Best and Safest Onewheel Helmets (in 2023)

Whether you’re a pro OneWheel rider, or someone who’s new to this mode of transport, one piece of gear you need to have is a trusty helmet.

Your helmet is your best friend on an Onewheel and will protect your noggin from any bumps and falls you may encounter whilst using your board.

However, picking out a Helmet can be a chore. With the array of options out there, it’s impossible to choose the one that suits your needs, and your budget.

So, we’ve gone ahead and picked out the Best Onewheel Helmets for you, so you don’t have to!

Helmet Certifications

Helmet ModelCPSCASTM F1492MIPS availableAS/ NZS 2063
Triple 8 Dual Certifiedxxx
Bell Annexxx
Thousand Heritagexx
Lumos Matrixxxxx
Lumos Streetxxxx
Triple 8 Gothamxxx

But Onewheel (Futuremotion) offers helmets, what about them?

Futuremotion offers 3 Helmets on their site as well, as we wanted to include those in this guide too, so here’s our breakdown of them!

Helmet ModelCPSCASTM F1492MIPS availableAS/ NZS 2063
Triple 8 Gotham – Onewheel Designxx
S1 Lifer Retro –
Onewheel Design
POC Cranex

Onewheel Triple 8 Helmet

The Onewheel Triple 8 is a great option for a Onewheel Helmet, and comes at a really great price.

In terms of safety certifications, this bad boy has it’s fair share, holding both US CPSC, and ASTM F-1492 certifications.

Boosted also had their own version of the Triple Eight Gotham.

We also can’t forget that the Triple 8 is really special in its design, which is something of a USP for this Helmet. If you care about the design of the Helmet, then it’ll cost an extra $10-30, but if you don’t then you can just grab this Helmet for cheaper on Amazon.

triple eight gotham with MIPS
Triple 8 Gotham with MIPS

Not to mention, it also features a shock-absorbing EPS inner lining, for added protection, and all this is encased in a ventilated but sturdy ABS shell casing.

CPSC and ASTM certificationQuestionable ventilation; gets hot in the summer
Looks great
Great price, from a trusted company

The inner conehead construction of the Helmet has collapsible cones that absorb energy on impact, and distributes the force laterally, meaning your head is protected.

It also has two sets of detachable moisture clearing sweat saver pads for added comfort, and its adjustable dial system allows for a more precise fit on your head.

And if you’d like added safety on this Helmet, then your wish is granted, as you can pick this Helmet up with MIPS for just $10 more.

This is a bargain Helmet, and we think it’s a great option to go for. So do these customers:

  • “Best Helmet- Safe & Well Fitted.”
  • “Solid Helmet, fits great, super cool.”
  • “Great Helmet.”

Onewheel S1 Retro Helmet

Another great option is the Onewheel S1 Retro Helmet, a great option for those looking for a retro style Helmet.

One thing that jumps out at you from this Helmet, is its awesome design! If looking cool is at the top of your list, then this Helmet certainly ticks that one off.

s1 lifer retro onewheel design
Onewheel design

If you care about having the awesome design, then it will cost $10-30 extra, but if you’re not too concerned with that then you can just pick it up from S1 Lifer’s website!

S1 Lifer Retro Helmet
Normal S1 Lifer Retro

And, most importantly, it will also protect you when you’re on your Onewheel.

The S1 Retro has ASTM and CPSC certifications, meaning that its ability to protect your head is widely credited and certified.

It also features specially formulated EPS fusion foam, and a strong rebound ABS plastic shell casing.

Great designBit pricier than the average helmet
ATSM and CPSC certifications
EPS fusion foam

On this version of the S1 Retro, they’ve also expanded the outer shell to cover the ears, providing greater protection.

The S1 Retro also has sizing liners providing you with the ability to find the perfect size for your head. These liners also soak up sweat, rebound back to their original shape, and are anti-microbial.

In conclusion, this Helmet is credible in its ability to protect your brain, and it also looks great, so we think this would be an awesome recommendation to anyone going for a retro aesthetic on their Onewheel.

Reviews certainly back up our opinion on the S1 Retro:

  • “Love the design!”
  • “Easy to fit, and looks brilliant.”
  • “Excellent bang for your buck.”

POC Helmet

To round off this segment of the guide, we’re going to be looking at the Onewheel POC Helmet.

If you pick this Helmet up directly through their website and not on a 3rd party site, then you can get it for $35 cheaper, so good news if you love a bargain! You can get this model, POC Crane, with MIPS included as well.

