The 10 Fastest Production Electric Skateboards (in 2023)

We are living in a world where time is a pricey commodity, and therefore we thrive for seeking opportunities to save time whenever possible. We like to travel fast, we love fast cars, fast bikes, fast planes and now we are looking for fast electric skateboards. E-boards have become increasingly more popular over the last years. They are very practical for commuting because they are small, mobile, convenient and above all, they are really fun to ride.

When we introduce electric skateboards to people who haven’t seen them before, we can expect that one of the first questions will be how fast they can go. Top speed fascinates all of us. The ability to drive and ride fast, the adrenaline rush and the power that is behind top speed is very enthralling. So, what are the fastest electric skateboards?

Fastest Electric Skateboards:



Top Speed

Link to Vendor

Lacroix Lonestar Supersport

55 mph (90 km/h)

Bioboards Plutonium

50 mph (80 km/h)

Bajaboard Pantera

45 mph (72 km/h)

Kaly NYC

38 mph (61 km/h)


36 mph (58 km/h)

Meepo Hurricane

35 mph (56 km/h)

ONSRA Black Carve 2

35 mph (56 km/h)

$50 off using "DANIEL"


32 mph (51 km/h)

$15 off using "ESKBD"

Backfire Zealot S

30 mph (48 km/h)

Backfire Hammer

29 mph (47 km/h)

Backfire G3 Plus

28.5 mph (46 km/h)

I’ve done a lot of research and came up with this list. These are the fastest electric skateboards that are commercially available. Please note that there are a lot of DIY (do-it-yourself) e-boards that can probably go faster than some of the models mentioned in the list below. However, I didn’t want my article to be about single garage built boards (respect to all the builders out there) but rather on actually accessible boards. It’s also important to be aware that the top speeds listed here are the manufacturer provided and advertised specs for their boards.​​​

In my article, I want to talk about the ten fastest electric skateboards on the planet. So, which are the fastest electric skateboards on the market right now?

Bioboards Plutonium

Bioboards is a relatively new company that started in Sweden. It was founded in 2018 from DIY electric skateboard builders who wanted the best of the best. They could not find what they were looking for, so they decided to build the best electric skateboard (from their point of view). Their flagship is called the Plutonium.

Bioboards Plutonium

The company states that the board has absolutely everything you could wish for in an electric skateboard. Like the name says it has a four-wheel drive. I think the specs do a lot of the talking for themselves. However, please keep in mind that the company is pretty new and the production volume isn’t very high so production and shipping take time.


Top Speed50 mph (80 km/h)
Range19 miles (30 km)
Battery Size 1034 Wh
Hill Climb40%
Warranty6 months
Price $ 3150 – 5300
Link to

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Best Electric Skateboards


Actually, I’m going to talk about three different electric skateboards in this section. That’s because the Bajaboard company offers different models which are all high-end boards. These are the Bajaboard Pantera, Bajaboard G4X, and Bajaboard G4. The company is located in Australia and its boards enjoy a good reputation and can boast with great reviews. The first thing you will notice is the big wheels their boards have. These e-boards are made for all-terrain and off-road adventures. It also has a special suspension system with shock absorbers which gives their boards that signature look.

The remote controller is hands down the most advanced and best-designed controller I’ve ever seen. You can customize every setting you can think of and it also has a vibration warning. The controller will warn you when you’re low on battery or if you’re going too fast by signaling with that vibration. The board comes with integrated headlights and taillights. You will likely get to use the BajaBoard in much rougher and dirtier environments than your average e-skateboard, so it that’s what you’re looking for, you’re on the right path! Be aware that the production volume is not very high, so manufacturing and shipping will take quite some time.


Top SpeedPantera: 45 mph (72 km/h)
G4X: 37 mph (60 km/h)
G4: 34 mph (55 km/h)
RangePantera: 28 miles (45 km)
G4X: 21 miles (34 km)
G4: 24 miles (39 km)
Battery Size Pantera: 1100 Wh
G4X: 550 Wh or 900 Wh
G4: 550 Wh or 900 Wh
WeightPantera: 57 lbs (26 kg)
G4X: 55 lbs (25 kg)
G4: 44 lbs (20 kg)
Max Weight Capacity 350 lbs (160 kg)
Hill ClimbPantera: no info
G4X: 45% grade
G4: 35% grade
Recharge TimePanter: no info
G4X: 2 – 3.5 hrs
G4: 2 – 3.5 hrs
Price Pantera: only on request
G4X: $ 3699 – 5099
G4: $ 2949 – 4349
Link to

Lacroix Boards

Lacroix is based out of Montreal Canada. Along with Bajaboards, these boards are the best pre-assembled boards on the market. The founders of Lacroix were originally snowboarding and surfers but found themselves craving a street board experience, leading them to create the Lacroix company. Lacroix has since dedicated itself to building the state of the art asphalt carving experience.

