WowGo AT2 Review | Still the BEST ALL-TERRAIN Board?

The WowGo AT2 is WowGo’s second all-terrain board. Their first one was a disaster, but they have totally knocked it out of the park with the 2nd version. From the smart turn on, to the crazy amount of wheel and gearing setups you can try to dial in the perfect ride, this thing can do it all.

WowGo AT 2 from behind

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Pros and Cons


  • Great price to performance ratio
  • Pneumatic tires are great and the hubs are strong because they are made out of metal instead of plastic which is what brands like Evolve are using for their hubs.
  • Bendoverless (Thank you DKWAN for inventing this beautiful word) meaning you can turn the board on and off by just turning on the remote
  • Thousands of gear and wheel combos to allow you to find what suits you best
  • Bigger motors so you don’t have to worry about overheating 
  • Super water-resistant


  • SUPER thiqqq and heavy (not double q thick I’m talking triple) not very portable unless you upgrade 
  • Some people have had bad customer service experiences (more about that later) 
  • Not very good stock wheel setups
  • Remote is a little bit too small even for my tiny hands, but I do wear giant wrist guards.

The Specs

Top Speed25 mph (40 km/h)
Range22 miles (35 km)
Battery Size504 Wh
Drive TrainBelt Drive
Motor Power2 x 1500 Watts
Weight30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Max weight capacity265 lbs (120 kg)
Hill climb30 %
Recharge time6 hours
Water resistanceyes – but no IP rating
Wheel / Tyre Size7 inch or 120mm
Warranty9 months
Link to
Price$1099 – Pneumatic or Cloudwheels
$1219 – Pneumatic and Cloudwheels

How it feels to ride

The riding experience is actually pretty weird at first, especially coming from reverse kingpin trucks with street wheels. Just hopping on the board with 7” pneumatics felt weird but amazing.  As soon as you start going, it’s like you’re riding on a cloud, then when you start to turn and carve, you find the glory of double kingpin trucks. My first ride was probably some of the most fun I have had in a long, long time.

WowGo At2 with man standing on it

Accelerating & Braking

The brakes, I feel, are pretty predictable, but I do have a couple of gripes. I wish that the remote was able to have different brake settings and that there was one setting that was a little more aggressive than the stock brakes, because I have had a couple of “OH @#$&” moments when the brakes weren’t strong enough and I didn’t think of braking earlier cause I was being dumb. You should be fine in most situations, but like Danial Kwan once said, “It’s kinda fun to ride like a @#$&.” Also, on even the slightest downhill stop, even on full brakes, the board will lurch very slowly forward which is quite annoying because you have to put your foot down and when you want to take off, when the light turns green, you have to find your footing before you go. The acceleration is predictable and just plain fun. The acceleration is a little less than I would like coming from a DIY board, but for most people, the AT2 will put out more than needed even on 7” pneumatic tires. Just like the brakes, I wish there was some sort of level, like 1,2,3 and that 2 was stock, 1 was beginner friendly and that 3 was super aggressive, but I think for the most part the acceleration is pretty good.

remote control of Wowgo AT2

Off-Road Riding

I have taken this board off-road countless times. I use 7’’ tires when off-roading and they do pretty good on uphills and have ok grip, but with the street tread they are not the best you could get. If you wanted something better, you could buy Evolve’s 7” knobby tires, which is what I will probably end up doing.