POC Crane black

The POC is a very sleek and lightweight Helmet, in fact the lightweight comfortable feel of the Helmet has been compared to a ‘sea breeze’, making it a comfy Helmet to use.

The core of the Helmet is also a progressive one, and comes with an adjustable sizing system so that you can find the perfect fit for you.

Lightweight and comfortableCould do with another certification for added safety
CPSC certification
Adjustable sizing

Not to mention, the Helmet doesn’t lack in the safety side of things either.

In this Helmet, you’ll find a dual-density EPS liner that will help your helmet withstand those big crashes and collisions, and keep your brain safe.

And this Helmet also holds the US CPSC certification, meaning that it’s proven to keep your head safe and sound upon any falls.

We like this Helmet a lot because it’s so lightweight, and this means a great feeling of comfort for the user, however, they haven’t compromised on the safety of the Helmet.

Ultimately, that’s priority number 1, and the EPS liner and CPSC certification make it a great protective Helmet.

And the reviews agree!

  • “Really like the lightweight feel!”
  • “Feels a lot more comfortable than the clunkier Helmets.”
  • “Light, looks good, and comfortable.”

Best Onewheel Half Shell Helmets

Thousand Helmet

The first Helmet that we’re going to talk about here is the Thousand Helmet, and it’s a Half shell Helmet.

The Thousand Helmet has an array of Certifications spanning Europe and North America, including CE, ASTM F1942, and CPSC Certifications.

Thousand Heritage Helmet

The Thousand Helmet also features an integrated dial fit system, for more precise fit, which provides a more comfortable experience.

In terms of weight, this is a very lightweight option, weighing between 410g and 500g depending on the size you select.

Great ventilationOne of the pricier helmets on the market
Very good lookingSome customers have reported poor durability on the Helmet straps
Sleek matte finish, for great style as well as comfort

It also provides a low profile visor so head protection doesn’t compromise safety, and 7 vents with internal channelling to ensure your ride is cool and comfortable!

Here’s what some customers thought of the Helmet:

  • “Well made, good fit,, and sturdy”
  • “Fantastic service and the helmet is brilliant!”
  • “Love it, best bike helmet I’ve found for style and comfort.”

Bell Annex

The next Helmet we’ll be looking at in this guide, is the Bell Annex.

One of the main strengths of the Bell Annex is it’s ventilation. The Helmet features overbrow ventilation which provides cool air to your head, but can also be closed on rainy days.

Bell Annex Helmet

The Helmet also includes MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), which provides extra protection on impact.

In terms of comfort, the Helmet doesn’t disappoint. With one of the best Head Forms in the business, float fit material, and an easy to adjust dial that guarantees an exact fit to your head.

Excellent ventilationCustomers have complained about the buckle design and quality
MIPS availableSome customers have voiced their displeasure at the visor visibility
Comfortable interior
Adjustable sizing dial

Not to mention the thick interior padding also provides a comfortable yet firm hold on your head, making sure that any ride you have with this on is an enjoyable one.

The Helmet also has lightweight straps, as well as a removable race shield and mount.

But don’t take our word for it, let’s see what customers thought of it:

  • “Great product!”
  • “Most comfortable Helmet I’ve used yet.”
  • “Kept my head cool!”

Triple 8 Dual Certified

Now we’re going to talk about the Triple 8 Dual Certified Helmet, one of the best options for Half Shell Helmets on the market.

Firstly, this Helmet is one that is certified with ASTM F1492 and US CPSC Regulation Certifications and even has an impact-absorbing EPS foam liner for added protection.

Triple Eight Dual Certified with MIPS

So, it’s safe to say that your head will be well protected against any bumps or crashes when you have this thing on your head!

Not to mention, the shell is made from ABS, meaning that this Helmet has added protection as well as the Certifications and EPS foam liner.

Excellent safety certificationsSome customers have voiced that the sizing on the Helmet wasn’t as advertised on the
MIPS availableCustomers have also voiced concerns about the padding on the inside of the Helmet
Affordable price
Available in various colors

One other really awesome of the Triple 8 Dual Certified Helmet is that it provides you with 2 sets of sweat-absorbing liners, one of them thick and one of them thin.

This provides you with the option of adjusting what size liners you have in the Helmet, making for a much more personalizable and comfortable experience with the Helmet.

All in all, comfort is something that this Helmet really hones in on, and a lot of customers who have used this Helmet speak highly about the chin strap.