The Lacroix Nazare comes with trucks designed specifically to counteract speed-wobbles, the Hypertrucks. The deck is an asymmetrical design with concaves with a fiberglass layer to create a better riding experience. Moreover, you can customize some of the aspects of your board at purchase. It has an elegant design lending to a smooth ride as well as an impressive range. Fitted with a big 1089 Watt-hour battery, this board is sure to take you places.


Top Speed41 mph (66 km/h) – Jaws
45 mph (72 km/h) – Nazaré
45 mph (72 km/h) – Nazaré Lonestar
No info yet – Nazaré Supersport
No info yet – Lonestar Supersport
Range22 miles (35 km) – Jaws
28 miles (45 km) – Nazaré
60 miles (100 km) – Nazaré Lonestar
40 miles (64 km) – Nazaré Supersport
100 miles (160 km) – Lonestar Supersport
Battery Size 706 Wh – Jaws
882 Wh – Nazaré
2152 Wh – Nazaré Lonestar
1073 Wh – Nazaré Supersport
2582 Wh – Lonestar Supersport
Weight35 – 51 lbs (16 – 23 kg)
Max Weight Capacity 350 lbs (160 kg)
Hill Climb40%
Recharge Time3 hrs
Warranty3 months
Price $ 2500 – 6100
Link to
Link to ReviewsLacroix Jaws Review
Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar Review

Kaly NYC

The Kaly NYC is an electric skateboard designed by Ernesto Clark, a well known and frankly amazing skateboard builder, possibly rivaling few in existence. He’s designed everything on the Kaly NYC except the motor on battery. The deck is a sleek combination of fiber, fiberglass, and basalt and the sixteen-inch trucks are CNC precision-machined. You can customize the flex of the board at purchase, as well as choose between red, black, gold and blue as the color of your board. Kaly NYC offers three different off-road models:

Kaly NYC XL 40
  • XL2.0 (standard model)
  • XL40 (bigger battery)
  • XL50+ (even bigger battery)

The XL2.0 has a 700 watt-hours battery pack, the XL40 1300 Wh and the XL50+ a 1736 Wh battery pack. What’s important to know is that the remote control can be customized via an Android App or your computer. Out of the box, this board also comes with one-speed mode. The acceleration and braking curve is pretty aggressive and aimed for experienced riders. Let me warn you: This board is not beginner-friendly!

Check out our Review on the Kaly NYC 2.0.


Top Speed38 mph (61 km/h) – XL2.0
38 mph (61 km/h) – XL40
No info – XL-R
Range24 miles (38 km) – XL2.0
42 miles (68 km) – XL40
95 miles (152 km) – XL-R
Battery Size 700 Wh – XL2.0
1300 Wh – XL40
2960 Wh – XL-R
Weight54 lbs (24 kg) – XL-R
Hill Climb40% – XL-R
Recharge Time2 hrs – XL2.0
2 hrs 45 min – XL40
3 hrs 20 min – XL-R
Warranty2 months
Price Kaly NYC XL2.0: $ 2650
Kaly NYC XL40: $ 3500
Kaly NYC XL-R: $ 6350
Link to
Link to our ReviewKaly NYC XL2.0 Review


Metroboard is with over 10 years one of the oldest players on the market. It’s probably also on the most reputable eskate companies right now. The MetroboardX comes with either street or all-terrain wheels, depending on your needs. You can also choose between different gearing (Pulley Sizes). With the AT Wheels and the 52 tooth Wheel Pulleys, the board offers you 36 mph Top Speed.

The street wheels reach an advertised range of 30 miles on a single charge. This is far from measly and will likely work for most daily commuters. The board is designed to be convenient, and its dynamic design and the automatic belt tensioning system makes changing its wheels and belts an easy and convenient process. The carbon fiber deck has a dropped platform to keep your feet stable on the board, which is especially helpful when you hit top speeds. If you want to know more about the MetroboardX make sure to check out our Review.

