The 8 Best Electric Skateboards for Commuting (in 2020)

A growing number of electric skateboarders have begun using their boards for the daily commute to work. Research consistently finds that a better commute is likely to make someone happier and more satisfied. One study found that the quality of their morning commute has a “substantial influence on overall happiness” for the average employee. Clearly, finding a way to make your morning commute more fun and bearable is a worthwhile undertaking. Using an electric skateboard for your commute could liven it up, shifting it from a daily grind to an enjoyable start to your workday. Imagine gliding through the streets, weaving in and out of obstacles while easily adjusting the settings of your board on-the-go. Electric skateboards might also help you to cut down on your carbon footprint, especially if you otherwise use cars or public transportation to get around.

Best electric skateboards for commuting:



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Backire Zealot

Backire Ranger X2

Verreal RS

Electric skateboards are used for many different purposes. E-skaters sometimes use high-speed boards to fly through streets and down hills as an exciting sporting activity. Others prefer longer-range boards for leisurely rides through towns, cities, and multiple other terrain types. The electric skateboard industry has responded to the versatile needs of consumers with a highly variable line of e-skating devices to choose from. New technologies and developments have made it possible for some boards to hit impressive top speeds, and for others to travel quite a long way without needing to recharge.

If you’re looking to use your electric skateboard to get to work each day, there are a few important things to remember when shopping around. Not just any board works for constant commuting. You’ll want a device with a solid range and a powerful motor or set of motors to carry you to and from the workplace. The weight of your board is also important. Lugging a heavy e-skateboard around all during the workday or on a bus or car can be taxing on the body.

Our guide to the best electric skateboards for commuting in 2020 will walk you through everything you need to know to choose the board that’s right for your needs. In addition to comprehensive specifications breakdowns of the top boards on the market today, we’ll show you the top considerations for electric skateboard commuting.

What to consider when buying an Electric Skateboard for Commuting


Make no mistake: e-skateboards can be expensive. The price of many popular boards may discourage new riders from buying their first device. However, many options still exist for riders looking to get a quality board without breaking the bank. For this guide to the top commuting electric skateboards, we’ve tried to include a number of cheaper options for you to consider. In particular, the Vestar Night Fury and the Exway Flex are pretty cheap boards, each clocking in at a price of less than $700. Still, users who want a truly effective commuter’s e-skateboard might consider splurging on one of the more expensive models. Ultimately, the money saved over time by a solid commuting board helps to offset much of this initial cost.


Several factors contribute to the reliability of a given board, and reliability is incredibly important to the effectiveness of any commuting device. You’ll be riding your commuter’s electric skateboard at least twice for five days per week, so a board that is easily worn or broken can spell big trouble. In general, it’s also important to remember that repairing a board with new parts can be expensive as well. This is one reason why choosing a company that offers a solid warranty can be a major asset. For our list of the best e-boards for commuting, we tried to pick some of the most reliable boards the industry has to offer.


Range of Electric Skateboards compared - how far can they go?

Although several factors are clearly important to an e-board used for commuting, range might be the most integral to most riders. Without a good range, an electric board won’t be able to get you to your destination each morning. Running out of battery on the way to an important business meeting is surely a recipe for disaster! As a good rule of thumb, it’s best to search for a commuter skateboard with enough range for both your trip to and from work. Some of the boards on this list have longer ranges than others, so be sure to look into boards that satisfy your needs for distance capabilities.

Wheel Size

Wheel size is a pretty important element of a board’s aptitude for commuting purposes. If your wheels are too small, then the ride will be uncomfortable as the board shakes around on unsteady and shifting terrain. Generally, big pneumatic or rubber wheels are best for getting around the city. As the terrain changes and your wheels roll over tracks, concrete, and sidewalks, having strong and large wheels can be an enormous asset.

Drive Train

Because belt motors afford riders with the opportunity to use different and bigger wheels, they’re generally preferable over hub motors. You have a bit of leeway on this front; it’s possible to have a quality electric skateboard for commuting that uses dual hub motors. But for beginning and intermediate riders looking to use their e-board for daily commuting, the versatility offered by belt motors is an indispensable asset.


