Weight of Electric Skateboards – with Comparison Table

When buying an electric skateboard one of the main question is how much they weigh. These boards are fitted with an electric motor and a battery which reduces human efforts tremendously but also add additional weight. But how much do electric skateboards weigh?

A typical electric skateboard weighs from 15 to 28 pounds (6,8 to 12,8 kg). The weight of e-skateboards varies and depends on the size of the battery, motor, deck, trucks, and wheels. So electric skateboards are significantly heavier than regular skate or longboards which normally weigh around 8 and 12 pounds (3,6 and 5,4kg).

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How heavy are different kinds of electric skateboards?

I did some research regarding the most popular and in my opinion the best electric skateboards and created a table with e- board type and their weight. If you miss e-boards or believe that I should add other boards a well, please let me know in the comment section below.

Electric SkateboardWeight in lbsWeight in kg

Acton Blink S215,5 lbs7 kg
Acton Blink Qu4tro17 lbs7,7 kg
AEBOARD AE119 lbs8,6 kg
AEBOARD AT222,7 lbs9,5 kg
Backfire Galaxy G2t14,5 lbs6,5 kg
Backfire Ranger X128 lbs12,7 kg
Boosted Mini S15 lbs6,8 kg
Boosted Mini X16,8 lbs7,6 kg
Boosted Plus17 lbs7,7 kg
Boosted Stealth17 lbs7,7 kg
Enertion Raptor 226 lbs11,8 kg
Evolve GTR22 lbs10,3 kg
Evolve GTR All Terrain25 lbs11,3 kg
Evolve GT17 lbs7,9 kg
Evolve GT All Terrain21 lbs9,5 kg
Exway X1 Pro15 lbs6,8 kg
Inboard M114,5 lbs6,5 kg
Meepo V316 lbs7,2 kg
Meepo NLS Pro16 lbs7,2 kg
Meepo City Rider28 lbs12,8 kg
OneWheel + XR27 lbs12.5 kg
OneWheel Pint23 lbs10.4 kg
Ownboard W218,5 lbs8,2 kg
Ownboard W1S17,2 lbs7,8 kg
Riptide Boards13 – 14,5 lbs5,8 – 6,6 kg
Starkbaord17 lbs7,7 kg
Verreal V1S14,8 lbs6,7 kg
WowGo 317,2 lbs7,8 kg
WowGo 2S16.8 lbs7.6 kg

If you’ve liked this table than check out my ultimate Sortable eboard Comparison Table here. I have even built a Drag and Drop Tool with which you can compare your favorite electric skateboard models! It took me days to create it, you will love it!

Factors that determine the weight of electric skateboards

The main cause why electric skateboards are heavier than ordinary longboards is that they contain additionally to the normal parts (deck, trucks, wheels) the battery and the electric motor which add the extra weight. If you want to learn more about the anatomy of electric skateboards, check out my blog post on understanding how electric skateboards work.


The electric battery is the most determining factor regarding the weight of electric skateboards. It is the part where the juice comes from and which lets us ride and enjoy our e-boards. The bigger the battery the longer the range. This is not every time the case but a good rule of thumb. The batteries are usually Li-Ion batteries. The battery size varies from 80Wh (Watt Hours) to 500Wh.
A rule of thumb is Watt Hours (Wh) divided by 10 equals the range (in km) – Wh/10=range -. Air travel regulation often restricts battery to 99Wh and under, but for various airlines apply different rules. If you want to learn more about electric skateboard batteries, how long they last, and get some battery saving tips check out my article on batteries by clicking here.


Different kind of electric skateboards are available on the market right now. Some with only one motor, some with two and others with even four motors. The motors distinguish as well. We know belt motors, hub motors and even direct motors (relatively new on the market).
I think it’s obvious that the more motors you got on your e-skateboard the heavier it will be. On the web, some write that hub motors are lighter than belt motor.


One of the best ways to reduce weight by simultaneously not losing performance is a deck made out of composites. These use fewer materials to get the same stability and stiffness like wood would produce. However, these kinds of decks are expensive to produce and have higher costs in most cases. Also, keep in mind that decks made out of composites and carbon fibre are not as flexible as wooden decks are. Flexible decks can help us to reduce vibration during rides.


Electric skateboard axles have different weights as well. Normally the smaller the lighter. The majority of trucks are made out of aluminium.

If you want to learn more about the parts of an electric skateboard, check out my blog post on understanding how electric skateboards work.

Types of electric skateboards and their weight

The weight of an eboard does affect its usefulness and performance. Weight is often an issue for electric skateboard purchasers who need to elevate their e-boards into trains, buses or carry them upstairs. In some cases, you also need to carry your e-skateboard if the battery is empty. Boards with hub motors are easy to kick push forward, but boards with belt motors are not – so you probably need to carry it –  Keep that in mind! The lightest electric skateboard is often very attractive to buy but on one hand probably the most expensive option and on the other hand not always the most valuable and most useful choice. Let’s take a look at a few electric skateboards and compare weight vs. features.

Being lighter does come with its advantages such as being easier to carry and having better manoeuvrability and handling. So the whole commute will normally be more comfortable. With ordinary longboards, less weight usually implies that the board will be better but this isn’t entirely the case with e-boards. With electric skateboards, less weight means a smaller battery and a smaller motor. And this means less range and power. So we need to choose wisely.