A fast, smart, and convenient ride with stainless steel truck axis to withstand those tough and unpredictable terrains, ensuring both an effortless everyday commute and a solid off-road experience.


Top Speed36 mph | 58 km/h – All Terrain Tyres
31 mph | 50 km/h – Street Wheels
Range20 mi | 32 km – All terrain
30 mi | 48 km – Street Wheels
Battery Size 576 Wh
Motor Power2 x 3000 Watts
Weight29 lbs | 13 kg – All terrain
28 lbs | 12,7 kg – Street
Max weight capacity 300 lbs | 135 kg
Hill climbno info
Recharge time5 hours
Water Resistanceno info
Wheel / Tyre Size7.5 inch | 19 cm
Warranty6 months
Link to
Link to our Review:MetroboardX Review
Price $ 2499

Onsra Black Carve 2

Onsra was founded by Fabian Doerig, one of the biggest Eskate Youtubers out there. The Black Carve 2 comes in two variations, with Belt or Direct motors. Both offer similar specs, but the Belt Drive can be upgraded to AT (pneumatic) wheels as well. There are a lof positive reviews out there on the original Black Carve.

ONSRA black carve AT 2

The Black Carve 2 is pretty new so we have to wait for the reviews to tickle in but the new board features some serious upgrades. The board is longer, looks better, uses a new ESC, and has a bigger battery. The new ESC allows the board to run more current, resulting in a more powerful board. The new deck houses a larger battery and thus provides more stability. The bigger 658 Wh battery will give you a whopping range of 32 miles (52 km).

ONSRA black carve 2 belt

The Black Carve 2 will lose some responsiveness, but it will be much more stable, which I think is the definitely right move for this kind of board. Depending on the wheel and pulleys you choose it can accelerate you up to 35 mph (56 km/h). Pretty damn fast!


Top Speed35 mph (56 km/h)
Range32 miles (52 km)
Battery Size 648 Wh
Warranty12 months
Price $ 1840
Link to
Discount CodeUse “DANIEL” to get $50 off

Eskating Dual Beast Evo

The Dual dual Beast Evo has risen from the DIY (do-it-yourself) “esk8” electric skateboard scene. It’s made by a guy named Alberto who’s very active on the most popular e-skate forum on the internet. This board has great reviews and an awesome reputation.

Almost all of the forum members love this board, partly because you have a lot of options to customize it. For example, you can change the Drive setup (trucks, motor mount, pulleys, etc.) Additionally, you can change the wheels from normal street wheels all the way up to big inflating all-terrain wheels, and of course, you can upgrade your battery as well. Please note that you’ll only be able to reach the 34 mph (55 km/h) with this upgraded battery.

Unfortunately, they’re not allowed to ship the battery pack overseas so the whole e-board is available in the EU only. However, you can order the e-board without the battery overseas as well. Outside of the EU, you don’t have to pay the Italian VAT (Value-Added Tax), so the board will cost you 22% less.

Eskating Dual Beast Evo


Top Speed34 mph (55 km/h)
Range25 – 47 miles (40 – 75 km)
Battery Size 420 or 630 Wh
Weight26 pounds (12 kg)
Hill Climb35 % gradient
Recharge Time2 – 5 hrs (depends which charger)
WarrantyNo info
Price $ 1600 – 3390
Link to

Meepo AWD Pro

Until now all the boards in my list well exceeded the price of $2,000. Well, now it comes to a big break. The fifth-fastest electric skateboard is a board that only costs $700! So, price-wise, it is located in the mid-tier e-board range, but performance-wise it beats well-known boards.

Meepo was founded by Kieran Mao after he in the spring of 2017 posted a video online of him building his own electric skateboard, causing him to de swamped with requests and orders for his creation by skateboard enthusiasts. Meepo operates out of Shenzen, China, but they’ve become popular internationally. Meepo describes their goal as being making electric skateboarding more accessible to the masses, thus encouraging it to be an ecological mode of transportation.

Meepo AWD Pro

The Meepo AWD Pro is, as the name suggests, an improved version of the previous AWD. Instead of having 4 hub motors clocking in at 1200 Watts combined, the Pro’s 4 hub motors total at an impressive 2160 watts of power. The board is designed with 7-ply Canadian maple and 2-ply bamboo. It’s designed for quick acceleration and braking, to ensure a smooth ride with much control. This is the fastest Meepo boards to date, reaching top speeds of up to 34 mph (55 km/h). While this e-boards isn’t exactly the fastest on the list, this model is designed to perform powerfully with heavier riders, even uphill, in comparison to other models.