WowGo AT 2 sideview

Top Speed

Wowgo claims 25 mph on their 7” pneumatics and that’s exactly what I got. Here is some more info on other wheel and gear combos that I have tested. (t= tooth)

  • 25mph on the stock 7’’ with 66t gears
  • 23 mph with 6’’ on 66t gears
  • 26-27 mph on Abec 107mm with 38t gears 
  • 28 mph with 6’’ 47t gears
  • 23 mph with orangutans  caguamas 80a with 38t gears
WowGo AT2 remote control


I won’t talk about the range that I got specifically because at 90 pounds. (Yes, I am that light, no I’m not 8, blame genetics and metabolism.) The numbers won’t mean anything to most riders, but the battery is 504 watt-hours and that should get most people around 15-20 miles. The one thing I can talk about is voltage sag. I can say that I start to get voltage sag a little under 50% battery, but the voltage sag is very, very minimal (at least for me) and starts to get very noticeable once the remote starts buzzing at you, which happens around 10-15%. Also when you get low enough on the battery and when you accelerate hard, the board will cut-out very quickly and make it feel like it’s lurching or braking suddenly; not really enough to throw you off, but you do have to be ready for it. It probably does this because of the bms (battery management system), which controls the discharge and the charging of the cells and does this weird cut-out thing at the lower battery %’s to keep the cells safe. In general the smaller the wheel, the more range you get, but things like rider weight, ride style, and terrain will change the range. For example, I got around 20 miles on 7” because I ride very very hard. If I rode normally, being super light, I could probably get much higher range, but I love pushing my boards. Now, when I switch to 6” tires and use the same gears I should have better range, but since these wheels carve so well, I was carving way more than on the 7”, which brought my range down 16 miles. Once again the numbers I get really don’t mean much to most riders because of my weight and my crazy aggressive rider style.

WowGO AT2 remote contoler

Build Quality

The AT2 build quality is amazing for the most part. I had some issues with the inserts and I will talk more about that later, but overall the build quality is impressive. When I first saw it, I never once thought it looked cheap; in reality it looks very polished and pristine.

WowGo AT2 Belt Motors

The Deck

This deck is 38’’ made out of maple, fiberglass, and bamboo with a mild dropdown. This drop-down really lets you brake hard and accelerate hard without worry or concern. The flex is barely there for me being a light rider, but should be just about the right amount of flex for most people.

WowGo AT2 Deck

The Enclosure

This enclosure looks similar to other wood AT boards. It’s very clean and accommodates the flex of the deck. I have had issues with the inserts for the enclosure and they seem to be very weak and not fully inserted into the deck. I think that Wowgo should try to fill them in with epoxy so they don’t fall out and also make them stronger so they don’t break so easily. Talking about clearance, on speed bumps I have scraped it pretty good when I’m on the Abec 107’s and anything below this size would probably hit too, but for more mellow speed pumps the clearance should be fine, and 7’’ and 6’’ AT tires are perfectly fine for any speed bumps.

WowGo AT2 enclosure

The ESC (Electronic Speed Controler)

ESC stands for electronic speed controller which is like the brain of the skateboard. The WowGo AT2 utilizes a hobbywing ESC. This ESC is known for its smooth and predictable brakes. This ESC has the smart turn-on feature, which is quite handy especially as this board weighs around 30 pounds, and having to turn the board over or bend over to turn on the board can be awkward. This ESC also allows you to pick your own gearing from 1:18 and a wheel size from 80mm to 175mm (7”) and it’s really cool to see this because this allows you to find a good wheel/gear setup that works for you. I would personally prefer to see a VESC because I think that the main bottleneck in the Wowgo AT2 is the ESC, and could probably be more powerful with a VESC, but alas, the VESC is a little less reliable than a ESC.
-P.S Trampa please don’t sue me.

Remote Control

The Wowgo AT2 remote is a somewhat standard hobbywing remote. It’s a little too small for me compared to the Flipsky VX2 which is what I was using on my crappy DIY board. Also the screen on the AT2 remote is positioned on the side opposed to the VX2 where it’s on the top. It’s pretty annoying to have it on the side because if you want to see the info mid ride it takes too much time to look down, and also it’s uncomfortable to bend your wrist around in wrist guards. It displays current speed, current battery for the remote and board, the distance on the current trip and the odometer. Quick thing this remote only charges with chords that are “dumb” which means that it has to be a USB to USB-C and can’t use a USB-C to USB-C. I thought that my remote was broken, but I was just using the wrong cord.

