Best Long Range Electric Skateboards (in 2023)

Let’s dive into the growing list of long-range electric skateboards available on the market today. Our guide should help you to weigh the pros and cons of various long-range electric skateboards to find the right board for you.

Electric Skateboards with the Longest Range:



(Advertised) Range

Battery Size

Link to Vendor

Lacroix Lonestar Supersport

100 miles (160 km)

2582 Wh


95 miles (153 km)

2960 Wh

Bajaboard S2 ATRAX

60 miles (96 km)

1800 Wh

Bioboards Plutonium

55 miles (88 km)

1034 Wh

Kaly NYC XL40

43 miles (68 km)

1360 Wh

Lacroix Nazaré Supersport

40 miles (64 km)

1073 Wh

Bajaboard S2

37 miles (60 km)

1000 Wh

Meepo Hurricane

(Street Wheels)

35 miles (56 km)

726 Wh

ONSRA Black Carve 2

(Street Wheels)

32 miles (52 km)

648 Wh

$50 off using "DANIEL"

Verreal RS

(Street Wheels)

31 miles (50 km)

720 Wh


(Street Wheels)

30 miles (48 km)

576 Wh

Backfire Hammer

22 miles (35 km)

518 Wh

WowGo AT2

22 miles (35 km)

504 Wh

$5 off using "daniel5"

In the fast, ever-changing climate we find ourselves in, being quick on your feet while remaining consistent in your day to day can be integral. The reliability of our daily commute is one of the biggest bastions of consistency that we have. In fact, some studies find that consumers who enjoy their commute are generally happier and more satisfied in their job position. Electric skateboards can seriously improve your daily commute, making it more fun while also decreasing your environmental footprint.

But not all electric skateboards are created equally. Charge length and speed control are both important contributing factors to the effectiveness of a given commuter electric skateboard. Likewise, consumers more interested in riding and carving hills recreationally might prefer an electric board with higher potential speeds and a lower range.

It’s always crucial that you choose a board that fits your desired range if you plan to go e-skating. Rather you’re e-skating out of necessity or just for fun, it’s never great to have to pick up a board with a dead battery and lug it around. Especially when most users by an electric skateboard in the first place to improve their quality of life, an ineffective battery can quickly defeat the purpose of using this innovative transportation device in the first place.

What determines the range of an electric skateboard?

While battery size may be the main deciding factor on the range of a given board, it would be an error to remove factors like motor power and wheel size from the equation. Among other things, these technical specifications come to play an important role in determining the performance of your electric skateboard.

Battery Size and Capacity

The battery size is generally considered the important factor you should consider when searching for a skateboard with an extended range. Think of the battery size of your e-board like the gas tank of a car. Battery capacity is measured in Watt-hours (Wh = volts x amp-h). However, it is also important to consider the important differences between various brands and setups. Even brands with similar battery capacities can influence their board range through a number of additional technical factors. Check out my eskate battery guide for more info.

If the volts and the amp-hours of a board are displayed separately, then the true size of the battery is found by multiplying the two values together. It can be difficult to figure out the precise battery size of some electric boards, so be sure to carefully examine the technical specs before making a purchase.

Sometimes, e-board companies try to hide the true size of the battery by just displaying a range, or including the battery size with ampere-hours or voltage numbers on their website. I did some research and calculated the real battery size in Watt-hours (Wh) and have put it in the table above. The battery size of e-boards varies from 90 to 2000 Wh. Finding the accurate battery size is an important component of comparison when shopping in the e-skating industry, as companies can artificially inflate the range of their boards. You can read more about that in our battery guide.

Motor Power 

The motor type and its power output is also an important factor in determining the range of your electric skateboard. We can put motors into three different categories: single, dual, and Quattro motor setups.  A powerful motor can usually hit high speeds, but will also drain and potentially die more quickly. Stronger motors might also wear and break down easier, and this gradual wear and tear can also eat away at the range of your board. For more info check out our eskate motor guide.

Wheels and Wheel Size

Both the size and type of wheels on your board can help to influence its range. Big wheels generally provide a higher top speed, but lower acceleration than smaller wheels. The drag on pavement resulting from pneumatic wheels can also deplete the range of the device. Some estimates from researchers and experienced riders find that the drop-in range from using off-road (pneumatic) variants can be as much as ⅓ to ¼, which is pretty notable. Also, remember to keep those wheels in good shape. Riding with under-inflated wheels will also lower the range of your electric board considerably. Check out our Eskate Wheel Guide for more info.

