Which is the best electric skateboard backpack? 

The best backpacks for electric skateboards are the Slick Revolution and the Altrider backpacks. These backpacks use aa universal desing. Due to their mechanism, you can mount almost any electric skateboard on to them.

Order the Slick Revolution Eskate Backpack here on their website.

Order the Alterbags Native Backpack here on their website.

Electric skateboard backpack and bags can be so practical! Owning an electric skateboard is great! Since I have got mine, I enjoy my commutes – heck I even look forward to them! Having fun while riding to work is just awesome. But sometimes I want to travel with my electric skateboard or I have to carry it over longer distances. Anyone who got an eboard knows how heavy they are. Eboards are unfortunately inconvenient to carry! But some companies got our back. They create backpacks and bags specially made for carrying your eboard and additional things like your laptop, clothes, and your personal belongings. In this article, I will introduce you to the best electric skateboard backpacks and bags out on the market right now. I will dive deep into the topic and look into every detail there is. But let’s come to the most important stuff first:

Which is the best electric skateboard bag? 

The best bag for an electric skateboard is the Boardbag. It is built with quality materials, offers great functionality and protection. Another great bag is made from Hubro Designs is shares some features with the Board Bag but is more cheaply made and therefore more affordable. But forge your own opinion I listed them in detail below.

Order the Hubro Board Bag on Amazon.

Remember that a backpack is not only a nice accessory of the rider but also a reliable partner to take care of your stuff. While finding the best electric skateboard backpacks isn’t easy at all, I’ve tried my best to offer some to you. Stick with me if you want to know why this particular backpack is the best. 

Why using an electric skateboard backpack and bag? 

You may be asking yourself the question an electric skateboard is for riding it and not for carrying it where the heck would I want an electric skateboard backpack?  Well, you are right. An eboard is primarily made for riding it, but sometimes we want to take the eboard somewhere else as well. Sometimes we want to make weekend trips or longer travels. Then we just need something to carry our board with. 

Okay, we own an electric skateboard and it is awesome, but how do I travel with it? 

If you want to travel with your electric skateboard for a long-distance a backpack or back is way more comfortable than carrying your eboard all the time. A backpack to hold my board, what a brilliant idea. It allows you to free both your hands when you need. Buying food, a train or bus ticket, calling someone with your phone.  Anyone who skates has experienced the struggle of holding a grocery bag in one hand and then trying to answer your phone with your electric skateboard on the other hand – not easy. Eboard Backpacks can be a game-changer for you! 

Today I will be talking about electric skateboard backpacks. These are super convenient when you are traveling.  

The best electric skateboard Backpacks

Slick Revolution ESK8 Rucksack – the new Obed Backpack

Slick Revolution wanted to create an electric skateboard backpack that fit ‘most’ electric skateboards. What does Slick Revolution mean by ‘most’? They mean every eboard which has a flat deck, free of top-mounted batteries or foot straps. The backpack comes with an adjustable truck sling to support your board from underneath, a large rear zip open section with internal microfleece dividers, and a centrally hinged padded shoulder straps. One feature I really like is the aluminum side and top carry handle. So you can carry it vertically or horizontally.

The Slick Revolution ESK8 Rucksack comes with a velcro side pocket with an internal to the external eyelet for a USB cable. It also has reflective rear areas for nighttime visibility. You can transport your helmet also via a Pull out G hook helmet strap. The back is made out of mesh fabric so it is fresh but also padded. To distribute the weight, even more, you can use the hip straps. If you don’t like them you can also remove them.

What is really unique about this backpack is that although our new bag is Slick Revolution branded, the logos are removable so if you’re an evolve, boosted, mellow, inboard, or whatever rider, you can add your own or ride with a blank bag.

Pre-order the backpack on the Slick Revolution Website.


  • Good quality materials
  • Great weight distribution
  • External eyelet for a USB cable
  • Suitable for a lot of boards
  • Reflective stripes for enhanced visibility
  • Helmet Strap
  • side handle for horizontally carrying
  • Logos are removable – you can customize your backpack!