WowGo AT2 remote control


The battery Wowgo uses is a 10s4p battery using Sanyo GA (NCR18650GA) cells. Like I stated earlier,  this is the same battery as Ownboard uses. The battery comes in at 504 watt-hours.

WowGo AT2 battery


These motors are 6368 and are 170 kv. The first number I said, 6368, is the dimensions of the motor. Bigger motors usually mean more torque and less overheating. The next number I stated was 170kv, this basically means how it’s wound. The lower the kv the more torque, but less top speed, and with higher kv you have better top speed with less torque. These seem to be the same motors as the Ownboard all terrain model. Most people who buy pre-built boards see these as huge motors, but to DIY people, these are around medium. They are 3000 watts. I have never had them overheat. I have had one of them just crap out on me and decided not to work. I have seen others with Wowgo boards, both the AT2 and other models, with this issue, but these problems have all been taken care of quickly with the help of Wowgo, so not a huge issue, but something to be aware of.

WowGo At2 motors

Trucks and Bushings

This board uses double kingpin trucks which are known to be very carvy, but unstable at high speeds, but for me I can carve very hard and still go pretty fast and still feel confident. Of course, dkp (double kingpin) won’t be as stable as reverse kingpin trucks and you can’t really carve above 19mph. The bushings the AT2 use are 95a; this is fairly hard and is probably why these trucks feel pretty stable.

WowGo AT2 trucks and bushings

Wheel Setup

The Wowgo AT2 comes stock with either 7’’ pneumatic tires, or 120mm Cloudwheels. This is the first Chinese AT board that is using pneumatic tires instead of airless, and in my opinion it’s taken way too long. The difference between Cloudwheels and the 7” pneumatics is that the Cloudwheels will have better torque and top speed and should handle better, but the Cloudwheels have a very small contact patch which means you can not really carve without losing grip, and since this board uses double kingpin trucks means that you need grippy wheels if you want to carve.

WowGo AT2 Wheel options

I would recommend getting the 7’’ tires and if you want big comfy street wheels get some torque board 110’s and some Evolve kegel style gears. If you do go this route I would recommend getting the 38t instead of the 32t because of the motor kv, and the wheel size. The 7’’ tires are very heavy because they use a metal hub and a 66t pulley. I have not used Cloudwheels on this board, but I have used Abec 107’s, Orangutans Caguamas in purple, and Evolve 6” tires. I like the Abec 107’s and they have a big contact patch, but when I carve hard, I can’t carve as hard on these or at higher speeds. However around 13 mph, these things are super carvy due to the smaller wheel size. The comfort is of course not as good as pneumatics, but at 74a, these wheels are pretty comfy, and if you went with the torque board 110 wheels at 72a, the comfort level would be even better. The Evolve 6” are really carvy, have endless grip, and have pretty good torque. I tried them on 47t and 66t and hope to try them on Board Bumpers 58t at some point. The final setup I have tried is with Orangatang Caguamas in purple. I bought this setup for trying sliding, but it really wasn’t my thing. I will probably put these on a normal longboard. I am hoping to try out some Evolve knobby tires on the Wowgo metal hubs for some better off road performance.

WowGo at2 wheel options

Evolve Compatibility

In the previous section about wheels I talked about using wheels such as Abec 107’s and Evolve 6”. I wanted to add that the Evolve AT wheels, hubs, and gears fit onto the AT2 trucks. The Evolve gears will not fit into the stock 7” hubs, but they will fit onto the trucks which means the setups for wheels are very vast, and give lots of options to find what works for you.

Charger and Charging Time

A full charge on the skateboard’s battery will take at least three hours from absolute zero, which will power the AT2 for two to three hours depending on speed, rider weight and terrain. The board will keep going even longer if you don’t go faster than 9 mph. The charger’s cable resembles something you would expect for a laptop, with a wall plug connection on one end, a converter, and a thin round plug that you insert into the board itself.