Age of Battery 

The storage capacity of the battery slowly depletes the older it gets. If a Li-Ion Battery is maintained properly, it will typically last for up to around 1000 charges before reaching 80% of its original capacity. That means that if you use your electric skateboard daily, the battery will last you about 1- 3 years. Regular maintenance of your skateboard and its battery can help to keep the battery working effectively. Read more about battery life on our official guide here.

Rider’s Weight

The total payload of your ride, meaning you, your gear and your board, is one of the major determining factors regarding your range. The slimmer the rider and the lighter the packing, the more generous your range will become. After all, most of us weight substantially more than the few dozen pounds of the average e-board. Check out our Graph and Table below to estimate the range taking your weight also into account. Just divide the battery capacity of your board (e.g. 288Wh) with the number you get out of the graph or table (e.g. if you weigh 180 lbs, it’s 16Wh/ mile). 288 divided by 16 will give you an estimated range of 18 miles.

Our Graphic and Table will give you a rough estimate of your Watt hour per Mile (Wh/mi).

Rider Weight in Watt Hours Per Mile

WeightStreet Wheels
WH / mile
All-Terrain Wheels
WH / mile
120lbs (54kg)1219
150lbs (68kg)1625
180lbs (82kg)2031
210lbs (92kg)2437
240lbs (109kg)2943
270lbs (122kg)3349
300lbs (136kg)3657
330lbs (150kg)4063
360lbs (163kg)4772

Now that you have a rough idea of what your battery efficiency number is, you need to divide the battery capacity number (Wh) by the battery efficiency number (Wh/mi) to get a rough range estimate for the final rider’s weight. 

Suppose you have a board with a 432 Wh battery, you weigh 180 lbs and riding a board with street wheels, according to the data, the efficiency for you would be about 20 Wh/mile.

432 ÷ 20 = 21.6 miles
That board should be able to carry you about 21.6 miles.

Now let’s go a little heavier and suppose you weigh 270 lbs and you are riding an All Terrain electric skateboard. The board’s efficiency is now 49 Wh/mile according to the chart. You have decided you want to ride with a 345.6 Wh battery.

345.6 ÷ 49 = 7.05 miles
This all terrain board now carries this rider about 7 miles.

If you refer to the spec sheets on any battery manufacturer’s website, you should be able to now roughly calculate your own individual range before you make your purchase.


The battery capacity is impacted by the outside temperature. On a cold, winter day your E-board might get 15% less range out of one battery in comparison to a temperate summer day. For you folks who live in seasonal regions, expect the capacity to be impacted by the outside temperature!

Other Range determining factors 

  • Wind: Of course, the wind may impact the power output of your board, especially if you drive against the force of it to decrease your range. Wind can also help you increase the range if you ride along with it. The wind is another factor we have to take into consideration when calculating the estimated range of any board.
  • Terrain: Most of the ranges advertised on popular boards are tested in flat environments. This makes it hard to use these range quotes to estimate potential range on more hilly or mountainous terrains. A hill climb, for example, can decrease the range of your board. It can also put more stress on the battery. The overall terrain will also dictate how much friction there is and how much your board has to work just to get around. Sand, dirt, frost, and asphalt all show different results.
  • Riding Habit: With decent riding habits, you can seriously conserve power, extending the range and battery life of your board. Power-saving riding habits that might increase range:Kick-push the board to support the acceleration (especially when starting)
    • Avoid halts and reacceleration
    • Try to accelerate smoothly
    • Try to avoid hill starts, these will drain a lot of power
    • Ride with low speeds

If you want to know more about that check out my eskate range guide article here.

Advertised vs Real Range of Electric Skateboards

In the table at the beginning of this blog post, you can see the advertised ranges stated by the manufacturing companies. But can we rely on these advertised ranges being correct? Not compared to real life. The majority of manufactures test the range in ideal riding conditions, meaning, 100% flat terrain, no wind, no stops, riding in a slow speed mode, and with slow average speed. In many real-life tests, riders have reported that the real range of their boards often fails to match their advertised ranges. In fact, sometimes these stated ranges are downright exaggerated, and some claimed ranges might even be three times higher than the reality. You should take this very seriously when doing your research to find the right board for you. There is NO standard to control manufacturers, so it’s pretty much still the Wild West when it comes to range claims. Do your own secondary research and read reviews and testimonials from e-skaters before taking any company’s claim as true.

Range of Electric Skateboards compared - how far can they go?