Electric Skateboard Weight Limit - Maximum Load Capacities Compared

The best weight for a commuter’s electric skateboard really comes down to personal preferences. If your commute requires you to carry or tow your board for extended periods of time, it’s usually best to look for a skateboard with very minimal weight. This shouldn’t be hard to do. Most of the boards on our list are relatively lightweight in their design. Riders who must carry their board on a bus, train, or in a car should be especially sensitive to the factor of weight.

If the board that catches your eye is a bit too heavy to carry around, not to worry. There are still ways to make your e-board commute easier. The e-skateboard industry is inundated with different technologies and gadgets to make it easier for riders to transport their boards. For most riders, the classic option for easy transport is to purchase an electric skateboard bag or backpack. You can read more about the best bags currently available in our guide here. Deck hooks are another new and exciting gadget to help you carry a heavier board. With deck hooks, you can turn any regular backpack into an electric skateboard carrying bag.

Customer Support

This is one of the most difficult subjective elements to measure for electric boards. However, customer support is nevertheless important. In our list of the best electric skateboards for commuting, we tried to target boards from companies with a solid and proven track record for quality customer support. This element of a skateboard is especially important now, considering the shipping delays and other obstacles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Electric Skateboards for Commuting

Backfire Zealot

The Backfire brand already comes with a respected reputation of quality and excellence within the e-skate community. The Zealot comes highly recommended by reviewers, who praise the board’s impressive top speed (28.5mph) and respectable range (17.5 – 22mph). The dual-motors aren’t quite as powerful as some of the other boards on our list, but they seem to do the job just fine for most commuters. It’s priced reasonably at $899, making it among the cheaper options available for its quality level.

Solid 96-millimeter diameter wheels on the Backfire Zealot should be sufficient for most terrains, especially for the average rider. The Backfire website claims that their wheels are “the best all-round choice for handling and comfort.” Comfort on a long daily ride is important, and the large wheels of the Backfire Zealot really deliver on this point.

The Zealot’s 311 Wh battery takes about six hours to charge, so you’ll want to make sure that your device is already charged before embarking on your commute to work each morning. On the upside, the extended range of the board means that one charge should be enough to get most riders both to and from work. It isn’t clear on the Backfire Zealot’s product page precisely how heavy it is, but it likely falls within the average range for a board.


Top Speed28.5 mph (46 km/h)
Range17.5 miles (28 km)
Battery Size311 Wh
Motor Power2 x 750 Watts
Max weight capacity260 lbs (120 kg)
Hill climb30 %
Recharge time6 hours
Water resistanceyes – but no IP rating
Wheel / Tyre Size96 mm
Warranty6 months
Link to Website(Global) backfireboards.com/zealot
(US-Stock) backfireboardsusa.com/zealot
Price$699 – Sea Shipping
$799 – Air Shipping

Backfire Ranger X2

The Ranger X2 is the more expensive of the two Backfire boards on our list, but many riders find that the additional features it offers really do justify the cost. This device offers more powerful hub dual-motors than the Zealot, as well as a comparable range (21 miles) and top speed (22 mph). Additionally, a recharge time of only three hours makes recharging your board at work much more feasible with the Ranger X2 than with the Zealot.

This skateboard has one of the biggest wheel sizes of all of the boards on this list. The board is marketed as an all-terrain device, and these 6.5 inch diameter rubber wheels make it one of the most versatile and comfortable options available. This option might be especially appealing if you’re commuting in an area with multiple or rough terrains. Although this model will run you about $300 more than the Zealot, it’s larger frame, increased stability, and stronger motor might help offset the increased cost.

The weight of the Ranger X2 is one factor to consider. At 28 lbs, the Backfire Ranger X2 is one of the larger and heavier boards on the list. Like we said above, this shouldn’t be an insurmountable problem. You can still tow the board behind you like a trolley. Finding a solid backpack, shepherd’s hook, or deck hook might also help to mitigate the effects of the increased weight this device brings to the table.