Water Resistance

This board claims to be ip55 rated and I have not had any issues even when riding in heavy rain and going through big puddles. When riding in the rain you have very little grip so if you do ride in the rain make sure to never use urethane wheels, always use pneumatics, and to always ride very cautiously.

WowGo AT2 Water sealings
water sealing under the enclosure

I would not recommend going out to ride in the rain intentionally, but the board should be ok if you get caught in the rain during a ride. Also, whenever you ride in the rain take apart your board and dry everything as soon as you get home to make sure no rust happens.

WowGo AT2 water seals


This thing is not light. She is hella THIQQQ coming in at 30lbs with the stock 7” hubs. One reason for this board being so thiqqq is probably due to the hubs being metal. You can grab it by the front trucks and pull it, but it’s still heavy and grabbing it is uncomfortable. I think I have found a good solution, which I will talk about later.

WowGo AT 2 weight 30 lbs

Shipping Time

Since I bought this board used, I never dealt with having it shipped. I have heard it takes quite a long time due to COVID. Sadly, there is not much Wowgo can really do about this and you will just have to wait a little longer, but it really is so worth the wait. I know that when they sent a replacement motor to me, it only took a week. I don’t know if that’s because it’s smaller than a full board and doesn’t have the batteries or if they have sorted the shipping times out. Feel free to comment if you have had one recently shipped.

Problems and Critique

Well first off, I wish the remote was more like the VX2, but that is a small gripe.  Also when selecting gears and wheel size, I can only change the setting on the remote, using the button, which takes a long time, and is a very annoying process. For example, if I’m on a 100mm wheel and I want to change it to a 175mm wheel, I have to press the button 75 times and if I go over even once I get to start over from 80mm. I wish they offered Torque Board’s 110 wheels instead of Cloudwheels and also a knobby 7”, and an urban 6” for wheel choices. My bigger issue with the board has been a motor decided to die on me, but I emailed Wowgo and they have shipped a new one out free of charge (per warranty). Also, I had some problems with the deck inserts that keep the enclosure on. I thought they would just send new little inserts when I emailed them, but no, they sent a whole new deck also free of charge (also per warranty). Another problem is when switching wheels and gears, you often have to adjust the motor tension. To do this, you normally have to loosen the motor bolts and then put the wheel and belt on and slide the motor to the right position. On the AT2, you have to take the bolts off all the way and then guess where you are going to need the motors to be. I don’t know if this is just my board, but it’s pretty annoying when you switch setups a lot. I know that seems like a lot of things, but luckily they are quite small and I think Wowgo could easily address them and fix them.

Who is this board for?

Lots of people think that the Evolve style boards ( double king ping trucks, longboard deck, under-mounted enclosure, and 7” pneumatics) are meant for off-road and while they totally can do it, I see them as more of an all-terrain board, meaning they are more for all terrains as opposed to just off-roading. I also think that they are more suited for roads than off-roading because of the street tread on the tires and the double kingpin trucks. If you want a really good off-road board, you will want channel trucks, a mountain board deck, 8”/9” tires, bindings, and a top-mounted enclosure for the electronics.

WowGo At2 with remote and charger

This board is for anyone who wants something super customizable with a bunch of different options. This board may not be for someone who wants to be hitting the trails at blistering speeds and doing jumps, nor is it an absolute powerhouse, but the AT2 does pretty good for what it’s meant for.


Right now, this board is in an insane deal. If you choose sea shipping, you can snag it for $1099(USD) and choose either the AT Pneumatic Wheels or the Street Setup, or you can spend $1219(USD) and have them both! At these prices, this board is a wonderful value. For comparison, the Evolve GTR boasts similar specs and costs from $1699 to $1949(USD), depending on the setup.