Testimonials and reviews are generally the most effective resources for e-skaters looking to verify the claims of electric skateboard creators. There is a wealth of resources in the growing e-skater community in this respect. Skaters all over the world share their findings and experiences online. Referencing the claims of e-skateboard companies against the findings of their customers is a great way to figure out if the product will perform the way they say it will.

When you think about it, it is impossible for electric skateboard range statements to be completely accurate. Important performance figures can be impacted by a range of factors, including quality of maintenance, average speed, terrain, and more. It’s important for consumers to understand how their behavior with a board can affect its range. The following section will introduce you to the core outside factors that help to limit or extend the range of an electric skateboard.

The Best Long-Range Electric Skateboards 

Lacroix Boards 

The board with the biggest battery capacity out there is the Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar. It has a 2176 Wh Battery, that’s just massive. The average eskate battery has around 200 Wh. The founders of Lacroix originally specialized in snowboarding and surfing. However, they found themselves craving a street board experience, and so the Lacroix company was born. Lacroix has since dedicated itself to building the state of the art asphalt carving experience. The Nazaré Lonestar has some competitor but it is undoubted one of the best high-end electric skateboards on the market right now.

The Nazare Lonestar comes with trucks designed specifically to counteract speed-wobbles, the Hypertrucks. For a better experience, the asymmetrical deck is designed with concaves and with a fiberglass layer to create a better riding experience. Moreover, you can customize some of the aspects of your board at purchase. The flex of the board, the various motor pulleys, and titanium axles are only some of the options to pick from. This is a fast, light board that offers an impressive advertised range of up to 60 miles (96km).


Top Speed+/- 45 mph (72 km/h)
Range22 miles (35 km) – Jaws
28 miles (45 km) – Nazaré
60 miles (100 km) – Nazaré Lonestar
40 miles (64 km) – Nazaré Supersport
100 miles (160 km) – Lonestar Supersport
Battery Size 706 Wh – Jaws
882 Wh – Nazaré
2152 Wh – Nazaré Lonestar
1073 Wh – Nazaré Supersport
2582 Wh – Lonestar Supersport
Weight35 – 51 lbs (16 – 23 kg)
Max Weight Capacity 350 lbs (160 kg)
Hill Climb40%
Recharge Time3 hrs
Warranty3 months
Price $ 2500 – 6100
Link to
Link to ReviewsLacroix Jaws Review
Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar Review

Make sure to check out our Post on the Best Electric Skateboards in General

Best Electric Skateboards

Kaly NYC Boards

Kaly NYC XL 40

Kaly NYC advertises their boards’ range as “Real-Life-Range” and claims that their XL50+ board will go +50 miles in a single charge for a rider of 210lbs. Of course, this number will differ depending on the user’s riding habits, maintenance practices, and more. Check out our comprehensive Review of the Kaly NYC 2.0.

The XL50+ offers two different flex options for the deck, which features an impressive fiberglass, carbon fiber, and basalt blend. The harder flex option makes the board stiffer, which is ideal for both heavier riders and riders who intend to cruise at higher speeds. The medium flex is optimal for an exciting and versatile carving experience. The deck employs a fascinating concave design, and the board comes with 8-inch wheels. However, the board can also accommodate 6- to 8-inch wheels, allowing for a fair bit of flexibility for riders.

Overall, the specs of the XL50+ make for a versatile board with an extremely impressive range.


Top Speed38 mph (61 km/h) – XL2.0
38 mph (61 km/h) – XL40
No info – XL-R
Range24 miles (38 km) – XL2.0
42 miles (68 km) – XL40
95 miles (152 km) – XL-R
Battery Size 700 Wh – XL2.0
1300 Wh – XL40
2960 Wh – XL-R
Weight54 lbs (24 kg) – XL-R
Hill Climb40% – XL-R
Recharge Time2 hrs – XL2.0
2 hrs 45 min – XL40
3 hrs 20 min – XL-R
Warranty2 months
Price Kaly NYC XL2.0: $ 2650
Kaly NYC XL40: $ 3500
Kaly NYC XL-R: $ 6350
Link to
Link to our ReviewKaly NYC XL2.0 Review


The Bajaboard S2 ATRAX advertises itself as being a great all-rounder; Suited for all kinds of terrain, with its pneumatic wheels and shock-absorption system, offering a stable, decent range and speed, all while staying at a considerable light 34lbs (15.5kg) – 43lbs (19.5kg), depending on how you fit your personalized board.

