Best Bike Helmets with integrated LED Lights (in 2023)

Biking is an activity that boasts an array of gadgets that you can get up in, and this is definitely something that I’ve been guilty of. However, the most important, and OUTRIGHT essential investment you can make is in the safety of your experience as a rider.

Specifically, in a helmet that features integrated LED lights, to ensure that you have adequate visibility to remain safe, whether you’re riding in a concrete metropolis or going through a more rural landscape.

Now, picking out a Bike helmet with integrated LED lights in 2021 can be a tough task, since there’s SO many options out there. How do you know which one to go for?

Well, don’t worry, because we’ve done the leg work for you! Isn’t that nice of us?

So, without further ado, let us deep dive into the BEST bike helmets with integrated LED lights.




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Best Overall

Lumos Matrix

  • 4 Certifications

  • MIPS Availabile

  • Integrated Lights

Best Alternative

Giro Camden

  • 2 Certifications

  • MIPS Availabile

  • Has a Visor too

Good Allrounder

Bern Hudson

  • 3 Certifications

  • MIPS Available

  • Several Colors

Best Affordable

PHZ. Helmet

  • 1 Certification

  • Lightweight

  • Rear LED

Lumos Matrix

To kickstart this guide to the best LED integrated bike helmets that you can purchase, let’s look at the Lumos Matrix; our pick as the best Helmet on the market.

We’re certainly kicking this guide off with a bang, and this Lumos product is a big improvement upon it’s other popular models.

Lumos Matrix LED Helmet

The Matrix boasts a bigger panel on the back of the helmet than other models Lumos have released, and the Matrix even has the option of programming this panel with your backlighting modes.

This is an essential feature, since during those late night or early morning nights you NEED visibility to ride comfortably.

Not to mention, this Helmet has a 10 hour long battery life; meaning that it’s an ideal companion for those longer journeys.

Aside from being even more visible than other Lumos models, and having a battery life to die for, the Lumos Matrix also guarantees comfort! It only weighs 580g. We couldn’t believe it either.

Lumos Matrix Padding

To round off this summary of the best Helmet you can buy, we’ll mention the collection of safety certifications the Lumos Matrix boasts; four in all CPSC/F1492/EN1078/AS2063.

So, enter the matrix, and ride under the comfort blanket of safety with our pick as the BEST Helmet you can buy!

Lumos Street

If the Lumos Matrix was a bit pricey for you, then no worries! We think this Helmet might be up your street.

The Lumos Street is a simpler version of the Matrix, and could be ideal for you if you’re somebody who is looking for a more rudimentary Helmet.

Lumos Street LED Helmet

In terms of lighting, the Lumos Street has 3 LED stripes at the back rather than a panel, but the combination of white LED at the front and red at the back makes for a bright display.

A really nifty feature is the accelerators built into the helmet that detect acceleration and breaking.

Breaking triggers a brighter glow from the back to alert those behind, and the stripes on the back make for indicators that light up depending on the direction of your turns.

Lumos Remote Control

This really is a Helmet with some interesting features; rather than opting for sheer visibility Lumos put together a Helmet with a creative use of LEDs.

Reviews really speak to the quality of the Lumos Street, as it’s regarded as a bit of a fan favorite.

Lumos Kickstarter

We’re making it a hattrick of Lumos products, as next up is the Lumos Kickstarter.

The lighting of this Helmet is simple but it serves it’s function very well. At the front and back of the Helmet there are two lights, shaped in a triangle, and these will make sure you’re seen at night.

Lumos Kickstarter LED Helmet

Indicators are on the Kickstarter, with left and right indicators operated via a handlebar-mounted remote, as well as the fairly nifty feature of a motion sensor operated brake light function which turns lights to red as you decelerate.

In terms of comfort, we were pleasantly surprised. It’s a heavy helmet and you can definitely feel that from holding it, but on your head, it feels fairly comfortable. Is it perfect for prolonged use? Probably not. But it wasn’t the most uncomfortable helmet in the world.

Lumos Kickstarter LED Helmet

Plus, we can’t forget about the MIPS safety system. Multi Impact Protection System, or MIPS, is a brain protection system that Lumos have designed to provide additional brain protection in the event of angled or rotational impacts. Any Helmet that is certified with MIPS are tested to withstand an impact speed of up to 6.2 metres per second.

This just adds another layer of safety onto what is an already very safe safe and visible Helmet.

All in all, this is a very bright Helmet that will make sure you’re visible and can be seen, and the nifty feature of the indication system definitely boosts its quality.

Bern Hudson

Known for their high-quality protective gear for snowboarding, skating and other extreme sports, Bern are a brand to trust, and the Hudson certainly doesn’t disappoint. 

Bern Hudson Rear Lights

Designed for city life instead of the extreme, the design is relatively mundane, similar to a lot of others on our list and out there. But it does come in a variety of cool colors that you might not see on other brands, so Bern are a good choice if you’re looking to stand out and turn heads. 