The strap on this is completely adjustable, and has a side release buckle, which means that you can wear the Helmet and take it off with maximum comfort.

Let’s look at what some customers thought of the Triple 8 Dual Certified Helmet:

  • “This helmet is very, very good quality. It saved me from serious brain and skull injury.”
  • “5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect fit, comfy, looks good”
  • “Great Helmet, Lightweight for Level of Protection and comfortable!”

Lumos Matrix

Here we’re going to cover 2 Helmets from the Lumos which are perfect for onewheel riding, a highly respected brand that produces high-quality helmets that incorporate lights for added visibility and safety.

If you have the budget to invest in a top-tier Helmet then we recommend that you go for one of these. These Helmets have the most safety certifications, LED lights, and a great modern design, so we consider them as the market leader.

Lumos Matrix LED Helmet

The first product that we’ll cover is the Lumos Matrix, and this Helmet features LED lights for visibility, particularly useful if you plan on riding at night!

With this Helmet, you have integrated front and rear lights, and they add up to 1000 lumens cumulatively, meaning you’ll be well illuminated on those night rides.

One of the safest helmets out therePricey
MIPS available
Front and backlights
Indicator system

Not to mention, the lights also have automatic warning lights to alert those around you when you slow down, just to help prevent any collisions.

If you’re someone who can ride for hours on end, then no worries! The battery life on these LED’s go up to 10 hours depending on the settings you use.

Aside from the LED’s the Helmet is also certified to prevent you from head trauma, as it boasts CPSC, F1492, EN1078, AS2063 safety certifications.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t neglect the comfort side of things. It only weighs 580g, and has 2 sets of padding to provide a custom fit.

All in all, the Lumos Matrix is brilliant for those looking for head protection whilst they rock their Onewheel at night, but don’t take our word for it!

Just listen to what customers thought of it:

  • “Perfect for night rides.”
  • “Best Bike Helmet money can buy.”
  • “Reliable product.”

Lumos Street

If the Lumos Matrix was a bit too much for you, then the Lumos Street will be perfect.

Again, we should stress that the Lumos brand products are the best on the market in our opinion. The combination of LED lights, safety certifications, and great design, make them the go to brand in our eyes, so we suggest you buy a Lumos Helmet if you have the budget.

Lumos Street LED Helmet

This is a scaled-back version of the Matrix, that offers the simple LED and head protection formula that you may just be after.

Whereas the Matrix had a panel of LED’s, the Street has 3 LED stripes at the back. However, the colors are still bright and ensure you’re easy to spot at night.

Plus, the indicators that alert people around you when you are slowing down are still there, making for an excellent feature of this Helmet.

Not as priceyStill pricey
One of the safest helmets out there
MIPS available
LED system on front and back
Indicator system

Lumos didn’t cut corners on head protection; this bad boy is lined with impact-resistant EPS foam liner, that’s encased in a sturdy ABS Shell, meaning that your head has some tough layers to protect it.

And, the safety certifications are still stellar; the Lumos Street holds CPSC, F1492, EN1078, and AS2063 certifications. It truly is certified across a wide range of levels.

Ultimately this is a great alternative to the Lumos Matrix, and the customer reviews certainly back this up!

  • “For me, it’s the best.”
  • “Great Helmet.”
  • “Coolest Helmet I’ve ever seen.”

Best Onewheel Full Face Helmets

Next up, we’ll be looking at the best Full Face Helmets. These differ from half shell Helmets since they cover the whole face rather than just the head.

The added coverage of the face is the main draw to this type of Helmet, as it can be pretty unpleasant to slide on asphalt!

Heavy accidents can lead to broken jaw bones, lost teeth, lips, and even lost pieces of your face, all pretty unpleasant stuff. The Full Face Helmet can protect you from this.

Not to mention, passing by vehicles can throw up stones and dirt that can get in your face, so a Full Face Helmet helps there too!

Bell Super 3R

We’re moving onto the Full Face segment of this guide to Onewheel helmets, and we’re kickstarting this segment off with the Bell Super 3R.

This is a top end choice if you’re after a convertible full face helmet, and one of the fundamental qualities of this Helmet is the premium level of protection that it provides. The Bell Super 3R has US CPSC safety Certifications, meaning that it complies with North American helmet safety standards.