Bajaboard S2 Atrax

The board is sold with either 8-inch or 10-inch wheels, as well as a 865 Wh or 1800Wh battery. Of course, the battery motor lends you a far wider range as well as speed, but you might want to consider what sort of wheel size might fit your specific environment. The 10-inch wheels can do wonders off-road but might result in too much drag on an everyday commute. Even so, the shock-absorption and the S2 light-kit, which comes with head- and taillights and even indicators, make sure that commute is both comfortable and safe.

Bajaboard S2 Atrax

This litany of add-on options makes the Bajaboard S2 a solid choice for users shopping on a budget. The device is also highly customizable, so users can alter the S2’s wheel size, motor power, and more to help the board to better suit their needs.


Top Speed37 mph (60km/h)
Range60 miles (96 km)
Battery Size 864 Wh or 1800 Wh
Max weight capacity 350 lbs (160 kg)
Hill climb40%
Recharge time2.5 – 4 hrs
Wheel / Tyre Size10 inch | 254mm
8 inch | 203mm
Warranty1 year
Link to website
Price $ 3000 – 5000

Bioboards Plutonium

Bioboards is a relatively recent company that started in Sweden. It was founded in 2018 from DIY electric skateboard builders who wanted the best of the best. They could not find what they were looking for, so they decided to start by building the best electric skateboard (from their point of view).

Bioboards Plutonium

Their flagship model is called the Plutonium. With a range of up to 80 km (about 50 miles), this board is nothing to scoff at. The skateboard can reach top speeds of up to 65km/h (40mph). The powerful dual motors are sealed to be resistant to rainy weather, improving the functionality of the board for consistent commuters and explorers alike.

Bioboards Plutonium

Keep in mind that Bioboards only ship to the US, EU, Canada, and Australia. Users outside of these areas are missing out on a quality board. But there’s still hope yet; many of the e-skateboards on our list ship worldwide and offer similarly impressive ranges and top speeds.


Top Speed40 mph (65 km/h)
Range55 miles (88 km)
Battery Size 1034 Wh
Hill Climb40%
Warranty6 months
Price $ 3150 – 5300
Link to


The Exway ATLAS is one of the hottest boards out right now. It offers great performance, a sleek design, and numerous handy features like customizable riding settings, smart battery storage, automatic turn-ons, and preinstalled mounts for Shredlights. The Exway comes with a 518 Watt-hour battery.

Exway Atlas 4WD

You can choose between a street and AT, and a 2 or 4 wheel drive setup. Additionally, you can choose between street and AT wheels. With street wheels and the 2WD option, the Exway ATLAS offers a max range of 34 miles (54 km). If you upgrade the board to 4WD you basically trade range against performance. You will get better acceleration, a better hill climb ability, but with 26 miles (42km) less range.


Top Speed27 mph (43 km/h) – 2WD street
29 mph (46 km/h) – 4WD street
32 mph (51 km/h) – 4WD AT
Range17 miles (27 km) – 4WD AT
26 miles (42 km) – 4WD street
34 miles (54 km) – 2WD street
Battery Size518 Wh
Warranty12 months
Price$ 1600 – 2049
Link to
Discount CodeUse “ESKBD” to get $15 off

ONSRA Black Carve 2

ONSRA was founded by Fabian Doerig, one of the biggest YouTubers in the eskate scene. People were pretty skeptical at first but the boards became better and better. Now, the ONSRA Black Carve 2 is a serious contender in the mid-tier electric skateboard market. The Black Carve 2 features some serious upgrades compared to its predecessor the ONSRA Black Carve.

ONSRA black carve AT 2

The board is longer, looks better, uses a new ESC, and has a bigger battery. The new ESC allows the board to run more current, resulting in a more powerful board. The new deck houses a larger battery and provide more stability. The bigger 658 Wh battery will give you a whopping range of 32 miles (52 km). The Black Carve 2 will lose some responsiveness, but it will be much more stable, which I think is the definitely right move for this kind of board.


Top Speed30 mph (48 km/h)
Range32 miles (52 km)
Battery Size648 Wh
Warranty12 months
Price$ 1840
Link to
Discount CodeUse “DANIEL” to get $50 off

Verreal RS

The Verreal RS is our first “budget” board on the list. When it comes to the best bang for your buck the Verreal RS is probably the best choice. You will get a lot of board for little money. The Verreal RS is also the only board that is available with a 691 Wh battery for under $1000. That’s just a great deal! Not only the battery specs are promising, the motors, the decks, the trucks, and the battery enclosure are also great too. The Verreal RS is available with grey soft urethane wheels, pink led wheels (they glow when spinning), Cloudwheels 105mm or 120mm, and in the future with pneumatic AT wheels too.