  • Board (Grip tape or wheels) stands out at the bottom (board cover recommended)
  • new on the market therefore not tested (no reviews)

Alter Bags Native Backpack

The Native Backpack looks great. And if you compare it to the other models on the market its pretty affordable too. This backpack is a robust and functional bag for carrying electric skateboards. Alter bags is located in Singapore. In April 2019, the first line of bags, the Native Backpacks, were launched on the website and are shipping worldwide. The Native backpack comes with a 15 inch padded laptop compartment, 2 quick access side pockets for smaller items like your wallet or remote, 2 side pocket slots made for a water bottle, with reflective strips for better nighttime visibility – helpful for during dark ride, and integrated helmet storage – fits your typical half shell or full-face helmets for ease of storage.

The Alter bags Native Backpack is available in two different sizes. The Mini and the Maxi. The Mini is suitable for boards up to 32 inches in length, up to 10 inches in width, a wheelbase (wheel to wheel clearance) of 17 inches while the Maxi is made for eboards more than 32 inches in length, up to 11 inches in width and a wheel to wheel clearance of 22 inches. The Native Backpack fits non-electric boards too! The main storage compartment of about 16.5L for the Mini and 28L for the Maxi. Both are expandable with a roll-top design. Check out their website here.

Video about the Native Eskate Backpack


  • Looks great
  • Good weight distribution
  • Laptop Compartment
  • Suitable for a lot of boards


  • Board (Grip tape or wheels) stands out at the bottom (board cover recommended)

Monark Supply Skateboard Backpacks

The Monark Supply Backpack is a backpack is great if you only want to carry your electric skateboard and some small belongings. It doesn’t offer a lot of room. But really offers a tight fit and an alternative carrying method. You don’t need to carry this backpack like a traditional backpack on two shoulders but rather on just one shoulder like a shoulder bag. The bag is made out of nylon and it has one large pocket and one smaller pocket. The only thing to consider is that your board will fit into the bag.

Link to Product: amazon.com/Backpack-Monark


  • Good quality materials
  • Great weight distribution


  • Board (Grip tape or wheels) stands out
  • Small
  • Not built for eboards therefore maybe to small

Hubro Designs Boosted Board Longboard Backpack

Hubro Backpack

Like the Boosted Backpack the Hubro Backpack is designed to work with Boosted Boards (not Boosted Mini though). It is designed specifically Boosted boards but it works with other boards which have a pintail (pointy tail) as well. The main compartment comes with a padded 13″ laptop sleeve. On the top of the backpack, we can find an accessory pocket with soft microfiber lining for phone, keys, wallet, controller or other small items. The Hubro Backpack comes with a padded bottom compartment for charger storage which is separate from the main compartment allowing convenient quick access. Is also has two mesh side pockets for water bottles or other smaller items.

Like anyone would expect, this backpack has not the same quality standards as boosted. In my opinion, it doesn’t look as good, nor has its innovative features. But the price is really attractive. It only costs a third of the Boosted Backpack! So if you are looking for a budget backpack which has all the necessary features, then I totally can recommend this one!

Link to Product: amazon.com/Hubro-Designs-Backpack


  • Cheap Price
  • Good weight distribution
  • Suitable for many boards
  • Laptop compartment


  • Not the best quality

Superow Backpack for Onewheel

The Superow Backpack is specifically designed for the Onewheel+ XR. (also works with the Onewheel+ and Onewheel V1) and the smaller Superow Backpack for the Onewheel Pint. It is equipped with backpack-style shoulder straps that distribute the weight of the Onewheel and allow for a mode of longer transport. An added chest strap is attached to minimize the movement when in use. The Superow Backpack also features a leather handle that allows you to pick up your Onewheel and carry it sideways like a bag. Hence it is a backpack and a bag in one item. The backpack is also designed to fold into a small carrying case when you are not carrying your Onewheel. 