Like all of the best helmets on this list, it has a built-in Mips system to save your skull in case of impact, but despite that it’s still light and comfortable, weighing less than a pound total (350g!)

Bern Hudson

For nights and harsh weather, the integrated rear light can be set to solid or flashing, and lasts for up to 10 hours, as well as charging from any USB socket. We would have liked to see a front light too, but you can’t have everything, especially at this price.  Finally, you can keep it safe when you’re not by your bike, as the rear air vents are specifically designed to accommodate bike locks. 

Safe and stylish, the Bern Hudson is a classic choice for commutes. If you cycle at night often and you need the added safety of a rear light, on a solid helmet for a good price, Bern has your back. Safety standards: CPSC, EN1078, NTA8776

Giro Camden

Widely regarded as one of the best helmets on the market, the Giro Camden is the perfect balance of price, safety and features. 

Giro Camden rear Light

Starting with design, it’s obviously safe and durable with its Mips certifications, and still has the high and open front visor that a someone with glasses is looking for. Smart choices with ventilation keep the helmet slightly higher than other models, allowing for better airflow and helping to eliminate fogging. The front peak is high, and tilts upwards, so it’s also not going to interfere with any glasses or goggles.

The rear of the helmet has a huge integrated rear light, than can basically light up the entire back of the helmet, perfect for night riding and foggy and rainy days. 

It’s also surprisingly reasonable value, especially for what you’re getting. Giro also offer the Bexley, which we reviewed above and is exactly the same model as this, only with a snap down eye-shield. In our opinion, if you don’t wear glasses, spring the extra dollars on the upgrade. It’s more than worth it.  

Safety standards: CPSC, EN1078

Giro Camden

PHZ. Helmet

Next up in this guide to the best bike helmets with integrated LED lights that you can buy in 2020, is the PHZ. Bike Helmet, which is our pick as the BEST budget option as far as LED Bike Helmets are concerned.

This product doesn’t come from a household name like the Lumos range, but they really did a great job in producing this budget option.

PHZ LED Helmet

The PHZ. Helmet has a plug-in rear red LED light that is bright enough to provide visibility when it’s dark, meaning you can be seen without breaking the bank.

This rear light is also USB charged, and will be fully charged within 2 hours.

And as far as safety certifications go this Helmet holds the CPSC Certification, meaning as a protective Helmet it is proven to be reliable from a completely independent body. That’s good for your peace of mind!

Not to mention the PHZ. also has a ‘hat tongue’ design that wraps around your head comfortably and has eye protection from natural elements that might influence a ride; such as sunshine or rain.

PHZ LED Helmet

Comfort is something that is definitely emphasized with the PHZ. Helmet, with removable EPS foam lining that is breathable, and easy to clean due to its detachability.

And we can’t forget that this Helmet is lightweight! It’s low-budget nature means it isn’t over encumbered with unnecessary features, making it a very light Helmet.

The PHZ.’s brilliant yet simple visibility, along with its comfortable interior and lightweight design, make it the BEST budget Helmet you can buy.

Coros Omni

Now we’ll turn our attention to the Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet; an LED integrated Bike Helmet with some very advanced features.

One of the most advanced features this Helmet has is it’s Bone Conduction Speakers. These speakers allow you to listen to music and take calls, without needing to use earphones or impeding your hearing of the world.

Coros LED Helmet

The helmet connects to the bluetooth on your mobile phone, be it iOS or Android, and also features the latest wind resistant microphone technology, meaning taking a call whilst on a ride has never been easier.

In terms of LEDs the Coros Omni has two LED light bars that provide maximum visibility. The rear also features a built in sensor that detects when it is dark and activates the light.

Plus, this Helmet is one that promises a safe and secure experience whilst using, as it bears AS/NZS, EN, and C.P.S.C safety certifications. This means that you’re guaranteed a completely safe experience, with the Helmet being awarded certifications from around the world.

Coros LED Helmet

Another really good feature of the Coros Omni is the SOS emergency alert feature, where in the event of a fall the Coros will detect the impact and alert your emergency contacts, ideal for solo riders.

This is enabled through the Coros Omni app, which also allows you to track route and ride history, including key metrics like time, speed, calories and calories burned.

If you’re after an LED integrated Bike Helmet with the flashiest features that you can get, then the Coros Omni is perfect for you; a Bike Helmet with a hi-tech twist.

Why using a Helmet with integrated Lights?

Now we’ve just ran through the best Bike Helmets that you can buy, but just in case you’re unsure of why you should buy a Helmet with integrated lights, allow us to alleviate your concerns.

Firstly, and perhaps the most obvious reason for purchasing a Helmet with LED lights is the element of protection that it provides for your head.