Top Speed22 mph (36 km/h)
Range21 mi (35 km)
Battery Size504 Wh
Motor Power2 x 1200 Watts
Weight28 lbs (12,7 kg)
Max weight capacity265 lbs (120 kg)
Hill climb30 % – Street
Recharge time3 hours
Water ResistanceIP 55 (splash water & dust resistant)
Wheel / Tyre Size6.5 inch | 16,5 cm
Warranty6 months
Link to Website(Global) backfireboards.com/ranger-x2
(US-Stock) backfireboardsusa.com/ranger-x2
Price$1049 – Sea Shipping
$1249 – Air Shipping

Exway Flex

It’s worth it to mention that the Exway Flex is easily the cheapest board on our list. Despite its price of only $649, the Exway Flex offers a respectable range of 20 miles and a top speed of 25 miles per hour. The Flex’s dual-motors are only 600 Watts each, but they still seem to provide the board with a solid performance. At 16.5 pounds, it also clocks in as one of the lightest boards we’ve researched. Again, this can be a tremendous asset for riders who carry their board frequently on the daily commute. The smaller wheel size of 3.35 inches might be a concern if your commute includes ample shaky or uneven terrain, you should be able to install larger wheels. Additionally, the extremely flexible deck might help to offset the shakiness of a variable terrain ride on this Exway.


Top Speed25mph (40km/h)
Range20mi (32km)
Battery Size259Wh
Motor Power2 x 600 Watts
Weight16.5lbs (7.5kg)
Max weight capacity265lbs (120kg)
Hill climb30%
Recharge time3-5 Hours
Water ResistanceIP55
Wheel / Tyre Size3.35 Inch
Warranty12 Months
Link to Websiteexwayboard.com/flex

Ownboard Bamboo AT

The Ownboard Bamboo AT is likely most closely comparable to the Backfire Ranger X2. In addition to similar pricing, the Bamboo AT is another heavy board capable of accommodating large wheels. It exceeds the top speed of the Backfire by around 3 mph, although its decreased range of only 19 miles may be a concern for some commuters. The dual belt 1500W motors help to round out the quality performance offered by the large board.

We recommend the All-Terrain model of the Ownboard Bamboo. With the AT wheels, riders can expect a more stable ride that puts less stress on the calves and legs. This is an important asset when you’re looking at daily rides that can potentially exceed five or ten miles. But if you want a bit more flexibility with your device, Ownboard also offers a 2-in-1 kit, which provides riders with both the 6-inch all-terrain wheels and the 120mm cloud wheels. The 2-in-1 package tacks an additional $100 onto the price, but might be well worth it if you imagine you’ll be switching between the two different kinds of wheels.


Top Speed24 mph (38 km/h)
Range19miles (30 km)
Weight25 lbs (11 kg)
Battery Size504 Wh
Motor Power1500 X 2 Watts
Max weight capacity265 lbs (120kg)
Hill climb30 %
Charge time6 – 7 hrs
Wheel Size/ Tyre SizeDependent
Water ResistanceNo Rating
Warranty6 months
Link to Websiteownboard.net
Price$899 – $1,199
Link to our ReviewOnwboard Bamboo AT/GT Review

Verreal RS

The first noticeable feature of the Verreal RS is likely the beautiful wooden design on the deck. But commuters should be most interested in the value and technical specs offered by this particular model. The RS has one of a great range, clocking in at 22 miles (35 km) on a single charge. Needless to say, this board should have no trouble taking most employees both to and from their workplace. The top speed of the Verreal RS is nothing to sneeze at, either. Its powerful dual 1500 Watt motors can reach speeds of up to 27 miles per hour.

Just looking at the picture below, you can probably tell that this is a pretty lightweight board. Surprisingly, this skateboard can withstand a load of up to 330 lbs, which is especially impressive considering its 22 lb frame. The board comes standard with 3.54-inch wheels. While these aren’t quite as versatile in terrain as some of the larger rubber wheels on our list, the Verreal RS should still be able to handle most surfaces you’ll come across on the daily commute.


Top Speed27 mph (43 km/h)
Range22 miles (35 km)
Battery Size360 Watts
504 Watts
684 Watts
Motor Power2 x 1500 Watts
Weight22 lbs (10kg)
Max weight capacity330 lbs (150kg)
Hill climb25 – 30%
Recharge time3 – 5 hours
Water ResistanceUnknown
Wheel / Tyre Size3.54 inch
Warranty3 months
Link to Websiteverrealboards.com
Price$669 – Sea Shipping (360 Wh Battery)
$799 – Air Shipping (360 Wh Battery)
$909 – Sea Shipping (684 Wh Battery)
$1039 – Air Shipping (684 Wh Battery)

Vestar Black Hawk

With two 2000 Watt motors, 6.5-inch all-terrain rubber wheels, and one of the larger batteries on this list (640 Wh), the Vestar Black Hawk is an impressive model of electric skateboard for most commuters. It would be foolish to forget that Vestar has a proven track-record among riders in the e-skating community. Especially as shipping delays and related COVID-19 limitations plague the industry, it’s wise to do business with a company as trusted and respected as Vestar.