Top Speed34 mph (55 km/h)
Range15 miles (24 km)
Weight23 lbs (10.6 kg)
Max Weight Capacity 300 lbs (136 kg)
Hill Climb35 %
Recharge Time2.5 hours
WarrantyStandard: 6 months
Extended: 9 months
Extended: 12 months
Price $849
Link to


The Exway ATLAS is one of the hottest boards out right now. It’s considered as one of the best electric skateboards you can buy. You can choose between a street and AT, and a 2 or 4 wheel drive setup. With AT wheels and the 4WD you can reach speeds up to 32 mph (51 km/h). The deck is made out of carbon fiber and is beautifully designed.

Exway Atlas 4WD

The ATLAS features all the important features you can dream of right now like, automatic turn on, customizable acceleration and braking curve via App, pre-installed mounts for Shredlights, smart battery (with safe storage feature).

man riding off road on Exway Atlas

We can truly say, that the ATLAS is one of the best performing boards in the mid-tier ($1000 – $2000) right now.


Top Speed32 mph (51 km/h)
Range17 miles (27 km)
Battery Size 518 Wh
Hill Climb40%
Warranty12 months
Price $ 2049
Link to
Discount CodePay $15 less using “ESKBD

Backfire Zealot S

The Backfire Zealot is one of the most popular belt-driven boards on the market. It has all the important features a solid boards need and Backfire is known for reliable customer service. In 2021 the Zealot S was released and now offers a higher top speed, more range, a bigger battery, stronger motors, newly designed trucks, turn on & off feature, and a composite deck.

Backfire Zealot S

Backfire even partnered with Cloudwheels for those who want to float more effortlessly over cracks and bumps in the road. A convenient the Zealot S has to offer is that you now can turn on and off your board with the remote. Backfire was founded in 2013 which gives them a bit more history than most brands. They have great reviews on both their products and customer server

Backfire Zealot Drive Train

If you are looking for a reliable, fast belt driven board, the Backfire Zealot S is one of the – if not the – best choice.


Top Speed30 mph (48 km/h)
Range24 miles (39 km)
Battery Size 346 Wh
Hill Climb30%
Warranty6 months
Price $ 799
Link to

AEboard AWD

All the Aeboard models are designed by a senior technician, and all purchased boards are quality tested and reviewed before shipping to ensure a safe ride and reliable performance. The boards are made to be accessible by as many people as possible, aimed to make users’ lives as simple and enjoyable as possible.

The Aeboard AWD is a lightweight e-board with four-wheel drive, this to enable a comfortable ride with good control, even on less pleasant terrain or in bad weather This board is fitted with large, 105 mm wheels in diameter, perfect for the commute. It’s designed with 8 layers of Canadian maple and four 500 Watt hub motors. The board features a USB plug so that you can charge the Smooth Control Remote that belongs together with your board, as well as your other electric devices, like your phone. It has a convenient, easy-to-change battery so that you can pack an extra battery along in case the 25km range won’t cover your voyage.


Top Speed31 mph (50 km/h)
Range15.53 miles (25 km)
Battery Size 288 Wh
Weight28 lbs (12.5kg)
Max Weight Capacity 300 lbs (140 kg)
Hill Climb35%
Recharge Time2 hrs
Warranty3 months
Price $869 – 959
Link to

Meepo NLS Pro

The Meepo NLS Pro is the follower board of the Meepo NLS, an already notably successful board. The company was founded in 2017 in China, so they are still pretty young, but they have already made a name for themselves! Today they’re well-known in the market and, in my opinion, they are one of the market leaders of the budget board field.

Their products are great and most of the users can’t do else but recommend Meepo. The shipping time is around 2 weeks. They offer free shipping to the majority of countries. The only drawback with Meepo is that the company is located in China so customer support is not the fastest. Understandably, the English level of the employees is not top-notch (I might say I can relate). However, they are genuinely eager to help and Kiran, the founder of the company, is very present on YouTube and Reddit.