Link to Website: craftandride.com/superow-backpack-for-onewheel


  • Good quality materials
  • Foldable to a small carrying case


  • Pricey
  • No space for lots of additional stuff

Obed Backpack

The Obed Backpack is made by OBED, a US-based company. The backpack works with the majority of the electric skateboards on the market. Since the backpack has a separate board compartment, it allows for the board to sit closer to your back (allowing for less strain on your back – good weight distribution). It distributes the weight really well, making it feel more like a weighted vest than a heavy backpack. The backpack is low profile. Hence it is much smaller than some of the backpack listed here.

The bag is made with a very durable, thick fabric. It also has some heavy-duty straps and the Back straps are padded. Oh yeah, the biggest quality indicator on backpacks is probably the zipper. The board compartment zippers are actually heavy-duty zippers. The storage compartment has a regular weight zipper, but that one won’t need to take as much abuse. When electric skateboards are locked in, the backpack is pretty solid. It’s not designed for a boosted board, but it fits perfectly.

However, the Obed backpack is not available anymore. But Slickrevolution designed a very similar and new model – which I already have presented above.


  • Good weight distribution
  • Suitable for a lot of boards


  • Not the highest quality
  • Board (Grip tape or wheels) stands out at the bottom (board cover recommended)

Backpack for LOU Electric Skateboard

LOU Backpack

The LOU electric skateboard backpack is another one on my list. I really like the style of this backpack. It is definitely made for the LOU board, therefore only small eboards will fit onto this backpack. The location of the board straps is not very clever though. You have to put the board on the front of your bag, hence all the weight will be distributed badly. Although the LOU board is really light, in this way, your back certainly will hurt after some time of carrying it. The backpack has got a laptop pocket inside, a front zippered pocket and is made out of cotton and nylon material.


  • Looks good
  • Roomy
  • Laptop compartment


  • Not the best weight distribution

Evolve Backpack

Evolve Backpack

The Evolve Backpack has got some years on his back! Huh! Ok, I’ll continue. The Backpack came out 2 years ago. I really like the look of it. It also has a lot of different compartments and pockets. This eboard backpack has also padded laptop sleeve built into it. One unique feature is its insulated compartment made for bottles. The back is made out of 3D mesh for good breathability. The logos are reflective for better nighttime visibility. However, customers say that the backpack is not the highest quality. Especially the board straps which have to carry your electric skateboard are poorly made and come apart after a few months. Another drawback is that the bottom of your boards will probably stand out from the backpack, so the grip tape will touch your shorts and given enough time it will rip your pants apart.

Link to Website: evolveskateboardsusa.com/backpack


  • Reflective stripes
  • Insulated Bottle Compartments


  • Outdated
  • Cheap board straps
  • Bottom of board stands out (board cover recommended)

GoRide Tech Backpack

The GoRide Tech Backpack is very comparable to the LOU Backpack. It is specially designed to carry electric skateboards. You don’t mount your board on the back but on the front of your backpack. With this method, it is easy to attach the board onto the backpack but it doesn’t offer good weight distribution. Your back and shoulders will probably hurt if you carry your heavy eboard for a long time.

The Backpack can hold eboards up to 19.5 lbs. It has a hidden laptop compartment and two bottle holders.

Link to Product: amazon.com/GoRide-Commuter-Skateboard-Backpack


  • Price
  • Suitable for a lot of boards
  • Laptop compartment


  • Not the best quality
  • bad weight distribution

Deck Hook for electric skateboards

Deck Hook

The deck hook is maybe the most convenient and best solution for some of you. It is an attachable aluminum hook that you can mount on almost any backpack you want. Compatible with Boosted Boards and many others with reverse or traditional kingpin trucks. The Deck Hook clips on to any 2 strap backpack using a patented Snap system. The straps magnetically locate in to place and can hold up to 40kg each. To release simply slide down the SNAP lock.

Intro do the Deck Hook

Some users really love their deck hook others report that the weight distribution of the backpack with attached deck hook and the electric skateboard is not great. I can understand that normally you want that all the weight is nearest to your back to carry it without getting sore shoulders but with the deck hook you have the majority of the weight in the front of your backpack located far from your back.