Range and speed should be of little concern with the Black Hawk, which can travel up to 32 miles and reach speeds of almost 27 mph. Like many of the other boards above, the Black Hawk features 6.5-inch all-terrain wheels capable of trekking through nearly any surface the average commuter might come across. Riders are paying a bit of a premium for the quality of this device and the record of its manufacturer, however. The Black Hawk will run riders about $1,199. Still, the performance offered by the Black Hawk and the customer service of Vestar might make it well worth the extra expenditure.


Top Speed24 – 27mph (38 – 43km/h)
Range27 – 32mi (43 – 51km)
Battery Size630 Wh
Motor Power2 x 2000 Watts
Weight23lbs (10.5kg)
Max weight capacity260lbs (120kg)
Hill climb30%
Recharge timeUnknown
Water ResistanceIP67
Wheel / Tyre Size6.5 inch
Warranty6 months
Link to Websitevestarboard.com/black-hawk

Vestar Night Fury

Riders who like the reputation of Vestar but don’t have the funds for a Black Hawk might be interested in what the Night Fury has to offer. You can choose between Dual 1500 W belt or hub motors. The motors offer similar performance to the Black Hawk. The Night Fury closely matches the Black Hawk on range, with its 504Wh battery allowing riders about 30 miles on a full charge. A top speed of about 28 mph is impressive, slightly edging out the max of the Black Hawk. The Night Fury is also another extremely lightweight option for commuters; it only weighs around 19 lbs!

The small wheels (2.05 inches) of the Night Fury might make it harder for riders to hit top speeds, especially when the terrain is rough or variable. But at a cost of only $699, riders shopping on a budget could still make ample use of this solid e-skateboard from the reputable vendor that is Vestar.

Specs and Features

Top Speed26 mph (42 km/h) – Hub
28 mph (45 km/h) – Belt
Range30 miles (48 km) – Hub
25 miles (40 km) – Belt
Battery Size504 Wh
Drive TrainHub or Belt
Motor Power2 x 600 Watts – Hub Motors
2 x 1500 Watts – Belt Motors
Weight19 lbs (8.6 kg) – Hub
18.7 lbs (8.5 kg) – Belt
Max weight capacity260 lbs (120 kg)
Hill climb25% – Hub
30% – Belt
Recharge timeUnknown
Water ResistanceIP 65
Wheel / Tyre Size90 mm – Belt
83 mm – Hub
Warranty6 months
Link to Websitevestarboard.com/night-fury
Price$689 – Hub Motors
$789 – Belt Motors

WowGo 3X

Another lightweight board with an impressive top speed, the WowGo3X resonates as a solid option for some commuters. Two 600 W motors allow the device to hit speeds of up to 24 miles per hour. For some riders, the relatively low range of only 14 miles may present an obstacle. This will ultimately come down to your own preferences. Needless to say, most commuters might be able to easily get both to and from work each day with one charge from the WowGo 3X.

As long as the range doesn’t become a prohibiting factor on your commute, the WowGo 3X is an affordable lightweight board with impressive performance specs.


Top Speed24 mph (38 km/h)
Range14 miles (22.5 km)
Battery Size260 Wh
Motor Power2 x 600 Watts
Weight17.2lbs (7.8kg)
Max weight capacity280 lbs (127 kg)
Hill climb25 – 30%
Recharge timeUnknown
Water ResistanceNo Rating
Wheel / Tyre Size2.44 inch
Warranty6 months
Link to Websitewowgoboard.com/wowgo-3x
Link to our ReviewWowGo 3X Review
Check out our detailed WowGo 3X Review

Reasons why you should commute on an electric skateboard

It should come as no surprise that skateboarders who commute to work have quite a bit of fun doing so. E-skateboarding is an enjoyable way to get around, but there are also many practical reasons why you should consider using an electric skateboard to get to work.

