WowGo 3X – Detailed Longterm Review

WowGo company launched a new model of the WowGo 3X electric longboard last year, and we could say that this model has become a very strong competitor in the field of electric longboards almost overnight. We will certainly hear a lot about it as a „hit of this season“. It is the successor of the bestseller WowGo 3 – a high-quality board at a relatively low price – which got all the positive reviews.

Check out the WowGo 3X on their website.

New belt-driven WowGo 3X has taken only the good features from its predecessor. Fresh enhancements are described and reviewed in the article.

As mentioned above, the model shifted to belt drive and stopped using the HUB engines that powered WowGo 3. Whether this is a step in the wrong or the right direction, it is difficult to judge. It all depends on the individual view, and especially the preferences of the individual user. 

Certainly, I must commend keeping the quality trucks from Paris and also high-quality bearings from Zealous company. The battery has been further improved in terms of capacity and energy efficiency. New version of ESC has not been left behind, either, which ensures smooth acceleration and overall driving enjoyment.

This model can be purchased on the official website for $ 749 in two color variations – orange (deck color is classic wood) and black (deck color is black).

Overall Riding Experience 

In my opinion, the WowGo 3X is not only a great start for novice e-riders, but it will also be highly appreciated by experienced riders. After a few kilometers, you start admiring its smooth acceleration and braking, as well. The unforgettable riding experience supports the longboard’s reaction in turns. Carving with the used components is fantastic. For me, the icing on the cake was the performance when riding down steep hills at a relatively decent speed, as there is quite a bunch of them in Prague. 🙂 

Accelerating & Brakes (Control, ESC and Smoothness)

WowGo has prepared a new modified version of ESC for this board – Hobbywing V2.0, which works with the driver without any delay. This combination ensures very fast and trouble-free acceleration and also, which you will appreciate on descent or coast, smooth braking. If emergency braking is required, you can brake quickly over a very short distance – tested.

Top Speed and Slope speed

WowGo 3X offers 4 speed modes, which can be switched on the remote control as needed.

Available Modes to choose from:

  • Slow mode – 20 km/h, slope 20 %
  • Normal mode – 30 km/h, slope 20-25 %
  • Fast mode – 39 km/h, slope 25 %
  • Turbo mode – 39 km/h, slope 25-30 %

Regarding the maximum speed, I have to confirm that the Turbo mode can be achieved at most 39 km/h. Which is quite a lot, so for my ride I prefer normal mode, where an average speed of around 30 km/h can be maintained.

Speed modes 1, 2 and 3 do not change the acceleration they only increase the maximum speed of the longboard. The engines, in this case, get more juice and are able to ride up steeper hills. Turbo mode, on the other hand, is what squeezes everything out of the longboard – more acceleration and performance. WowGo only gives him a maximum manageable slope of 30%, and in order not to break the components, it is necessary to drive such a slope only for a short time at short distances.

I have tested a 20% slope, which the longboard manages without any troubles with a speed of around 15 km/h.


The range is not easy to determine, as it depends on various factors – rider’s weight, surface, terrain, temperature and more. The manufacturer states a maximum range of 22.5 km and indeed, I managed to achieve this value, even slightly exceeded it. I could ride 23.2 km on off-hill terrain (the outside temperature was around 14° C). Therefore it seems more than possible to exceed the manufacturer’s stated mileage and who knows, you can achieve better results in the continuous ride.


With its weight 7.7 kg (17lbs) belongs among the average – which at short distances or entering and exiting the subway does not make any problems. The problem arises when you need to carry a longboard over a long distance, here I miss, and maybe I would like a similar grip system as the WowGo 2S.

Build Quality 

It looks like they have done good work with this model and the WowGo3X itself looks very good. Both colors match and the orange version reminds more expensive competition „Boosted Board“. The quality of the used materials is prominent for the given price category and will certainly not disappoint you with its processing.

Deck (Look, Concave, Flex)

The desk of the longboard itself is made of a combination of bamboo and fiberglass (Bamboo / Fiber Glass). This guarantees flexibility and above all flexibility of the whole board, which may cause a surprise for some beginners. The concave, or lateral deflection of the plate, is very small, almost flat – especially suitable for urban driving style. The last interesting feature is the grip tape surface, which is very soft and comfortable.

