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Meepo is one of the leading Chinese eskate budget board companies. Together with Backfire and Exway they dominate the Budget Board market. Hence it makes sense to take an in-depth look at the Meepo Boards. This is what this blog post is about.

team behind meepoboard

Contact Info

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Company’s Mail[email protected]
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Kieran’s Reddit
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History – How it all started

Even though it may seem like Meepo has been around from the beginning of the electric skateboard’s inception, founder Kieran Mao, who graduated as a mechanical engineer, built his first board in 2017…not even 4 years ago at the time of this writing.

Kieran Mao Meepoboard

He built his first board with the hopes of securing business opportunities with existing retailers, perhaps as a designer or to join a company as an engineer. However, when the world saw what he had made and at which price he could offer a board he was swamped with orders and his focus shifted to creating his own brand!

Kieran with first Meepo Board on YouTube
First Meepo Board Kieran shows on YouTube
Meepo V1 unboxed
Meepo V1 unboxed
Meepoboard V1
Meepo V1.0

His first production board, the V1.0, was received by the eskate community with enthusiasm…he combined reliability with affordable pricing that allowed many newcomers to the sport the opportunity to gain entry at a reasonable cost, without having to sacrifice quality.

Before Meepo, the industry was largely made up of prohibitively expensive high-quality boards pitted against low-priced boards that fell apart within months. With Kieran’s new company, there was a middle-ground that opened up the sport to many new riders!

First Models 

The first production model was the V1.5, which became a bestseller worldwide. This was a longboard style, dual hub motor board priced at below $500 with good reliability, 22mph top speed and 11 mile range. Other boards in this price range were plagued with problems… I myself went through 3 Liftboard dual motor belt boards, killing each of them within weeks of opening the box!

Meepo V1.5
Meepo V1.5
Meepo V1.5 Production Line
Meepo ramped up its Production Line

The V2 and the Meepo Mini followed this first offering, bringing the first short board to the company’s lineup. Until very recently, Meepo stuck with hub motors exclusively, touting the low maintenance and quiet operation as selling points.

Meepo V2
Meepo V2

As far as hub-based boards go, Meepo has always been a front runner, and developed many iterations including the AWD PRO and the City Rider.

Meepo AWD
Meepo AWD Pro

The AWD PRO sports 4 hub motors total, driving up the hill-climbing capability about as far as one might hope for on this technology. The City Rider, now discontinued, had large wheels advertised as a solution to cracked pavement and sidewalk breaks.

Meepo City Rider
Meepo City Rider

Current Models 

Meepo currently lists 6 different boards available for sale on their website, ranging in price from $449USD up to $899USD for the updated City Rider 2.

All Meepo Board Models
Meepo’s current Line-Up

Meepo V3 & Mini 2

The lowest cost boards include both a short and long deck option. Both options sport dual 540w hub motors, and are essentially the same setup electronically with the variations being in the decks themselves. Both the Mini 2 and V3 report 28mph top speeds, and range is dependent on the battery configuration selected. Standard range batteries should carry you 11 miles on either deck, while the ER setup will get you 20.

Meepo AWD Pro

The AWD PRO is still offered for sale, and the $799 price tag will get your 34mph across 15 miles courtesy of four 540w hub motors. Featuring premium extended range cells, the lower range in comparison to other ER models is due to the strain put forth by having to drive all four wheels. 100mm wheels offer a bit more comfort than the 90mm found on other models, and you can expect better hill climbing ability than the 2wd options.

Meepo AWD
Meepo AWD Pro

Meepo City Rider 2

The Meepo City Rider 2 features 150mm airless AT tires, offering the most comfortable ride of the lineup. With two 1500w motors, riders can enjoy hill climbing ability of up to 30% and a top speed of 28mph…on par with the less expensive, less aggressive offerings. With a range of almost 24 miles, this board is an excellent choice for commuters!

Meepo City Rider 2
Meepo City Rider 2

Meepo NLS Pro & Belt

Also available are the NLS boards, available in both the “Pro” and “Belt” configurations. The “Pro” model is a dual hub motor board with 100mm wheels, 29mph top speed and a 20 mile range. The belt version of the board seeks to improve on comfort by abandoning the stiff hub motor wheels, although both utilize the same 38” deck. The NLS Belt has a moderate top speed of 22.5mph, and a range of 18 miles. Two 900w motors propel the new model, and it features a unique color scheme on the hardware. 

Meepo Boards for Sale 

Second-Hand Market

The sellers market for Meepo boards in good condition is strong. I am not particularly interested in the resale value of beat up, non-functioning boards, and not many others are either. If you find you don’t like your Meepo for some reason, or end up needing the money more than the board, a well maintained low mileage unit will often fetch near or at the original manufacturer’s price in the current climate. COVID-19 has made eskates exceedingly difficult to get in a timely manner, so if you have one ready to ride in a major city, you will likely find an enthusiastic buyer. You also may find buyers for the remnants of a broken Meepo, as people are sometimes looking for a replacement motor or a working battery stateside. FaceBook marketplace is a disgusting dump of a place to do business, but damnit you might find what you need there. Reddit also has boards and parts available from time to time, although it is often poorly organized and threads die without updates.

Meepo Boards Reviews

Meepo V3 Reviews

Check out our own Review on the Meepo V3 here.

This video by Electric Skateboard HQ was published just after the release of the Meepo V3, and does a nice job covering the improvements made from the previous model.