Level up your Commute

We’d be foolish not to mention the most popular reason why many employees are starting to turn to electric skateboards for their morning commute: it’s fun! Electric skateboards are often used as a leisurely device because of how fun they are to ride. With a quality electric skateboard, you can weave around, carving hills and having a blast on your way to work. There’s a pragmatic benefit to this fun, too. It’s a well-known fact that the commute is one of the most dreaded parts of the workday. The added benefit of having a little bit of fun can drastically increase your satisfaction and happiness with your job. Just think of how much funner labor would be if it started with an exciting ride through the streets each morning.

Quick to get around

Obviously, no electric skateboard can safely match the speed of a car. Despite this reality, most electric skateboards can decrease the commuting time of riders. Unlike cars, electric skateboards aren’t as easily stopped by traffic on the roads. Some skateboards can also hit surprisingly high speeds. A few boards on the market today can reach top speeds of 30 miles per hour or more.

Especially if you live in a city with a heavy population of daily commuters, a few miles of driving to work each morning can quickly turn into a half-hour excursion. With a versatile and maneuverable board, you might be able to fly right by traffic without a care in the world. For many riders, this means getting a little more sleep in the morning. For others, it takes the guesswork of gauging the day’s traffic out of the equation. In any case, a solid electric skateboard in the hands of a capable rider can make the commute both more endurable and considerably quicker.

Build Relationships

An often understated benefit of e-skateboarding is how much it can help you to expand your circle and make new friends.

First, just buying an e-board in the first place places you in the growing and tight-knit community of e-skaters all over the world. Electric skateboarders bond over their shared passion, and it’s more than likely that there’s a clique of skaters in your town to befriend! Perhaps more important to your working situation, riding an electric skateboard to work can be a great conversation starter. As you become more skilled at riding your board, sharing this new interest with friends might be a great way to get closer to those you work with. I mean, who doesn’t want to be friends with the guy or girl who rides to work on a speedy electric skateboard every day?

Save money

Electric skateboards could help you to save money on the daily commute in several ways. Most notably, drivers should save quite a bit of money by not having to pay for gas. Even if your daily commute is only four or five miles in the city, the daily commute can cost you hundreds of dollars each month in gas money. Employees who use public transportation to get to their job each day don’t spend too much money as it is, but they can still save by not having to pay for a bus pass or taxi to get through the city.

The initial expenditure of buying a board can still be expensive. For this reason, we’ve tried to include mainly devices that are relatively inexpensive.

Get some exercise

Contrary to popular belief, electric skateboards do require some degree of training and exercise. First-time users may struggle to ride on longer voyages. It takes time for your leg and calf muscles to become strong enough to ride your device. Commuters will face a pretty substantial workout as they begin to use their e-board to get to work each day. As riders travel over shifting and often inconsistent terrains, the shaking of the deck and wheels can put stress on their muscles. Riding an electric skateboard to work every day can help to improve your leg strength, as well as your general stamina.

Help the Environment

This benefit should be a given. The heavy gas consumption of most motor vehicles eats away at the fossil fuels that the Earth has left. The burning of fossil fuels gradually puts more and more CO2 into the atmosphere, creating problems and contributing to climate change and the destruction of our environment. These problems persist, even if you just use public transportation. Electric skateboards can help to minimize fossil fuel consumption, and they can help you seriously cut down on your contribution to an environmental disaster.

Tips for making your e-skate commute safer

Despite how fun the experience can be, commuting using an electric skateboard still comes with its fair share of risks. Luckily, staying safe on your commute is mostly a matter of common sense.

Try to always follow relevant traffic laws when riding your electric skateboard. Stop at stop signs, slow down for pedestrians, and try to avoid weaving unnecessarily in and out of traffic. For most states, electric skateboarders should travel with the flow of traffic rather than against it. But be sure to clarify your local laws and recommendations to be sure.

General safety advice applies to e-skaters who commute using their boards. Wear appropriate footwear, check your device before leaving the house for problems or malfunctions, and wear safety equipment like helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. This last part might be the most essential. Because some of these boards can attain speeds of 25 mph or more, a crash without proper safety equipment can turn out to be dangerous, or even fatal.

Final thoughts

A number of electric skateboards are uniquely effective for riders who want to skateboard to and from their job each day. A growing number of commuters are turning towards e-boards to make their morning commute a bit more bearable, and it isn’t hard to see why. When choosing your ideal commuting board, a number of factors are important to consider. In particular, a solid range, large wheels, and portability are concerns to keep in mind while you search for the ideal electric skateboard to fly through the city on the way to work with.

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