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As this sport grows, so does the volume of the voices offering information, reviews and opinions. We acknowledge that your quest for truths, tips, advice and ideas is unlikely to stop here on our pages, so we’ve put together a small list of places where we think you’ll find good information. Our own site is filled by contributors of varied backgrounds from around the world, precisely because we know that a crowd as diverse as the e-skate community cannot be served by just one or two voices!

So, take a look or listen to what these other reviewers, forums, communities and Podcasts have to offer… and know that e-skateboarder.com will be continuously providing fresh content and featuring new stories about everything happening in electric skateboarding!

Electric Skateboard Youtube Channels 

Daniel Kwan

Daniel is a presence in the electric skateboard media world, with dozens of videos available for viewing on his YouTube channel and over 21k subscribers. He also has his own site, Dkwan.com, which mostly serves as a directory of his work. Dkwan.com links to his YouTube channel, patreon, merch and discount codes and contact information. His YouTube channel features his own reviews of skate gloves, bags, places to skate and skateboards themselves! This dude travels the world, eskate in tow and camera in hand, and he’d love for you to ride along with him! Link to his Channel.

Daniel Kwan

Ronnie Sarmiento

 With almost a decade of skateboard content to his credit, Ronnie is a familiar figure in the online e-skate community. He has been making YouTube content for at least 9 years, and over the last several has really leaned into the e-skate world. He releases new videos almost weekly, and worth subscribing to if you’re into that. He has a strong library of board reviews and product spotlights, but he also branches out and takes a look at other personal electric vehicles, such as the onewheel, bikes and scooters. Occasionally, he will even host a giveaway, and his Instagram @supronnie has some pretty pictures. We really like Ronnie’s positive attitude towards eskate, but also to life and people in general. This happy little fellow is definitely worth checking out! Link to his Channel.

Ronnie Sarmiento

average eskate reviews

Chris Kibui and Ricky Everett are the minds behind this mayhem, and they are pushing their content out from the United Kingdom. They do a great job of pitting boards head to head with one another, showing how different brands and models fair against one another. They are entertaining enough as your hosts, and they obviously are very into the sport. The two generally seem like exactly what they claim to be…average eskaters. They commute, carve and abuse their boards on all types of terrain, and they make good videos. They have new content up almost weekly, so they can be considered a good source of fresh infotainment! Link to their Channel.

average eskate news logo


John’s videos are, in a word, thorough. His library of eskate videos already go back a couple of years, and his content is focused, exacting and to the point. His earlier videos have a lot of Meepo content, but more recently he has moved to include reviews of brands like Exway, Metroboard and Backfire…so, a bit all over the place. His videos are well made, communicative and up to date, with new content posted very regularly. In a world of chaos and noise, John has a refreshingly mathematic and statistic approach to board reviews. Link to his Channel.

John Paul YT

Scott Davies

A rider and content creator out of Sydney, Australia, Scott Davies has some good equipment and a beautiful continent to film on. His library is made up of high quality, informative reviews about many of the more budget friendly boards, as well as some more novelty finds, like folding deck eskates! He also features some group ride footage, and he posts new content frequently. His content is very watchable, he seems like a nice guy, and you want to hear about skateboards, right? Link to his Channel.

Scott Davies

Electric Skateboard Blogs

Electric Skateboard HQ

This site is a great compliment to our own! When readers are browsing what the internet has to offer in regards to electric skateboarding, a lot of what they seek is overviews and reviews of available boards. This kind of information is most useful when it is drawn from multiple sources, so that a consensus can be inferred. We like Electric Skateboard HQ’s setup, and they have a decent library of reviews. They incorporate an interesting graphic with each review, in order to visually display the specifications. Whether you’re rounding up reviews of a board you might want to buy, or checking sites for discount codes, ElectricSkateboardHQ.com is a worthwhile stop on your journey.

electricskateboardhq.com logo

Eskate Hub 

Nate over at EskateHub.com has done a great job putting his site together. A self-described “regular dude” from Australia, he’s managed to construct a website that’s certainly deserving of your time as you spend it in search of the perfect board! A solid review library featuring most of the more budget-friendly options offers further insights into products, handy as always. There is an “Eskate News” section, but as of this writing it had not been updated for several months…perhaps us mentioning it here will spur some movement? 😉

Eskate Hub Logo

Electric Skateboard Forums


 This is an excellent forum for anyone looking to build a DIY board of their own. The community is full of people who are doing very good work, trying very new things, and they love to talk about it! You will find overviews of projects they have done with how-to explanations, and you can search the database for specific problems you may be having, possibly landing on several solutions found by other riders. This forum is much less polluted than the Reddit forum, with more targeted information and less ego-posting. Don’t get us wrong, we love posting fresh pics of our hot new board mods as much as anyone…but sometimes, you really just need to swap out a VESC or replace a charging port. Link to the Forum.

electric skateboard builders

Reddit – r/electricskateboarding

This is a hit-and-miss venue for information, much like most other Reddit forums. There are almost 40,000 members of this subreddit, and therefore you will be treated to a fairly constant feed of photos and posts showcasing modifications, new products, sick tricks and hot decks. If you are looking for help with a specific problem, this is a great place to take a shot in the dark and see if someone has an answer! Also a great place to simply check-in from time to time, scrolling around and feeling the reassurance that comes from the affirmation that no, its not just you who freaks out about motors on skateboards, there’s thousands of us! Link to the Subreddit.