AT or Cloudwheels | Standard Shipping$1099
AT and Cloudwheels | Standard Shipping$1219
AT or Cloudwheels | Fast Shipping$1189
AT and Cloudwheels | Fast Shipping$1309

Link to WowGo’s Website

Customer Service

I have had little issues, and some bigger ones, but either way, Wowgo responded quickly and always has been helpful. When I need something sent, they send it out very quickly, and with a warranty the shipping is free. There have been reports of poor customer service from WowGo, but I think they have really started to step it up. One note is that it would be cool if they had some English speakers to help out with customer support so there isn’t any confusion because of the translator, but when I brought it up, Wowgo assured me that everyone at Wowgo is learning English so it may not be a problem. Also, WowGo supplied warranty covered parts even though my board was bought used. Even Evolve(which is known to have the best customer service in the esk8 market) won’t do this.

Recommendable Upgrades

So, I have upgraded my board with a

I have seen others use weight balances to counteract the wobble that some get at higher speeds when using the 7” pneumatics, but my board doesn’t get them that badly. I don’t feel the vibration from the wobbles and most people I have asked have not felt them. I have thus not had a reason to buy these weight balances. If the wobble freaked you out (which is fine, just know the wobble is perfectly normal) then I think they would be worth it. I am on the fence about buying a set of riptide bushings for my AT2 because others have reported that the bushings make the ride so much better. I have not pulled the trigger because I’m currently trying to save up for a DIY project, but if anyone wants to see me review them I totally will. Another note is you can email Riptide and ask them what a good setup is which is super useful. Out of the upgrades I have done, I would recommend: the Nebula Clencher Motor Mount System (that’s a mouthful), this thing looks sick, is easy to install, gives your motors better clearance from the ground, and helps you lug the board around in stores. The only problem I see is that they are $165 which may be a bit too much to ask for some, but I would totally recommend them. I would also definitely say try out some 6” tires. I think that the best way to do it would be to buy the 6” wheels from Evolve, but not the full kit because the 47t is too fast with not enough torque and the 66t just doesn’t have enough top end speed. I would recommend getting board bumpers 58t, because it should be the perfect blend between torque and top speed. I will probably do this in the future. If you have any questions about what might be a good setup for you, feel free to contact me and I will try to give you my best recommendation. The final thing I will recommend is Shredlights. These are also a bit pricey, but they are the perfect thing for night riding and also look sick. Let me know if anyone would like a little mini review on them and I would be happy to pull something together.


All in all the Wowgo AT2 may be the perfect budget AT board and maybe even the best AT board in the market. I have a couple of nitpicks, but that is just me being very picky. This board is great because you can buy new wheels and gears and make this board suit your riding style and really dial in your perfect ride. Let me know if you have any questions about the board or esk8 in general and I try to answer them.

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WowGo AT2

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  1. Good looks on the accessory recs, Daniel! Your post has been very helpful for me, so thank you all around, brotha! 🤙

  2. Thanks for the review! I’m on the verge of pulling the trigger to move from my fun but limited Meepo Classic Hub Motor Board.

  3. With what’s available now if I don’t need a super fast board for the money would you buy this or the Meepo Hurricane? I am worried the Meepo might be too stiff with the full carbon deck. Thanks!

  4. Hey Daniel,
    Thank you for the great review. I got a Wowgo At2 board, and wanted to change up the stock tires for the evolve knobby 7″ tires. However, they seem to be a little bit too small to fit on the AT2 hubs. I was wondering if you did end up getting the evolve wheels to work on the AT2, perhaps I need to purchase an evolve hub/gears. If you have any insight, please let me know!

  5. Hey Daniel, would you recommend this board or the Ownboard Bamboo AT?
    Reason I ask is that I originally bought the Wowgo AT2, then sold it because it just wasn’t as powerful as advertised and I have lots of hills in my area. But other than that, I loved the feel and ride. Does the ownboard beat this in terms of torque/power?


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