How Fast do Electric Skateboards Go – Top Speeds compared

In today’s world where time has become a precious commodity, being able to move around fast and easily has become essential. Electric skateboards are an innovative solution to this dilemma – they are light, small, portable, and fast. To top it all off, they are a lot of fun to ride. When we want to buy an electric skateboard the question of speed is crucial. If we are spending a relevant amount of money on an eboard we want to make sure that is is fast. But how fast do electric skateboards go?

On average electric skateboards can travel from 18 to 28 mph (29 – 45 km/h). There a few models on the market which can even exceed 40 mph (65 km/h). The top speed differs from model to model and is determined by various factors, like motor power, riders weight, terrain and even wheel size.

Whenever I write a blog post like this I just have to say that safety is very important! Please make sure to wear a helmet when riding an electric skateboard. And try not to push things, ride within your skill level. High speeds can be tempting but also very dangerous.

Maximum speeds compared

One major reason to use an electric skateboard is to get from Point X to Point Y, but for some riders, getting there FAST is an equivalently essential part of the equation. Portability and safety are also important. In this blog post, I outline all the important points to consider.

I did some research about the most popular and in my opinion the best electric skateboards. I created a table with the eboard model and their advertised top speed in miles per hour (mph) and in kilometres per hour (km/h). If you miss a board or believe that I should another one, please let me know in the comment section below.

Comparison Table

Electric Skateboard ModelTop speed in mphTop speed in km/h

Acton Blink S218 mph29 km/h
Acton Blink Qu4tro23 mph37 km/h
Aeboard AE229 mph47 km/h
Aeboard AT223.6 mph38 km/h
Aeboard GT22 mph35 km/h
Backfire G225 mph40 km/h
Backfire Galaxy G2t25 mph40 km/h
Backfire Ranger X122 mph36 km/h
Bajaboards34 – 45 mph55 – 72 km/h
Bioboards Thorium X40 – 48 mph65 – 77 km/h
Boosted Mini S18 mph29 km/h
Boosted Mini X20 mph32 km/h
Boosted Plus22 mph36 km/h
Boosted Stealth24 mph39 km/h
Eskating Dual Beast Evo34 mph55 km/h
Enertion Raptor 2.128 mph45 km/h
Evolve GTR26 mph42 km/h
Evolve GTR All-terrain22 mph36 km/h
Evolve GTX25 mph41 km/h
Evolve GT25 mph41 km/h
Exway X1 Pro29 mph47 km/h
Fiik Spine30 mph48 km/h
Haloboard 226 mph42 km/h
Inboard M122 mph35 km/h
Lacroix DSS50+33 mph54 km/h
Liftboard Dual19 mph30 km/h
Majestic Pro 25 mph40 km/h
Meepo NLS26 mph42 km/h
Meepo NLS Pro32 mph51 km/h
Meepo City Rider22 mph35 km/h
Meepo V328 mph45 km/h
MetroboardX26 mph42 km/h
Mellow Drive/ Board16 – 25 mph25 – 40 km/h
NGV Nextboard22 – 68 mph36 – 110 km/h
OneWheel + XR19 mph30 km/h
OneWheel Pint16 mph26 km/h
Ownboard W226 mph42 km/h
Ownboard W1S25 mph40 km/h
Riptide Boards18 – 20 mph29 – 32 km/h
Starkbaord20 mph32 km/h
Teamgee Boards18 – 23 mph30 – 37 km/h
Verreal V1S25 mph40 km/h
WowGo 324 mph39 km/h
WowGo 2S23 mph38 km/h

If you’ve liked this table than check out my sortable eboard Comparison Table here. I have even built a Drag and Drop Tool with which you can compare your favorite electric skateboard models! It took me days to create it, I hope you like it!

The fastest electric skateboard is the NGV Nextboard. It can speed up to 68 mph (110 km/h). Mischo Erban has set the Guinness World Record on an electric skateboard using a NGV Prototype.

Mischo Erban has set the Guinness World Record on an electric skateboard using a NGV Prototype.

Factors that determine the max speed of electric skateboards

Whether you plan to use an electric skateboard for your daily commute or just for fun, many riders claim that faster is better. Nevertheless, speed isn’t the only thing that counts. More speed means more power and more power usually comes with the result of making the electric skateboards heavier, even to a where they cannot be rated portable. Factors which determine the maximum speed of electric skateboards are the motor power, the riders weight, the battery power output, the controller settings, the wheel size, the battery charge and ultimately the terrain in which you are riding.

Motor Power

If we want to use our eboards regularly for commuting we rely on its ability to ride fast. To get a high top speed we definitely need powerful motors. The more power the motor has the quicker the e-board can accelerate and the higher is the top speed. So if you want to get a fast electric skateboard be sure to take one with a powerful motor.

Riders Weight

To accomplish high speeds in electric skateboarding the rider’s weight is very essential as well. The bigger and the heavier a rider is the slower an eboard will be. A heavy-loaded board will lessen your range and average speed. Moreover, big loads reduce the hill climbing ability and increase stopping distance. This indicates, that heavy riders weights will not get you the advertised maximum speeds presented in my table above.

Battery power output and controller

The battery and the motor have to work together. If we have a powerful motor mounted on our electric skateboards it obviously not work if we don’t connect it to a battery. Moreover, powerful motors are pretty useless if the battery doesn’t have the same power output as well. The motor can only deliver and transfer the amount of power it gets from the battery.

The controller is an electronic part and mechanism that controls the drive and the speed of the motor. The controller supplies the motor with the ideal amount of electric power.

Wheel size

Wheel size and wheel types also change the top speed of electric skateboards. Let´s think this through: let us compare bigger (bigger diameter) and smaller wheels first. Provided the wheels are turning at the same RPM (revolutions per minute). We have to put proportionately more effort into turning a big wheel but it will go faster if we can keep it spinning at the same rate as the small one.