Myself carrying my e-skateboard upstairs

Street electric skateboards

Electric skateboards which especially drive on the street weigh around 18 (8,2kg) pounds. Most models count between 15 and 25 pounds (6,8 and 11,3 kg). They are designed for the streets and asphalt. These kinds of boards have asphalt trucks and wheels mounted on them.

All-terrain electric skateboards

Like the name says all-terrain skateboards are built for riding off-road as well. Therefore these boards need special trucks and wheels. These kinds of trucks and wheels are commonly bigger, bulkier and heavier. Therefore off-road electric boards weigh more than street boards.

Small or Mini electric skateboards

Small and compact sized boards are a good idea. Mini electric skateboards are designed for the commuters and urban folk. These boards are smaller, lighter and more compact versions of normal electric skateboards. Perfect for shorter commutes, cruising over the campus, and quick errands. They are the lightest electric skateboards available on the market. Short in length but hopefully not so much in width. I would recommend a spacious width because it is more convenient to skate on. Narrow skateboards can make your feet cramp after skating for a long time because you will actively hold balance the entire time you skate.

Lightest electric skateboards

A very desirable feature when buying an e-board is obviously low weight. Low weight can be accomplished by using a short deck, short trucks, smaller wheels, and a smaller battery.

In my list above I only chose electric skateboards which proofed to be reliable, perform well and are all in all recommendable. I am aware that there are a ton of other e-boards on the market as well. If you miss e-boards or believe that I should add other models a well, please let me know in the comment section below.

The lightest electric skateboards from my list are:

  • Riptide Boards (models R1 til R1X)
  • Backfire G2t
  • Inboard M1
  • Verreal V1S
  • Boosted Board Mini S

Heaviest electric skateboards

If you want to ride off-road and on all terrains, you normally have to get a heavier model. Larger wheels, bigger trucks, and a bigger vibration resistant deck will clearly add more weight. If you want similar performance with your off-road board like a street board, also a bigger and more powerful motor has to be added. And if you still want a good long range with your off-road board a larger battery has to be added too. And all in all, we get a significantly heavier e-board.

  • OneWheel + XR
  • Evolve GTR All Terrain
  • Meepo City Rider
  • Backfire Ranger X1

Additional questions

You maybe got additional questions regarding electric skateboards and their weight.

Will the weight be a problem for me?

If you’re considering getting an electric skateboard but are hesitant due to the extra weight they come with then you should consider how you will be using the e-board. When riding the electric skateboard it should definitely not be a problem. But if you have to carry your e-board a lot then maybe yes. If you have to carry more than 18 pounds (8 kilograms) constantly it is not a lot of fun!

But when do have to carry your electric skateboard? You probably have to carry your board when coming home to put it to its place. Maybe you live in a flat and have to elevate it several floors. If you commute with bus, train or tram (for European folks) you definitely have to lift your board into the vehicle and maybe – if there are a lot of people – even hold it the entire drive. In some cases, you need to carry your e-skateboard if the battery is empty. Boards with hub motors are easy to kick push forward, but boards with belt motors are not – you probably need to carry it –  Keep that in mind!

myself carrying my e-board

How can I reduce the weight of my electric skateboard?

That’s a tough one! In my opinion, you can´t change the weight of your board after you purchased it. Before you buy it you can customize some boards and decide which type of battery and deck you want. Smaller batteries and decks made out of carbon fibre or other composites can reduce weight. In these cases, you can affect the weight but afterwards you are not able to. But if you really want to customize your board on weight I recommend you to build your own electric skateboard. (DIY e-board)

Other obvious tips are: Clean you e-board regularly since mud can increase the weight of a board considerably. You can also try changing the tires to thinner and lighter ones which will also make the board easier to ride faster. -but will sacrifice grip-

Does the reduction in size and weight of e-boards batteries mean a reduction in performance?

Not necessarily. While regular batteries get lighter if they’re smaller and therefore have less range, improvement in technology can make batteries lighter and more powerful at the same time.

Does the reduction in size and weight of e-boards motors mean reduction in performance?

Not necessarily. While regular motors get lighter if they’re smaller and therefore have less range, improvement in technology can make motors lighter and more powerful at the same time. For example, hub motors are lighter than belt motors. And a third kind of motor, the direct drive motor, is coming to market right now.

Does using carbon fibre as material to make the deck of e-boards causes’ reduction in performance?

Reduction in performance no, but a reduction in deck flexibility. Riding over rough pavement can cause strong vibrations in your feet and legs. These can get very uncomfortable if you ride for a long time. Flexible decks can help us to reduce vibration during rides. Unfortunately, decks made out of carbon fibre are not very flexible, but stiff.


Simply put, e-boards are just like the conventional skateboards with a few add-ons. The add-ons include a battery, motor, remote control and some wiring. These parts surely add a few pounds to the original board weight but the advantages that they contribute far outrun the disadvantages of a slightly heavier board.

A simple non-electric skateboard may weigh around 7 pounds (3 kg) and an electric version of the same board may weigh 17 pounds (8 kg). But with those extra pounds, we get forward without kick pushing and can brake effortlessly as well. This is – for me personally – such an advantage! In my opinion, electric skateboarding comes close to snowboarding on the street. How awesome!

And keep in mind that technology is constantly improving. The motors and batteries get more powerful, and at the same time, they get smaller and lighter. So we can expect that electric skateboards will get lighter over time!

I hope my article has been useful to you! If you miss something please comment below and let me know. Feedback is highly appreciated!

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