m excluding DIY boards in that ranking however some of them are completely phenomenal as well. At Lacroix, deck strength and flex will be tailored individually to you. This means you don’t need to worry about deck snaps. The motor and battery power are immensely powerful, so even as a heavier rider, you definitely won’t need to worry about these boards performances.

The founders of this brand are surfers and snowboarders who, like some other founders in the industry, wanted to create their own street board experience. The company dedicated itself to build the best experience you can possibly have on asphalt. The Jaws, Nazare, and Nazare Lonestar as pretty similar. Their differences lay in the trucks, motor power, and battery capacity. The Nazare and the Nazare Lonestar come with the Lacroix Hypertrucks. These trucks are built to correct speed wobbles and add and extra safety element as a result. They share the same specs except for battery size. The Nazare has a big 882 Wh battery, but the Lonestar boasts an incredible 2152 Wh battery, an absolutely massive range. It currently has the biggest battery on the market now for electric skateboards.

Lacroix Hypertrucks

If you have the resources to buy this board, it can only be recommended. You will have one of the best, if not the best electric skateboard on the market. The satisfaction that comes with that board is immeasurably pleasant.


Top SpeedNo official info (but they are fast)
Range16 miles (26 km) – Jaws
32 miles (34 km) – Nazare
50 miles (80 km) – Nazare Lonestar
Battery Size 706 Wh – Jaws
882 Wh – Nazare
2152 Wh – Nazare Lonestar
Motor Power2 x 3550W = 7100 Watts – DSS50+
no info on the other models but they are more powerful
Weight26 lbs (11.5 kg) – Jaws
35 lbs (25.5 kg) – Nazare
45 lbs (20.5 kg) – Nazare Lonestar
Max weight capacity 350 lbs (160 kg)
Hill climbno info – but they surely climb hills
Recharge time2 hours – Jaws
3 hours – Nazare
6 hours – Nazare Lonestar
Water resistance yes – but no IP rating
Wheel / Tyre Size8 inch (20 cm)
Warranty3 months
Link to
Price $ 2499 – Lacroix Jaws
$ 3299 – Lacroix Nazare
$ 3899 – Lacroix Nazare Lonestar
Link to our ReviewsLacroix Jaws Review
Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar Review

Verreal RS – 330 lbs

The Verreal RS has impressive specs for its price, but it does have the downside of being a budget company with a questionable track record. The company, being new on the market, has few reviews which pose more of a risk for customers looking to make a purchase. However, if you’re willing to take that risk, the Verreal RS is probably one of the best budget boards on the market.

Verreal RS with All-Terrain Wheels

The RS has a fantastic range, clocking in at approximately 22 miles on a single charge (remember to calculate yourself!) Needless to say, you should have no trouble taking yourself to and from your destinations should you use this board to commute. The top speed of this board is impressive as well, as its powerful dual 1500 watt motors can reach speeds of up to 27 miles per hour. You can purchase the boards with normal Urethane, bigger Urethane aka ‘Cloudwheels’, or pneumatic All-Terrain wheels. A board with 684 Wh battery and pneumatic All-Terrain wheels for under $1300 is a terrific value.

Specs and Features

Top Speed27 mph (43 km/h)
Range22 miles (35 km)
Battery Size360 Watts
504 Watts
684 Watts
Drive TrainBelt Drive
Motor Power2 x 1500 Watts
Weight22 lbs (10kg)
Max weight capacity330 lbs (150kg)
Hill climb25 – 30%
Recharge time3 – 5 hours
Water ResistanceUnknown
Wheel / Tyre SizeStreet, Cloud, or Pneumatic AT-Wheels
Warranty3 months
Link to
Price$879 – Street Wheels (360 Wh Battery)
$1079 – Street Wheels (684 Wh Battery)

$1019 – AT Wheels (360 Wh Battery)
$1259 – AT Wheels (684 Wh Battery)

Meepo NLS Pro – 300 lbs

Meepo is alongside Backfire as a budget board company with a clean track record. There are plenty of positive reviews regarding Meepo, which puts customers at ease. You will receive your board and even customer service, but reports show it is often not the fastest. The Meepo NLS Pro provides riders with high quality riding at an affordable price range in the mid-tier range. The board can handle weights up to 300 pounds and the big 100mm wheels and foamy grip tape help to reduce vibrations and make the ride very comfortable for a Hub Motor Board.