A study of bike helmet use around the world, with data from over 64,000 cyclists, found that helmets reduce the risk of a serious head injury by 65%, a drastic reduction of head injuries.

Not to mention that if you’re either a solo rider, or somebody who likes to cycle at night, then a Helmet with integrated LED lights is pretty much a necessity for you.

Firstly, the LED lights help to generate visibility of you as you use your cycle, and this means that people in cars and general pedestrians can notice you and avoid crashing into you, which is of course a major help.
Not to mention that in some countries it is illegal to ride on a public road after dark without lights and reflectors, and in that case the LED integrated Bike Helmet becomes something you ​need​ (although of course the legal requirement depends on where you are in the world!).

What to consider when choosing an LED Helmet.

Now we’d like to cover the factors that should go into your decision on what LED Helmet you actually purchase, and there’s a lot of them!

One thing that we discourage is falling into the trap of impulse buying. This is a purchase that requires careful consideration and it has a serious impact upon your safety whilst using your bike.

So, what are the factors that go into deciding what LED Helmet that you should buy?

Helmet Certifications and Safety Standards.

The first thing that you should consider when purchasing an LED integrated Bike Helmet is the Certified Safety Standard, which produces things called impact ratings which tell you how a helmet can stand up bumps and falls.

On the inside of the helmet there’s a hard grey or black foam that is known as EPS or Expanded Polystyrene, and the EPS is what will absorb the majority of the force of any fall you have, so make sure that the EPS is certified by CPSC standards, for full assurance of your helmet standing up to bumps.

Now, the caveat is that the EPS being certified doesn’t necessarily mean the helmet is, so be aware!

The Certification Standards differ depending on what part of the world you are in, but may sometimes overlap, and here are some of the World Certifications and Certifying Bodies:AS/NZS – Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand

  •  ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials International
  • CPSC – U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • CSA – Canadian Standards Association;
  • DOT – Department of Transportation;
  • EN – Euro-norm or European Standard from the European Committee for Standardization;
  • Snell – Snell Memorial Foundation.

You will likely come across these certifications:

  • CPSC Standard: Safety Standard of “The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission” for Bicycle Helmets
  • ASTM F1492: Standard specification for helmets used for Bicycling, Skateboarding, Trick Roller Skating
  • ASTM F1952: Safety Standard for Downhill Mountain Bicycle Helmets
  • ASTM F1447: Safety Standard for bicycle helmets
  • Snell N-94: This Standard describes helmets for use in non-motorized sports which includes bicycling. Helmets certified to this Standard, by the fact of this certification, have met all the requirements for the Snell Memorial Foundation’s Standard for bicyclist helmets. The Snell Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to research, education, testing and development of helmet safety standards.
  • EN 1078: European Safety Standard for Helmets for pedal cyclists, skateboarders, & roller skaters
  • AS/NZS 2063: Australian/New Zealand Safety Standard for Bicycle helmets.

IMPORTANT! Make sure at the LEAST that the helmet has the weakest certification. The bare minimum is the ATSM F1492 certification for helmets. Lights and Features Another element that has to be factored into your decision making process when you’re looking at picking up an LED Bike Helmet. After all, these are two key elements of any Helmet! The lights are essential for being visible in the dark, a pivotal element of the safety provided by your Helmet, and the features can make or break a Helmet as your ideal choice.

Firstly,from the perspective of light and visibility, you should first understand what you want out of your Helmet from the perspective of how well you’ll be seen. Pay attention to the amount of LEDs in the Helmet, and also how many strips of LEDs are in the Helmet. Is there a strip on the back AND the front? Or just the back? What shape are the LEDs arranged in? There’s a lot of thought to be had about the brightness of a Bike Helmet.

Then I’d suggest looking at other features. For example, some of the Helmet’s that we discussed in this article possess features such as indicator systems that link up with the handlebars.

This alerts those around you of your intended movements, and can be a huge help if you’re planning on cycling in areas with heavy traffic, be it foot traffic or vehicle traffic.

In some cases, like the Coros Omni for example, we saw even further advanced features that were provided to boost the experience of the Helmet for the user.

Are you a Solo cyclist? Then a Helmet with an SOS triggered message to your emergency contacts is something you should consider, for the maximum safety.

Looking to listen to some tunes whilst riding? Then look for a Helmet that enables safe music listening while cycling.

Are you somebody that wants to cycle for fitness related motivations? Then maybe a Helmet like the Coros Omni would be perfect for you, since it provides data on journey length, distance, and calories burned.

There’s an array of features out there, so evaluate exactly what ​you w​ ant from the Helmet you’re looking to purchase, and align that with the Helmet’s on offer, to create a fully bespoke Helmet criteria that suits you.

Size and fit

Of course, if you’re purchasing a Bike Helmet, you definitely need it to fit, but knowing how to find the right size for you, and even being able to measure your head correctly can be tougher than you may think.