Top Speed29 mph (46 km/h)
Range20 miles (32 km)
Battery Size 336 Wh
Weight19 pounds (8,5 kg)
Max Weight Capacity 300 lbs (136 kg)
Hill Climb30 % gradient
Warranty6 months
Price $ 649
Link to

Exway X1 Pro

Now, the output power remains high even if the battery is drained. Some users report that the deck is very stiff, not flexible in the slightest. At higher speeds or on rough pavement, the vibrations will not be dampened – which, in turn, lowers the riding experience. Your feet and knees will have to get used to heavy vibrations. But Exway is aware of this and tries to counteract with big wheels and by applying 3mm shock-absorbing grip tape on the deck. The Exway App is also noteworthy, as it allows you to customize your settings, updating ongoing firmware and real on-time data output.

exway x1 pro

The Exway X1 Pro is the follower board of the Exway X1. The Exway X1 model enjoyed great popularity and X1 Pro – well, it is obviously the improved version. It has a very stealthy and sleek design. All the components are built into the deck, meaning that at first glance, it resembles a regular longboard. The fully enclosed hub motor has a total of 2400 watts. The board is IP-55 rated and therefore, it’s officially water-resistant. Although Exway had some initial problems with its battery (it experienced voltage sag), the company has learned from the initial mistakes and since upgraded the firmware.

Exway X1 Pro

One unique feature about the Exway X1 Pro is its ability to change the driving system from hub to belt motors just in 5 minutes. This swappable drivetrain module is called the “Riot”. No other company that I know of offers this feature. Well done Exway!


Top Speed29 mph (47 km/h)
Range16 miles (26 km)
Battery Size 193 Wh
Weight15 lbs (7 kg)
Max Weight Capacity 300 lbs (136 kg)
Hill Climb30 % gradient
Warranty6 months
Price $ 799
Link to
Discount CodePay $15 less using “ESKBD

Backfire G3 Plus

The Backfire G3 Plus is an improved version of the G3. With a bigger range, more powerful hub motors and light, flexible carbon fiber design, this board is best suited for the lighter riders. It sports Dual 600Wh hub motors and a 346 Wh battery, which is larger than the usual G3. However, the maximum weight capacity of the rider is recommended to be 210lb (95kg) and the charging time is 3.5h, a devolvement from G3’s 240lb (110kg) weight capacity and 2h charging time.

The Backfire G3 Plus is an improved version of the G3. With a bigger range, more powerful hub motors and light, flexible carbon fiber design, this board is best suited for the lighter riders. It sports Dual 600Wh hub motors and a 346 Wh battery, which is larger than the usual G3. However, the maximum weight capacity of the rider is recommended to be 210lb (95kg) and the charging time is 3.5h, a devolvement from G3’s 240lb (110kg) weight capacity and 2h charging time.

While it isn’t the fastest board on this list, it still lets you travel quickly as well as being a comfortable, light carry-along at 16lbs (7.3 kg). The board can be fitted with its standard 85mm wheels or the extra 96mm wheels, depending on what it is that you’re looking for. It’s the first-ever exclusively flexible carbonfiber board, and it is designed with a curve or concave for a comfortable riding experience. The board comes with an R3 wireless remote with Oled display which, along with letting you see your settings and stats easily and live, features a turbo key which gives you 20% extra power during acceleration when pressed.


Top Speed28.5 mph (46 km/h)
Range25 miles (40 km)
Battery Size 346 Wh
Motor Power2 x 600 Watt
Weight16 lbs (7.3 kg)
Max Weight Capacity 210lb (95 kg)
Hill Climb30%
Recharge Time3.5 hrs
Warranty6 months
Price $999
Link to Website(Global) /g3-plus

Which Factors Determine Top Speed

The top speed of electric skateboards is determined by a multitude of factors. The most important ones are the rider’s weight and motor power. That said, several other factors like battery power output, electric speed controller type, gearing, and wheel size are also essential. On top of that, electric skateboards, which can travel at very high speeds, have to be produced very consciously. A good, high-speed e-board requires both special attention to detail and quality compartments when being built. When riding at high speeds many parts of e-boards experience high temperatures, physical stress, and severe vibrations when in use. E-boards with higher top speeds need to have good trucks to avoid speed wobbles. They obviously need reliable brakes, too! As expected, all of these aspects contribute to higher prices, so consider yourself forewarned if you want to purchase an electric skateboard with A-1 kinds of maximum speeds. You might end up having to dig deep into your pocket.