Verreal RS with Cloudwheels

Until now the board reads like butterfly and roses but it also has its cons. The company, being new on the market, has few reviews which pose more of a risk for customers looking to make a purchase. However, if you’re willing to take that risk, the Verreal RS is probably one of the best budget boards on the market.

daniel with Verreal RS

You have 4 battery options available from 432 Wh to 691 Wh. Hence the range will vary from 22 up to 35 miles. Needless to say, you should have no trouble taking yourself to and from your destinations should you use this board to commute. The top speed of this board is impressive as well, as its powerful dual 1500 watt motors can reach speeds of up to 27 miles per hour.

Verreal RS

If you’re willing to put up with average after-sale service and the unpredictable shipping time during this pandemic, the Verreal RS is the best choice when it comes to price-value ratio, period.


Top Speed27 mph (43 km/h)
Range31 miles (50 km)
Battery Size432 – 720 Wh
Warranty3 months
Price$699 – $1119
Link to
Link to our ReviewVerreal RS Review

Metroboard X

Metroboard is with over 10 years one of the oldest players on the market. It’s probably also on the most reputable eskate companies right now. The Metroboard X comes with either street or all-terrain wheels, depending on your needs. The street wheels reach an advertised range of 30 miles on a single charge.

While this isn’t the most impressive range on this list, it’s far from measly and will likely work for most daily commuters. The board is designed to be convenient, and its dynamic design makes changing its wheels and belts an easy and convenient process. The carbon fiber deck has a dropped platform to keep your feet stable on the board, which is especially helpful when you hit top speeds. Make sure to check out our in-depth and longterm Review of the MetroboardX.

MetroboardX deck design

A fast, smart, and convenient ride with stainless steel truck axis to withstand those tough and unpredictable terrains, ensuring both an effortless everyday commute and a solid off-road experience.


Top Speed36 mph | 58 km/h – All Terrain Tyres
31 mph | 50 km/h – Street Wheels
Range20 mi | 32 km – All terrain
30 mi | 48 km – Street Wheels
Battery Size 576 Wh
Warranty6 months
Link to
Link to our Review:MetroboardX Review
Price $ 2499

WowGo AT2

Wowgo AT 2 with discovery wheels

The WowGo AT2, is a trustworthy board with pretty positive reviews. The Board sells at $1099 which is a great deal considering what you get. The 504 Wh battery will get you up to 22 miles (35 km) of range. That’s estimated for the street version of the board, with AT wheels you will get less range. Speaking of Wheels, the WowGo AT2 is the only Budget All-Terrain Board that comes with pneumatic and not air-less rubber wheels. This is a great advantage because numerous riders claim that pneumatic wheels are more responsive and comfortable. Which results in a much smoother riding experience compared to rubber AT wheels.

WowGo AT2 double kingpin trucks

The boards has a Flexy deck made out of fiberglass, bamboo, and maple wood, double kingpin trucks and two powerful 1500 Watt Belt motors. Let’s put it this way, everything about Wowgo AT 2 felt really premium. Another board in this price range, with similar specs, would be the Evolve GTR which costs $600 more. Hence it’s a no-brainer why this board is getting hyped a lot right now. Make sure to check out our WOWGO AT2 review.

Wowgo AT2

Normally, you have to power the board and remote separately. But the WowGo AT2 board has a “Smart Turn-On” feature, meaning you can turn on the board by just turning on the remote control. This board also claims to be highly water-resistant, which helps in many different scenarios.

If you’re willing to put up with average after-sale service and the unpredictable shipping time during this pandemic, the WowGo AT2 will be one of the best choices.


Top Speed25 mph (40 km/h)
Range22 miles (35 km)
Weight30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Battery Size504 Wh
Warranty9 months
Link to our ReviewWowGo AT2 Review
Link to
Price$1099 (AT or Cloudwheels)
$1219 (AT and Cloudwheels)

Pros of long-range Electric Skateboards

There are a number of reasons why a long-range electric skateboard might be right for you. In particular, consumers who want to use their electric skateboard to improve their commute might benefit from the extended range of many of the models on our list. Even aside from the commute, users might even be able to travel across their cities using these long-range boards. Many of the motors of the models on this list are powerful enough to effectively climb the hills of nearly any metropolitan area, making the boards a great way to traverse the city.