The biggest feature of the Bell Super 3R is its removable chin bar that basically gives you two helmets in one. You can remove and carry the chin bar in your backpack during long rides, and then lock it in place for that added boost of confidence for fast rides or on technical terrain.

Additionally, the Bell Super 3R is available with MIPS, the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, a built-in helmet technology that provides greater protection from brain trauma following collisions.

Removable chin barAdjustment dial can be hard to adjust up and down
MIPS availableNot available in XL size
Excellent ventilation

Not to mention, this Helmet also includes an adjustable visor, so if you need protection from the elements as well as bumps, then you can keep the sun and rain out of your eyes

The Bell Super 3R also provides excellent ventilation, making for a comfortable wear. The Helmet has 23 Helmet vents, 4 brow ports, and 6 chin bar vents, so there’s plenty of sources of ventilation for you when using it.

Not to mention, it’s also quite light weight for a full face Helmet, adding to the comfort it offers. It weighs around 784g, so it won’t be causing you much neck strain.

Customer feedback on this Helmet was also really positive! Let’s see what they said:

  • “The BEST on the market!”
  • “Top quality!”
  • “Brilliant!”

Demon United Podium

Next up, we’re going to cover the Demon United Podium full face Helmet, another great option for those of you who are looking for a full face Helmet!
One of the strengths of this Helmet is that it is CPSC certified, which of course is a testament to the level of protection the helmet provides.

Demon United Podium

This Helmet is also renowned for its ventilation. It has 13 convenient airflow vents, which provide plenty of air to your head and make sure that you stay cool while using the helmet.

And these vents also lead to another strength of this Helmet; the air vents near the ears also ensure that you have full use of your hearing with the helmet on.

Very affordable for a full face helmetAdjustment dial can be hard to adjust up and down
Good field of viewNot available in XL size
Excellent ventilation

This is good, since sometimes full face Helmet’s can impede your hearing, but no need to worry about that here! In fact, the same can be said for another important sense; your sight. When wearing this Helmet you don’t compromise any visibility, and it even has room for glasses wearers!

Aside from these areas, the Demon United Podium also has an affinity with customers because it is a great budget option!

As far as full face Helmets go it’s really cheap, and with all the safety certifications and high end features it has, this Helmet definitely has bang for your buck!

Not to mention this Helmet also receives plenty of plaudits for it’s designs, so you can look good and feel good.

This is what some customers thought of this Helmet:

  • “Great value!”.
  • “Provides excellent protection.”
  • “Absolute bargain!”.

TSG Pass

The final Helmet that we’ll be diving into in this guide is the TSG Pass, and it’s a great Helmet to end on!

This Helmet is decorated with Safety Certifications, including the ASTM F1952 for North America, and the European standard EN 1078, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that this Helmet will protect your head.

TSG Pass black

One thing I love about the TSG Pass is it’s look! It looks awesome, and is one of the better looking Helmets in my opinion. What’s better than riding your Onewheel, knowing everyone is jealous of your dope Helmet?

And the visor doesn’t lead to fogging or lack of air in the Helmet, as TSG have incorporated plenty of anti-fog and breathability features into the Helmet.

A lof safety certificationsOne of the pricier helmets
Good field of viewSingle impact foam liner, so one and done after a crash
Awesome design

Vents around the nose area of the Helmet help to make sure you won’t miss a breath, even underneath the visor!

Plus, the visor provides an excellent field of vision. You have a pretty much clear view of the things around you, and this was something we thought was really nifty.

Not to mention, the build quality of this Helmet is great! TSG is a respected brand, so they have the reputation to back up the quality of the product they put together.

Here’s what customers thought of the TSG Pass!

  • “Good seller, quick shipping, and great product.”
  • “Coolest looking downhill, skate, skateboard, e-skate helmet.”
  • “Great build quality!”

How to choose a helmet for riding a Onewheel?

Before we look at the Best Onewheel Helmets, it’s important to be aware of the factors you should consider.

Helmet Certifications and Safety Standards

Arguably the most important factor is the Certifications and Safety Standards that the Helmet has since after all, the main purpose of the Helmet is to keep your head protected.

These Certifications and Standards essentially tell you how effective a Helmet is at protecting your head against skull fractures and trauma, so it’s a pretty important thing to consider!

We suggest that you look for a Helmet that is both CPSC and ASTM certified, as this means that it complies with Government safety standards,

If a Helmet manufacturer has put in that extra work to get both these certifications, then it reflects their desire to keep you safe whilst using it.

All the Helmet’s in this guide have these certifications.