Reddit Logo

Electric Skateboard Facebook Groups

Facebook – Electric Skateboard Club

This is an excellent place to go if you want to argue about electric skateboarding, hub motor vs belt vs direct drive, short deck vs longboard or especially helmets and gear! Formed in response to the Admins’ distaste for another page, almost all of the conversations deteriorate into veiled competitions, every participant convinced their way is the best. However, with over 13,000 members there are diamonds in the rough, and what would any sport be without the associated drama and tribalism? Whether you hate Evolve, still love Boosted or think it’s acceptable to buy a hub motor board for hills, you will find someone to yell at in this FaceBook group. This is also a place to find out about massive group rides, especially in the larger metro areas like New York City. Link to the FB Group.

Electric Skateboard Club Facebook Group

Facebook – Electric Skateboard Users

This group is more orderly than some of the other FaceBook varieties, but it is not entirely without chest-thumping. Geared heavily towards New York City rider culture, you will find information regarding group rides and meetups in NYC on this page. There are also the obligatory photos, reviews, questions and associated insults on this page, and you will also find the occasional poll. At over 6,000 members, this is one of the larger communities online, and a good place to posit your own questions or air your troubles…assuming you have a thick enough skin to roll with the pigs. Link to the FB Group.

Electric Skateboard Users Facebook Group

Facebook – Electric Skateboard Modification Group

At nearly 6,000 members, this is another heavily trafficked FaceBook group. As long as you remember that no matter what you do to your board, someone is going to hate it, you will be safe posting here! If you can remember that what those keyboard warriors think is ultimately of no consequence to your life, this is an excellent place to propose changes to decks, daydream about new suspensions or query the community regarding battery configurations and motor matching. There are a lot of smart people in this forum, willing to tell you everything they know if you’ll just scratch their ego a bit. Come here for the ideas, stay for the conversation. Link to the FB Group.

Electric Skateboard Modification Group Facebook Group

Electric Skateboard Podcasts

The state of ESK8 – by Samuel James

Samuel started with written content first but eventually turned to audio. With the first episode back in January 2020 this podcast features host Samuel James interviewing everyone from the founders of Hoyt St, Metroboard and Lacroix to two of the personality’s we’ve mentioned on this very page; Scott Davies and Ronnie Sarmiento! Sam does a nice job of keeping the conversation going, and its interesting to hear from the people actually designing and making the boards we ride. With a new interview seemingly every month or two, it’s not going to fill up your downloads folder too fast if you hit subscribe. Link to his Website with Podcast Linktree.

The State of Eskate Samual James Podcast

Electric Skate Cast 

Electric Skate Cast is hosted by two esk8 enthusiasts from Chicago, Jay Graham and officialterminalX. Electric Skate Cast offers feature interviews and commentary related to eskate and the culture. Ronnie Sarmiento, Samual James shows up here as well for an interview, and you can listen in on a talk with Flatland 3D about injuries and prevention. EUC’s, filming techniques and skating on your back are all covered, and opinions are offered in spades. They both have comfortable voices (pretty important for podcasts), interesting thoughts, and a friendly attitude. We like, definitely give them a try! Link to Podcast Linktree.

Electric Skate Cast Podcast

average eskate reviews

Ricky Everett and Chris Kibui are on the airwaves as well with a podcast to compliment their YouTube channel of the same name. Average Eskate Reviews is filmed in the United Kingdom, and this podcast is the audio recording of that show. The hosts often touch on wide topics, such as “flex deck vs stiff” or “cheap vs expensive” instead of reviewing a specific board. They have some pointed opinions about some companies, such as Boosted, iWonder (Cloud Wheels) and the ONSRA Black Carve, but generally the two guys just talk broadly on the subject at hand, and just discussing the culture for around an hour. Link to Podcast Linktree.

average eskate reviews podcast

In Summation

None of the aforementioned sources are affiliated with e-skateboarder.com, and therein lies their value. As mentioned, the best way to really get a feel for the broader views held in regards to boards, modifications, riding styles and accessories is to seek unrelated sources. It is in that spirit we compiled this grouping of interesting and informative repositories, some less regulated and more emotional than others. This list may be modified or added to, dependent on new sources earning a spot or old ones losing their mojo. We at e-skateboarder.com will continue to do our part with fresh content, honest reviews and informed insights into the sport, so that we earn our spot on your list of top eskate websites every time you visit. Shred on friends, and learn everything you can along the way!

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