A quick overview:

  • Larger wheels have a higher top speed but slower acceleration and less torque
  • Smaller wheels have a lower top speed but faster acceleration and torque.
  • Off-Road or all-terrain wheels will add a lot of riding comfort but also have a decreased top speed and lower range significantly cause its drag

Gear ratio

Gearing designed for high speeds is essential. But there is a big difference between combustion engines and their gearing and e-motors. An electric motor doesn’t need more than one gear, because it is high revving (20.000 RPM are still fine), it is efficient across a broad RPM range and it produces good torque from low RPM. An electric motor can easily be geared for top speed by still providing good torque and acceleration. Eboards which are designed to go fast are also geared that way. Hence high-speed gearing is essential and has no big downsides on acceleration or torque.

Remote controller settings

Keep in mind that almost every electric skateboard company will offer a remote controller with different speed and performance settings. There probably will start with a “Eco” or “beginner” mode and will climb all the way up to “sport”, “pro” or even “beast” mode. Clearly, you can only achieve the high top speeds with the highest performance setting on your remote controller.

Terrain and weather conditions

Of course, the terrain will determine the top speed as well. When manufacturers state the top speed of their electric skateboard, they probably recorded the maximum speed in ideal circumstances. Things like hills, ramps, and other inclines along with rock or rough surfaces will slow an eboard down. If you have to ride against a hill or a slope the top speed will obviously be less. Pavement quality and smoothness also play an important part. The sleeker the asphalt is the faster you can go. Moreover, weather conditions will play a role too. Riding against the wind will decrease your speed and riding with the wind will increase it.

Battery charge and voltage sag

Logically, the faster you go, the more energy you’re going to use. That means that if you’re riding onward at top speed, you’re going to drain your battery more quickly. The amount of juice in the battery will affect how fast an eboard goes as well. As the power in the battery drains, its ability to maintain top speed falls. Many riders see a notable decrease in performance when the battery gets below a certain percentage.

Quality of the e-board parts

It is very important that the quality of the party built into an eboard rises with the high top speeds as well. At higher speeds, parts will experience higher temperatures and are exposed to more of vibrations and physical stress. Especially the wheels, the trucks, the deck and the motor parts have to be designed and manufactured for higher speeds.

Safety Cautions – why fast eboards are so dangerous

When we ride electric skateboards we are constantly balancing on a string. In fact, we travel with velocities which not nat for a human being. We are often riding with speeds higher than 20 mph over the ground on asphalt. If we take a fall we don’t have a thick protection layer out of metal as we have in cars. All we got is our protective gear (helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads), our clothes and ultimately our skin to shield us.

But why is riding with higher speed more dangerous than riding with lower speed?

It’s simple, inescapable physics. The kinetic energy of a moving object increases in proportion to the square of the speed. In other words, an electric skateboard travelling at 20mph (32 km/h) will do 4 times the damage of a board doing 10mph (16 km/h). At 40mph (64 km/h) (and yes there are eboards out there that can reach this speed) you will have a 16 times higher impact energy!

Excess speeds are more likely to lead to a crash. The rider has less time to react as do others around him and the rider may also not appreciate that braking distances, as with the energy of the rider and board, increase at a much greater rate than the extra speed alone might indicate.

If you drive with higher speeds your stopping distance will be increased too! If you double your velocity your stopping distance will be tripled.

Eboards which have higher top speeds need to have good trucks and especially have excellent brakes! These boards just have to be stronger to stand up to the potential forces involved.

What to consider if you want to ride fast – 5 tips

  • Wear your protective gear and most importantly your helmet
  • Get yourself a fast electric skateboard
  • Look for a long, sleek, and unbusy street (airport runway not in use would be perfect)
  • Mount large wheels on your board
  • Have your battery fully charged

Fastest electric skateboards

In the table at the beginning, I only have picked electric skateboards which perform well and are reliable. I know that there are a lot of other eboards on the market as well. If you miss a board or please let me know in the comment section below. The fastest electric skateboards on the market right now:

  • NGV Nextboard
  • Bioboards Thorium X
  • Bajaboards
  • Eskating Dual Beast Evo
  • Lacroix DSS50+
  • Meepo NLS Pro
  • Enertion Raptor 2.1
  • Fiik Spine
  • Exway X1 Pro
  • Aeboard AE2

Need for speed?

Do you actually need the high speed? I know it is pretty tempting to buy an electric skateboard with high max speed. Because even if you don’t use the gas trigger to the fullest often, you still have the power if you want to. I understand this fully and I won´t judge if you decide for an eboard because of its top speed but keep in mind that electric skateboards are designed for urban utility, they’re actually not designed for driving long distances or highway riding. While 20 mph top speed seems sometimes pretty slow, if you’re using the eboard to ride around town on, then you probably won’t need to worry about getting a faster one. Apart from that, slower electric skateboards offer plenty of other advantages that more than make up for their absence of high speeds. This includes lower riding costs, lower maintenance necessities, they are pretty quiet running, more environmentally friendly and more importantly safer. Additionally, riding an e-skateboard with high speeds can also bring up the question of whether electric skateboards are legal. Some states – or countries – do allow the use of electric skateboards, but they have strict regulations in terms of speed. Often, only eboard are allowed that drive 20 mph or less. And boards which exceed speeds of 20 mph must be registered and can only be used by a licensed driver. For further information check out my blog post and your state – or country – regulations regard electric skateboards and their allowed speed limit.

Last words

I hope you have liked reading this article. If you have any further questions just comment below. I am excited to continually enhance the quality of this blog so feel free to give me feedback!

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