This video features YouTuber JohnPaulYT, whose content we recommend in general. Published May 2019, this video is another upbeat, well rounded look at what the V3 has to offer, and John does a nice job as usual.

Meepo Mini 2 Reviews

Ronnie Sarmiento is one of our go-tos for infotainment eskate videos, and this one doesn’t disappoint. In this one, he urges you to be careful with the “insane speed” of the Meepo Mini 2…although he seems to say this about a lot of boards. We like Ronnie, and he keeps things light.

MDizzy gives a nice, rounded, everyday look into the capabilities of the Mini 2 as a commuter board. He’s casual with his opinions, and seems to know what to look for in a board. In line with Ronnie, he is impressed with the speed and power the small board has to offer!

Meepo NLS Pro Reviews

Tobias Holenstein gives insight into the NLS Pro as it compares to Boosted…which is not unusual, given every board seems to eventually be pitted against that now defunct brand. Published in July, this video was our first introduction to Tobias, and our first impressions lead us to believe he’s a nice, honest guy who just wants to skate!

Tech4All offers a quick take with this 6 minute video, giving you some quick visuals and a brief outline of the NLS Pro. Sometimes less is more, and this short but sweet video gives you the facts up front.

Meepo NLS Belt Reviews

The first review I want to introduce is our own Meepo NLS Belt review. It’s one of our best, so make sure to check it out.

Meepo NLS Belt Review

Bras Wolfe is a bro, and his videos are beautiful. This one does not disappoint, and offers some positive take on the new NLS Belt. If you want to see this odd looking board made beautiful with some great camera work, check out this link…it’s worth looking at his whole library of content as well, as the quality is top notch.

average eskate reviews usually sticks to $1000+ boards in their outlines, but they’ve done a nice job showcasing the NLS Belt here. Since they are accustomed to very capable products, it’s interesting that they’ve taken the time to do so. These guys have a lot of experience and knowledge of the sport, so it’s worth hearing their take on things.

Customer Service 

Meepo customer service is known as being some of the best you can get from that side of the globe, which is to say they don’t just abandon you post-sale. Things can take time, of course, but they will be communicative and helpful as they work to make sure you get what you paid for. They have good quality control measures in place, and all of the components of the boards they sell are available for purchase individually. This is especially important with hub-motor boards, as you will eventually need to replace the motors or sleeves after they’ve been battered for a number of miles. Kieran has made it a point to keep a high standard of service, but understand that language barriers and geolocation will still play a role in speed and accuracy. Once you have made a purchase, you should have no trouble receiving feedback via email, although it may take a day or two for a response. If not, reach out to Kieran personally via Reddit, Whats App or WeChat.

Also keep in mind China celebrates extended holidays not observed in other parts of the world, and many companies shut down for weeks at a time.

Shipping Time

MEepo has a US based warehouse that reduces shipping times considerably when compared to direct-from-factory sales. This is of course dependent on stock levels at any given time, but the company is aware of peak demand periods in the US and intends to beef up their stores accordingly. Alternatively, products can be ordered straight from the shop with longer shipping times if they cannot fulfill from their stateside warehouse.


All Meepo boards come with a 6 month warranty, and this is something to be appreciated. Piece of mind with eskates is paramount, and any manufacturing defects are likely to make themselves apparent within the first several weeks. Meepo runs all products for a minimum of 210 minutes in an effort to spot problems before shipment.

Meepo Board Repair

A small guide on how to get help when something breaks.

Meepo Board Replacement Parts

Meepo replacement parts can be ordered directly from the company, and common pieces like PU sleeves and hub motors can be quickly shipped from their US warehouse.

Places for Meepo Boards Repairs

Meepo repair advice and how-to’s can be found with a quick google search, and Kieran himself is an active contributor to these forums. Search for “MeepoBoard Kieran” on YouTube and you will be treated to a collection of debut videos, previews, and instructional repair videos that show you how to do everything from swapping esc’s to changing out PU sleeves.

Meepo vs Backfire

Backfire and Meepo remain two of the industry favorites among the sub-$1000 board offerings on the market, and with good reason. Although this price point has seen recent entries and garnered more attention from manufacturers, these companies have been strong contenders from the outset. Backfire has more experience with belt-driven boards, and never felt as tethered to a technology as Meepo did to hub motors. If fact, Meepo’s release of the NLS Belt is a bit reserved, offering speeds and range we saw other companies offering on their own belt-driven boards a decade ago. However, what Meepo lacks in drivetrain experience, they make up for inconsistency. They also have always seemed happy to experiment within their own boundaries, putting out a variety of hub motor and deck style configurations to push the boundaries of their motor’s capabilities. 

Final thoughts

Meepo offers excellent value, competitive specs and a lineup of boards wide enough to please almost anyone. The company has been in the game long enough to be trusted, and there is no reason to doubt they will continue to innovate and experiment into the future for many years. In an industry where many companies come and go, Meepo has been around long enough to prove itself and get past the early difficulties that make it so hard to form a startup. We’ve seen Kieran and his team produce a huge variety of hub motor boards over the years, in nearly every configuration imaginable. Now that the company has produced its first belt motor board, there is reason to expect innovation in this sphere as well…who knows, maybe we’ll see an AWD NLS Belt abomination in the coming years! With this team’s willingness to try anything as long as it puts a smile on faces, I wouldn’t put anything past them. If you’ve been eyeing a Meepo board, rest assured that what you see is what you get, and you are unlikely to be disappointed. This is one of the companies that tends to advertise real numbers in their specifications, giving you true insight into the product’s capabilities.

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