  • Motor power: To get a high top speed powerful motors are a must. The more power a motor has, the quicker the electric skateboard can accelerate and the higher is the maximum speed. If you want to get a fast electric skateboard you need to take one with a powerful motor. 
  • Battery power output: Strong electric motors are pretty ineffective if the battery doesn’t have the same power output as well. The motor can only deliver and transfer the same amount of power that it gets from the battery. 
  • Rider’s weight: While electric skateboards alone have an impressive power-to-weight ratio comparable to the fastest Tesla, an e-board with the rider on it only produces a modest power-to-weight ratio akin to a Toyota Prius. The bigger and the heavier a rider is, the slower an e-board will be. This means that large and heavy riders weights will not get you the advertised maximum speeds presented in the tables above and below.
  • Electric speed controller (ESC): The ESC is an electronic part and mechanism that regulates the drive and the speed of the motor. The ESC supplies the motor with the ideal amount of electric power, so fast e-boards need one that’s capable and optimized for top speed. 
  • Wheel size: Bigger wheels mean your board has a higher top speed but results in slower acceleration and less torque. Smaller wheels have lower top speed but quicker acceleration and more torque. Off-Road or all-terrain wheels will add a lot of riding comfort but also have a decreased top speed and significantly lower range because of the friction and drag.
  • Battery charge: The amount of charge in the battery will influence how fast an e-board goes as well. As power in the battery drains, its capability to reach and maintain top speed falls. Many e-board riders experience a reduction in performance when the battery gets below a particular percentage. 
  • Gear ratio: An electric motor doesn’t need more than one gear because it is high revving (20.000 RPM are still fine). It is efficient across a broad RPM range and it produces good torque from low RPM. An electric motor can easily be geared for top speed while still providing good torque and acceleration. E-boards that are designed to go fast also need a proper gear ratio (just belt motors). Hub motors are “direct driven” which means 1:1 drive ratio.

Challenges for Electric Skateboard Manufacturers

A fast electric skateboard is not very easy to manufacture. Achieving higher-speeds on an electric skateboard requires special engineering. The motors, the battery pack, the brakes, the deck, the trucks, the wheel size, and the electric speed controller should be highly optimized to achieve trustworthy and efficient high speeds. As such, the majority of mass-produced electric skateboards are not going very fast. That, of course, is okay – the majority of customers are not experienced and skilled enough to make a good choice in buying such fast boards.

The greatest hurdle for electric skateboard companies is to design and assemble an e-board that will not only achieve high speeds but will also last long enough to be a worthwhile purchase for their users. Remember that at high speed, the motor, the battery pack, and the braking system (especially the regenerative brakes) have to endure higher temperatures. Furthermore, the deck, the wheels, the trucks, and every other component on the e-board experiences vibrations and other physical stress that they need to resist.

These reasons make it quite challenging for electric skateboard brands to build e-boards with high maximum speeds. This, however, does not mean that they are not trying. In fact, with each passing year, faster boards come to the market.

Advantages of Fast Electric Skateboards

With fast electric skateboards, you are overall just quicker. You will get through towns and cities faster. The major advantage is that you’ve got more power. Even if you don’t use these high top speeds the boards with high maximum speeds are more powerful and therefore accelerate quicker. Usually, you have more torque and acceleration, too, which means you can travel up hills easier.

Advantages of fast eboards:

  • Fast overall electric vehicle
  • More power
  • Better acceleration and toques
  • Better hill climbing ability  

Disadvantages of Fast E-boards

Fast, electric skateboards also come with disadvantages. If an e-board is fast it has to have a powerful motor and battery, and these components make the board heavier. You have to be aware that with a fast electric skateboard you will get a heavy one, too. The heavier parts and building structure will also make the board bulkier overall. Besides, if you often use the available top speeds your board will probably not have a long lifespan. The high speeds will produce lots of heat and increase the physical stress on the parts of your boards, which will lend to the board experiencing more damage over time. Another point to consider is that the faster your board is, the smaller is the possibility that your electric skateboard is or will be legal at a future date. In most of the countries and states, electric skateboards are illegal to ride on the street. In many countries and states, laws regarding e-boards have not been made yet. Therefore, there is a pretty big possibility that at some point our e-boards will be legal to ride. However, the future laws that might come about will most likely restrict speed in some ways.

  • Heavier
  • Bulkier
  • A small possibility that they are legal
  • Better for skilled riders
  • When ridden fast often, the boards will not have not a long lifespan

What Else to Consider When Buying a Fast Electric Skateboard

Riding Skills

Many of the boards on my list are not well suited for beginners. Some companies even advertise their boards as not amateur friendly. I don’t want to destroy the fun but you should have serious riding skills if you want to go fast. Almost all of the boards have different speeds and riding settings so you don’t have to ride fast if you don’t want to.