Link to Website: deckhook.com


  • Price! Cheapest on the List
  • Good quality materials
  • Suitable for a lot of boards


  • Bad weight distribution
  • new on the market therefore not tested (no reviews)
  • board is not fixed (board could dangle)

Best electric skateboard bags – perfect for air travels



The Board Bag comes in two models. The Board Bag and the Board Bag Mini. The regular Board Bag has been custom-designed to fit the Boosted Board Stealth, Plus, V2 and V1 models. The Board Bag Mini for the Boosted Mini S and Boosted Mini X. This slim-fitting Boosted Board backpack gives protection anytime you travel to keep your Boosted Board safe when you check your luggage at the airport. Most airlines do not accept checked baggage which has hanging straps. To solve this issue, Board Bag’s backpack straps can be quickly tucked away into a zippered storage compartment.

Two large front pockets are made for storing your Boosted Board accessories. They are not very large but roomy enough to carry a 12 inch MacBook. The Board Bag uses pretty strong and durable zippers and pull tabs throughout. To maintain structure, and provide protection of seams, each wheel hub exterior has been lined with a durable Nubuk.

Link to Website: boardbag.co


  • Good quality materials
  • Roomy
  • Padded for board safety


  • Price

Onewheel Mafia Slingpack

Mafia is a company that makes its bags out of old kite sailes. It was founded by Brother-and-sister Marco and Paz Mafia in 2012 in Buenos Aires. Formerly a professional kitesurfer, the idea for MAFIA struck Marcos upon realizing that the quantities of sturdy, colorful sails stashed away untouched in storage facilities could be repurposed into versatile bags for everyday carry. 

Onewheel Mafia Slingpack

Designed and made in MAFIA’s new design studio in San Francisco, the sling pack for the OneWheel is sewn from re-used sails, the handles are made of up-cycled wetsuit neoprene.

Link to Website: onewheel.com/mafia-slingpack

Intro to Onewheel sling pack by mafia


  • Good quality materials
  • Upcycling work
  • Great company concept (MAFIA)


  • Pricey

Hubro BrdBags

The Hubro BrdBags are designed to fit Boosted Boards longboards. They offer different models to accommodate all popular Boosted versions. On their website and on Amazon you can check all the different models.

Like the Boosted Stealth, Boosted Plus, Boosted’s V1, V2, or V3 longboards.  It will not accommodate the Boosted Mini S or Mini X. Longboards made by brands other than Boosted may also fit if they share dimensions similar to Boosted Boards (~38 to 41 inches in length). The durable 600D exterior material claimes to be is water-resistant. The inside lining is padded on all sides to help protect from damage during travel. The Brdbags have also large exterior pockets and one interior accessory pocket offer storage for a charging cord, remote, tools, spare parts, and other accessories.

The bags are travel-ready: The bags got some pack-away backpack straps. You can tuck them away in a dedicated storage pocket when necessary. Pretty useful if you need to check the bag in on a busy flight, or simply wish to tuck them away to carry via the side handle or removable shoulder strap. The bags also come with padded carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap.

Link to Amazon:


  • Many models available
  • Roomy


  • Not the best material used

MovPak – 2 in one – Backpack Electric Transportation


The Movpak (spoken Movepack) is a backpack and an electric skateboard combined in one device. You can carry it like you would carry your regular backpack but also ride on it like on your regular eboard. It is pretty unconventional and innovative! You can even pull it like a suitcase to save your shoulders and back from pain and stress. You can ride up to 15 mph and 6 miles in range. The Movpak hat integrated front and backlights. Pretty helpful for riding in the dark. The Movpak even has integrated speakers so you can connect your phone via Bluetooth and listen to music or to your driving directions via Google Maps and Siri or even dictate a message to your Voice Assistant. The deck is made out of wood and kevlar making it flexible and strong.

It is just a normal (but pretty heavy) regular backpack. It has zippers and pockets to carry whatever it is you need for your trip and you can wear on your back or pull like a piece of rolling luggage.