Meepo NLS Pro - Electric Skateboard

The Meepo NLS Pro has an advertised top speed of 29 mph, or 46 km/h. If you plan to take your e-skateboard overseas, Meepo offers a special air travel-friendly battery with 159Wh. Batteries must be less than 160Wh to be allowed on planes, and it comes with a 6-month warranty.

Specs and Features

Top Speed29 mph (46 km/h)
Range20 miles (32 km)
Battery Size336 Wh
Motor Power2 x 530 Watts
Weight19 pounds (8,5 kg)
Max Weight Capacity300 lbs (136 kg)
Hill Climb30 % gradient
Recharge Time2.5 hours
Warranty6 months
Price$ 649 – Sea Shipping
$ 709 – Air Shipping
Link to

WowGo AT2 – 280 lbs

All-terrain boards are lots of fun. They bridge the gap between riding on the street and taking your board on trails as well as other places that your regular board would not be able to reach. This is considered one of the best AT boards with pneumatic tires vs the hard rubber ones. Pneumatic tires, which are filled with air instead of being solid rubber, give you a more comfortable, stable, and well-gripped ride. You feel as if you are gliding over the pavement as your wheels, double kingpin trucks, and flexible deck will all help absorb bumps and cracks. Also amazing, these types of all-terrain boards have the ability to switch out wheels to use airless, pneumatic, cloud wheels, or even regular street wheels. You’ll be spending upwards of $1000 to jump onto this board or similar all-terrain board.

You’ll have the ability to turn the board on and off using only your remote. Traditionally, you need to power the board and remote separately, but not with the WowGo AT2. WowGo also claims this board is highly water-resistant which is always a bonus. The double kingpin trucks allow this board to ride fantastically, while also handling incredibly. WowGo, similarly to Meepo, was founded in 2017. They are a newer company, with mixed reviews for their services and products. This board is great for kids because of the wheel switching capabilities and the pneumatic tires allowing for a glide-like ride over all surfaces.

Specs and Features

Top Speed25 mph (40 km/h)
Range22 miles (35 km)
Battery Size504 Wh
Drive TrainBelt Drive
Motor Power2 x 1500 Watts
Max weight capacity260 lbs (120 kg)
Hill climb30 %
Recharge time6 hours
Water resistanceyes – but no IP rating
Wheel / Tyre Size7 inch or 120mm
Warranty9 months
Link to
Price$1099 – Pneumatic or Cloudwheels
$1219 – Pneumatic and Cloudwheels

Backfire Ranger X2 – 265 lbs

Of all the budget manufacturers, Backfire has the richest and most reputable operating history. The Backfire Ranger X2 is very popular within the e-skate community. This board is propelled with two large, powerful 1200 watt hub motors. It has 6.5-inch airless rubber tires which may be a drawback in the comfort of the ride, but it does mean less maintenance.

Backfire Ranger X2 - Electric Skateboard

Another advantage of Backfire is that they operate in the US, which can significantly decrease the wait time for shipping sometimes even to just a few short days. That’s much quicker compared to some foreign manufacturers. If you’re looking for a mildly priced electric skateboard that can handle the bumps of uneven pavement or terrain, the Backfire Ranger X2 might be the board you’re looking for!

Specs and Features

Top Speed
22 mph (36 km/h)
Range21 miles (35 km)
Battery Size504 Wh
Drive TrainHub Motor
Motor Power2 x 1200 Watts
Weight28 lbs (12,7 kg)
Max weight capacity260 lbs (120 kg)
Hill climb30 %
Recharge time3 hours
Water resistanceIP 55 (splash water & dust resistant)
Wheel / Tyre Size6.5 inch | 16,5 cm
Warranty6 months
Link to Website(Global)
Price$1049 – Sea Shipping
$1249 – Air Shipping

Final Thoughts

I carry a strong love for this sport, and I enjoy sharing my information with whoever I can. Short, tall, heavy, light, young, or old it doesn’t make a difference. That’s part of the beauty of this sport, it’s all-inclusive! In today’s day and age, technology consumes a majority of our time. It’s important to go outside and enjoy nature as well. E-skate can be a great tool to get active, stay fit, and stay stoked all at the same time! If you’re considering purchasing a board, keep in mind the necessary research, educate yourself, but most importantly..have fun!