But long-range boards can also be economical. These models can cut down on gas costs. E-skating can replace traditional motor vehicles for users who live in the city and would otherwise drive wherever they need to go. As a replacement for other forms of transportation, electric skateboards can also improve the environmental footprint of the rider. These boards are relatively friendly for the environment, and the impressive top speeds require little deviation from your existing commuting routines.

Cons of long-range Electric Skateboards 

Weight is one big downside of many long-range boards. Compared to allrounder or beginner boards, long-range models are heavier. This should come as no surprise, considering that longer ranges demand large batteries.

The main downside of a heavier board is that it’s harder to carry. You shouldn’t have to carry your long-range board for extended periods of time often, but it sometimes becomes necessary. At some point, you always have to pick up the board to store, charge, or transport. An excessively heavy board can quickly become more tedious. Riders who expect to ride in areas where changes in terrain are common should be especially sensitive to issues of weight. If you’re riding along and hit a patch of terrain that might damage your wheel, your best bet is to pick up the e-skateboard and carry it to better land. This can be hard if the device is too heavy.

Price is another major reason some e-skaters stray from long-range boards. The high price tag on many of these models makes sense, given the impressive technical specifications of batteries and motors required to make an electric skateboard work for multiple miles on a single charge.

Both of these concerns can be mitigated by careful comparison shopping. Some boards in the long-range niche are lighter than others, and many are relatively inexpensive. Finding the right board can help you to gain the benefits of a long-range e-skateboard without the downsides of high cost and weight.

Considerations for buying a long-range electric skateboard

There are multiple things you should consider before investing the time and money into a long-range electric skateboard.

Long-range riders should be honest about their endurance and physical limitations. Though many of the boards on our list can offer ranges of over 20 miles, not all users can endure such a long ride. Skateboarding places a surprising amount of stress on the legs and feet. The idea that e-skating requires little physical endurance is a common misconception. While electric boards don’t require you to push off against the ground as much as traditional skateboards, it takes a lot of leg strength to stand and control the board for miles at a time. Many skaters need to train and practice to be able to ride their boards on longer trips.

The costs of maintenance and protective gear should also be factored into your buying decision. Because long-range boards are used for extended periods at one time, it can be easier for the components of your board to suffer gradual wear. The wheels, bearings, and even the deck can be worn down by constant use. This means that users should be ready to incur additional costs for upkeep as time goes on. While all boards should be used with ample protective gear, long-range boards make protection especially important. Many users of these e-skateboards commute in areas with heavy traffic, frequent hills, or shifting terrain. This can increase the likelihood of crashing, and the speeds obtained by some models could make a collision fatal.

Be sure to purchase all of the protective gear you need before investing in a long-range board.

Best other Electric Skateboards

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Final Thoughts 

Studies repeatedly show that the quality of your daily commute directly influences your happiness and job satisfaction. A growing number of people are turning to long-range electric skateboards to improve their commute and improve their quality of life. An e-skateboard can make the commute more fun while reducing your carbon footprint and gas costs. These same boards can also be used in a number of other ways. Some models come with wheels fitted for multiple terrains, making them ideal for urban exploration of metropolitan travel. But riders who go eskating just for fun will have their pleasure with long-range models. It’s frustrating when you are shredding down the roads and enjoying the activity but have to stop due to an empty battery.

There’s no shortage of solid options for e-skaters looking to use a long-range board. Despite the shared purposes of many of these models, a variety of technical differences makes comparison shopping an absolute necessity for consumers. Weight, maximum range, top speeds, and multiple technical specifications complicate the purchasing decision.

When searching for the perfect long-range board for your needs, be sure to carefully consider your needs and look for devices with specs that suit your requirements. If you imagine that you might have to pick up your board frequently, for example, consider looking for a light model. Riders looking for an impressive terrain versatility should strive for skateboards with multiple wheel options.

That’s it, have fun riding! Ride’n Roll!

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      In general, their boards are okay, overpriced but decent boards.

      What really speaks for Evolve is their Marketing and Design. They are well known and after Boosted Evolve is probably the most famous eskate brand.

      However they have had some serious issues with remote control disconnects which can be very, very dangerous. The way how Evolve has dealt with the issue also set up people. To this day Evolve denies these issues and claim the customers. There are numerous reports online where the customers had proof that it wasn’t their fault and Evolve tried to silence them.

      Additionally, Evolve really pissed off the community with one of their Youtube videos. I encourage you to research the story behind that video.

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