If a Helmet is too big it will wobble around your head and won’t protect you as well as it is meant to, but if it’s too small then it will make for uncomfortable use and you may not even be able to get your head into it.

Not ideal for something that’s meant to protect your skull and brain… So, firstly you need to actually figure out how big your head is.

To do this, measure the circumference of your head. Take a flexible tape measure, and measure it around the largest portion of your head (we recommend about an inch above the eyebrows).

Then, take this measurement and use it to match up with the Helmet’s you find online. The size parameters usually look something like this, but check on the website as I’m sure they’ll explain them there too:

  • Extra small: below 20″ (51cm)
  • Small: 20″–21.75″ (51cm–55cm)
  • Medium: 21.75″–23.25″ (55cm–59cm)
  • Large: 23.25″–24.75″ (59cm–63cm)
  • Extra large: above 24.75″ (63cm)

Or if you’re unsure of your head size entirely, and are after something more flexible, then there are universal, one size fits all Helmets that come with adjustable straps. Really a good fitting Bike Helmet should sit horizontally on your head, and the rule is that it should sit as low as possible without obstructing your vision.
A good way of checking that a Bike Helmet is a good fit for your head is to shake your head without closing the chin strap, as this can indicate the security of the Helmet on your head. Weight Another factor that is definitely important should be taken into consideration when purchasing a Helmet is the weight of the Helmet. You have to remember, this thing is going to be on your head an awful lot, and having a big lump of a weight on your head can be annoying, and also rather painful. When going to buy a Helmet we recommend that you get some experience with it prior to purchase, because this is not something you want to be gambling on. Check the weight of the helmet, and gauge whether or not you could handle it. Having a Helmet that is too heavy can have nasty ramifications on your neck, so don’t take the factor of weight lightly! Price Price is of course a bit of an awkward topic, because nobody wants to feel ripped off! However, in the case of a Bike Helmet we think that your hard earned cash is more of an investment rather than a mindless splurge. Let’s just remember that this is not a fashion statement (although the Helmets do look pretty cool), this is a PRACTICAL purchase. It literally helps to ensure your safety whilst cycling, so don’t pinch the pennies on this purchase! We believe that keeping your head intact and healthy whilst using your bike is definitely something that is worth the cash, in fact, it’s priceless.

So, go out and get a Helmet from a recognised brand, with sufficient certification, to give yourself the peace of mind that you’ll be safe while riding your bike. It’s worth it! And, if you are after a cheap but cheerful (and most importantly safe) option, then no worries! Just scroll up to the budget option that we detailed in this post!


In the previous section on the price of the Helmet that you should buy, I mentioned how a Bike Helmet is not a fashion statement, but a practical purchase predicated on preserving your head’s health.

However, I’m going to contradict myself here…

Because when you look good, you feel good! So pick up a Helmet with the graphics and designs that you like. Of course the safety and fit of the Helmet is the outright priority, but having a trendy design or cool graphic on the Helmet won’t hurt.

And, in some cases the design may even help add visibility if it’s bright.

Win win!

Cooling and air vents

The last factor that we think you should take into consideration when selecting your Bike Helmet, revolves around the Cooling and Air Vents.

These are the holes and gaps that you see on the Helmet, and these act as the cooling system for it, and they are definitely a detail of the Helmet that you need to pay attention to.

Different brands opt for different sizes, numbers, and shapes of cooling vents, so if this is a detail you put a lot of time into you may want to do some research in what cooling and air vents brands offer and see which ones suit you.

Clever designs can incorporate smart and unique ways of allowing air to go through the Helmet, so be sure to pay attention to do this.

When should I replace an LED helmet?

So, we’ve told you what elements to consider when looking to purchase an LED Bike Helmet, but when should you look to replace an LED Helmet?

Well, it’s important to look at how Bike Helmets are made and what their intention is.

They are produced to absorb one time impact. The foam inside the Helmet compresses under the pressure of a big crash and then does not bounce back.

So, because of this I would recommend that you replace the Helmet after a big impact crash. Don’t go through a crash of that magnitude and then continue to reuse the same Helmet. Replace it!

Bike Helmet Law – Do I need to wear it?

A question that we get asked a lot is whether or not they need to wear a Bike Helmet, and truth be told, we can’t answer this! This is a topic that varies depending on where you are in the world, and we suggest you look at the laws and regulations on that in your respective country/area.

However regardless of the legal requirement to wear one, you should wear one anyway! It makes your biking experience MUCH safer, and in turn allows you to enjoy the ride more; safe and sound in the peace of mind that you are completely safe.


So, just like that our journey through the best Bike Helmet with integrated LED lights is over.

We hope we covered all bases in this, and now you should be fully equipped to purchase a Helmet of your own and get the best out of it!

All the best! And if you have any questions, just let us know!

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