One other factor that should go into your decision for what Onewheel Helmet you buy, is the ventilation the Helmet provides.

The Helmet of course features different holes and gaps, and these are what provide cooling and ventilation for your head while you wear the Helmet.

This can greatly impact the level of comfort that you enjoy whilst wearing your Helmet, and you should consider the number of cooling vents and holes the Helmet has before purchasing.

Different brands offer different amounts and types of vents, so be sure to pick the one that will keep you riding cool!


You should also consider the weight of the Helmet that you buy. After all, this thing is going to spend a lot of time on your head, so it can’t be too heavy!

The Helmet you pick up shouldn’t be a big lump, because this can cause serious neck pain which can ultimately compromise the comfort of the Helmet.

We’d recommend that when you go to buy the Helmet, you get some experience of it to see whether or not it suits you and doesn’t feel too heavy.

Comfort, padding and fit

One of the most important factors of selecting your Onewheel Helmet, is the comfort, padding, and fit of the Helmet.

Firstly, it’s important that the Helmet is comfortable since you’ll be wearing quite a lot! This involves understanding what size Helmet you should get, as the size dictates how it will fit on your head.

Measure your head from about an inch (2.5cm) above your eyebrows on your forehead, and measure the circumference of your head too. This will tell you what size Helmet to buy!

Ultimately the helmet should fit comfortably on your head, and not move when you wiggle your head. It shouldn’t impede you from opening your mouth to drink either, so it’s best to go to a store and try the helmet on before you buy it!

Also, pay attention to padding. This impacts both safety AND comfort. Too little padding won’t provide you with as much protection, but too much could make for uncomfortable wear.

Again, we recommend trying the Helmet on in store, and paying attention to these details!

Built-in technology

One other element you should pay attention to when selecting your Helmet is the built-in technology the Helmet offers.

Helmets are getting more and more modern, and so there are more special and interesting features in place to keep you safe.

There are things like Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology, which is a patented protection system, or the Cinch Pro System that provides the most stable and comfortable fit.

And we can’t forget LiteForn, which creates strength and toughness, as well TransTextura Plus Padding that resists odor-causing bacteria, among the many types of Helmet technology.

There’s a wide array of different technologies that Helmets boast nowadays, so it’s important to pay attention to this when choosing your Helmet.

Style and Design

One other thing we recommend you bear in mind when choosing your Helmet, is the style and design of it.

There’s a common saying that if you look good, you feel good, and that applies to Onewheel Helmets!

Firstly, there’s the practical side of your Helmet’s design; visibility can be a high priority for people when looking for a Helmet, perhaps they plan to ride mostly at night or at times when it is dark.

So, we would recommend they go for a Helmet that has a highly visible, maybe even reflective design, so they can stand out and be visible at night time.

However, we do think it’s important to find a design that you like! If you’re going to be wearing your Helmet a lot, then you may as well look good whilst doing it!

When do I need to replace my Onewheel helmet?

Of course, buying a helmet isn’t something you only do once. It’s an evergreen part of your biking shopping list, but when should you replace a Helmet?

Firstly, it’s important to point out that Onewheel helmets aren’t made to absorb heavy impact over and over.

You should actually look to replace it immediately after a crash, and this is because helmets are produced to protect you from one-time impact.

The foam inside of the Helmet is pivotal in protecting your head on a crash or fall, and upon impact, this foam compresses and does not bounce back afterward.

This is why you should look to replace your helmet after a crash because the protective foam loses the ability to protect you after a big crash. You should also look to replace your Helmet around 5-10 years after purchasing.

The majority of manufacturers recommend this, as the most important part of the Helmet, the protective part inside, ages and loses its effectiveness over time.

Do I have to wear a helmet when riding an onewheel?

A question we get asked a lot, is whether or not you have to wear a Helmet on your Onewheel, and truth be told; we can’t answer this! The laws differ all around the world, so you should look at your country’s laws on the matter.

However, we would 100% recommend you wear a Helmet. The human brain is not made to absorb impact, especially against surfaces like concrete which are rife for Onewheeling, and a collision on that type of surface could have genuinely life-changing ramifications.

So it makes complete sense to wear a Helmet. It keeps you safe and ensures that you can ride your Onewheel in complete peace of mind.

We think that’s a pretty good thing!


So, that’s it for this guide to the Best Onewheel Helmets. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the products we’ve looked at here, and feel free to check out some of our other guides!

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