ESC – WaterSealing

As already mentioned, the WowGo longboard manufacturer has decided to use Hobbywing’s ESC unit, as with previous models and for this model they used its upgraded V2.0 version. For better protection against leakage and moisture, ESC is lined with silicone foam. This unit is protected by a plastic cover, which is connected to the foam and which, if necessary, offers the possibility of replacing the battery. I used the longboard a few times on a wet surface and the longboard is still intact, but I do not think it is a good idea to ride on a wet surface because of the danger of falling and the possible humidity that may cause any kind of damage. 


The batteries have been upgraded with this model (gained more power and better use of power) and thanks to the Samsung 30Q 12S2P (259.2Wh), which can be charged from 0 to 100% in 2h and 30m. The battery is just like ESC hidden under a plastic cover and therefore can be changed. One of the battery’s disadvantage is a missing quick charger, which is available at the other models in the same price range.


WowGo remote controllers are connected to longboards with standard 2.4G RF technology, which ensures seamless communication between them. It enables you a great experience in fluidity while riding.

The remote control uses the principle of OLED display and USB-C charging, which is great. The control on the OLED display shows the current speed, the distance ridden since the turning on and also the total distance. I was very pleasantly surprised how accurate the counter was in terms of the distance. But that is not all, you will also find the charge level of the controller and board battery on the display.

You can use the button on the remote control to switch between speed modes or reverse gear that I have not yet used.

If you are a novice e-rider, you should not be scared if the longboard battery drops to 25%, the remote begins vibrating furiously. But do not worry, the range may still be a few kilometers at this time – TESTED.


There are Paris Trucks on the front. These are considered by the longboard community as high quality and especially suitable for carving. Unfortunately, there is only a clone of these tracks in the back, but you will not feel any negative difference when riding.

The standard wheels 90×62 mm 78A with Zealous bearings for this board are included in the original package. WowGo uses the mentioned wheel size in almost all of its urban models, which is good. The larger size ensures a more comfortable driving experience.

With the flex deck, you will not feel any shocks on irregularities like small holes and bumps, which makes the ride on such terrain comfortable. But beware, driving through a broken road or cat’s head is not recommended, but if you have to, you could consider changing wheels.

Shipping Time

Personal experience: The time of delivery to the Czech Republic was 40 days (25 working days), which is longer than the manufacturer’s stated time. On the other hand, I made the order within Christmas and New Year. To be objective, I went through the websites and user reviews and the usual delivery time to Europe ranges about 3 weeks to one month, which is roughly the delivery time I had experienced.

United states: 9-13 days (Shipped from China).

United states: 2- 5  days (Shipped from USA warehouse).

Europe: 10-20 days.

Australia: 10-13 days.

Customer Service

Customer support is always difficult to evaluate. You would definitely agree – one day you hate them and the next day you praise them for responding immediately.

WowGo uses the common customer support channels but also accounts on social networks (e.g. FB, Reddit), where they interact with you and solve everything to your satisfaction. This is a helpful step in how to communicate effectively with customers. This definitely also improves the perception of the brand and the quality of customer support and access to clients.

This WowGo model has a 180-day warranty. That means considerably more than, for example, models such as WowGo 2S & Mini & KT & AT. The manufacturer offers here only half warranty. Since the company operates outside the EU, the longboard does not have a classic 2-year warranty which is a standard at European dealers.

In the event of a warranty, you only pay the postage, of course all components are free of charge. This does not apply if such a component is damaged due to entering the water.


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the model price is 749 $ and you have an option to choose from 2 color variations – orange and black. You cannot select the bigger battery size (what a shame). Choosing a larger battery would allow you to reach up to 35 km in ideal conditions.

Price – with regard to the quality of the longboard – is very good and at a similar price is difficult to find any competitor. It is often compared to the Boosted Board company, which already ranks among the luxury and high-end brands. The Wowgo 3X Model is very similar to the Boosted Plus, but this one costs around $ 1,499.

If you consider buying this model, try using the “WG40“ code, which will give you a $ 40 discount and the price will drop to $ 709.

Check out the WowGo 3X on their website.

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