Safety Concerns

The kinetic energy of a moving object increases in proportion to the square of the speed. In other words, if you are traveling at 20mph (32 km/h) will get 4 times the damage (and do 4 times the damage too) to someone riding 10mph (16 km/h). At 40mph (64 km/h) (and yes there are e-boards out there that can reach this speed) you will have 16 times higher impact energy!

Moreover, if you drive with higher speeds you have less time to react and your stopping distance will be longer too! If you double your velocity your stopping distance will be tripled.

Protective Gear

If we crash we don’t have a thick protection layer out of metal as we have in cars. All we got is our protective gear (helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads), our clothes and ultimately our skin to shield us. If you want to know more about the perfect helmets for e-skating, check out my article here. Please ride with reasonable speed and always wear your protective gear!

How Fast Can Other Electric Skateboards Go?

Maybe you want to know how fast other electric skateboards can go. Well, on average electric skateboards can go from 18 to 28 mph (29 – 45 km/h). If you didn’t like the boards I talked about, here are additional fast electric skateboard models.

Electric skateboard model Top speed in mphTop speed in km/h
Evolve GTR26 mph42 km/h
Halobaord 226 mph42 km/h
Meepo NLS26 mph42 km/h
Ownboard W226 mph42 km/h

How to Ride More Safely When Pushing the Throttle

  • Practice and master your board’s braking
  • Train emergency braking techniques and to “fall right”
  • Make sure your batteries are charged (remote control too)
  • Make sure you’re being seen – (nighttime = light time)
  • Don’t ride beyond your skill level

Other Best Electric Skateboards

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Last Words

So, going fast on an electric skateboard is definitely not impossible. We now have seen that various super-fast models are available to the masses. Just make sure you are wearing a helmet and proper protective gear when trying to push the limit on the throttle. Thank you for reading my article, I hope that you liked it! Stay safe!

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  1. Daniel mate your electric skateboard information was very helpful to me. It showed me details on nearly all the electric skateboard out there on the market so far. All the electric skateboard all terrain and etc. I was told that lacroix nazare board was the fastest, but reading up on the information I seen I think it is the NGV electric skateboard. Can I buy one??? Can you please send me the email address so I can buy one please..? I was going to buy a trampa board or a BajaBoard or the lacroix nazare.. But I am changing my mind. Please let me know. All an all thank you for your great experience and information on all the electric skateboards out there on the market and in the world.! Daneil mate thank you heaps. Till I get a reply back from you? Take care and keep riding around on your electric skateboard.

    • Hey Joe!

      Thank you for your comment and your kind words!
      Unfortunately, I have heard NGV Boards are not sold very often.
      If this continues I will update my post and exclude the NGV Nextboard, because apparently you can’t buy this board.

      You are right the Lacroix Nazare is probably one of the fastest boards in the world. If you have the money and want to purchase a really good e-board, you won`t make mistakes if you purchase from Trampa, Lacroix or Bajaboards. If it comes to performance, speed, and reliability, all three are excellent manufacturers.

      I hope this helps.
      I wish you all the best with your decision!
      Let me know which board you purchased at the end! I am curious.


      • Daneil it’s been a while, I’m buying the lacroix nazare, it’s coming from the American so it might take about 4weeks they said. I safed $6000 grand for this electric skateboard. Because it’s for the states, Australia dollars it’s more. But I can’t wait till I am riding the best & fastest electric skateboard on the market. I did do a lot of research and information. But lacroix nazare is the 1.

  2. Hello Daniel, By chance do you live in the Seattle area? Getting ready to purchase a board and want to maybe chat with you about some options I am interested in.

    Cheers, Erik

    • Hey Erik,
      unfortunately not. I am European.
      But you can shoot me a mail too if you want to.

  3. Hi buddy, You definitely forgot the Lacroix Supersport Lineage with a Top Speed of 47 MPH.

  4. I’m also looking to buy an electric skateboard, I don’t need it to be the fastest either. I was tested by my friend, it’s the Backfire Zealot S. I was quite interested and am looking for more and will buy. I found your article very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I bought the PHOEROS skateboard because I wanted one with wheels suitable for the games. The difference between this and the other one I bought is that these wheels are smaller and better suited for doing tricks than the other one I have that has larger wheels to move around.


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