Range6 miles (10 km)
Top speed15 mph (24 km/h)
Weight16 lbs (7,3 kg)
Weight limit240 lbs (108 kg)
Charge time2 hours
Volume of backpack35 Liters
Link to Website:movpak.com
Price$ 699

Useful Eboard backpack and bag accessories

Board Cover

To protect your pants against wearing out from wearing your board on your back rubbing with the grip tape against it, you should use a board cover. These are very affordable, lightweight, small and compact to store and easy to put on the board. Furthermore, board covers will help to protect your board against water or dust during traveling. Check it out at Amazon.

Lights for backpacks

One very effective way to improve your visibility during night rides is to strap on some lights on to your backpack. I am doing this myself and I highly recommend this approach for any riders vertical visibility. If you’re e-skateboard have lights it’s very useful. But sometimes car drivers won’t realize you are there even if you have lights on your board. Because of that, we should attach lights higher up. A backpack is a perfect spot for that. Check it out on Amazon.

Pacsafe Bag Protector

Maybe this accessory seems a bit over the top, but in fact, it can be really useful for us riders. With this bag protector, you can safely store your laptop or other important belongings in your backpack. But more importantly, you can secure your precious eboard as well! The Pacsafe Bag Protector is big enough for almost every electric skateboard on the market. With this tool you even can store your board and backpack in a hostel, hotel, or even on a bus station to walk around freely. Check it out on Amazon.

Waterproof dry bags

If you really want to travel wherever and whenever you want, dry bags are very helpful. Waterproof dry bags can be the difference in total disaster or a relaxed walk in the rain. If you want to travel to countries where the weather is tropical and where monsoon seasons occur, dry bags are a must.

The ultimate guide to choosing an electric skateboard backpack and bag

Okay, now we know that electric skateboard backpacks can be very convenient. How do we choose the right one? What is important to consider before buying an eboard backpack? 

The reason why we can’t use normal skate and longboard backpacks is that these are not made for the heavyweight of eboards. Eboards are often more than three times as heavy as regular longboards. (link to my weight article) Carrying more than a few kilos on your back for an extended period of time can be dangerous for your back and spine health. For the same reason, hiking backpacks are designed so differently (and unstylish). They don’t need to look cool but protect your back against serious injuries if you carry your whole set-up for a three-day camping hiking. Hence, we should choose backpacks that are made for carrying such heavy things like electric skateboards. 

Fit and Comfort 

In my opinion, this is the most essential part when it comes to choosing a backpack. If you are going to carry your backpack (and your eboard) over an extensive period of time, or if you are going to stuff it with heavy things (eboards are heavy!), or both it is an absolute necessity to get a backpack that has adjustable straps and nice padding on them as well. An overall excellent backpack is quickly redundant if you start getting sore shoulders or back pain when carrying it.

Board Straps 

Board straps are the key feature making electric skateboard backpacks different from others. On regular skateboard backpacks, you will find the board straps on the front. However, on Eboard backpacks want that you mount the board in back, close to your back. Therefore the straps are on the back or in between the backpack (inside of the rear compartment). 

A good board strap should be durable and adjustable enough to withstand the average weight of electric skateboards. There are three common types of different board strap designs and mechanisms, like the click-type, the elastic strap, and the Velcro strap. 


Almost every electric skateboard backpack comes with more than one compartment. If you want to know how big the capacity of a backpack is, look at the liters, advertised form the seller. But keep in mind that the amount of liters listed is the total volume based on all pockets and compartments, not just the main one.

To pick the most suitable capacity, consider how much stuff you’re carrying every day. Don’t ever go for the biggest one while the number of your daily essentials are less than that. Since too big a backpack won’t fit properly, which leads to some difficulties happened while you’re riding your board.

Weight Distribution 

Like the fit and comfort, the weight distribution of a backpack is very essential. Without proper weight distribution, the best fit and the best padding will not withstand the pain which slowly builds up the longer you wear the backpack. If you want to carry such heavy things like your electric skateboard on your back you want to be sure that the weight is well allocated. 

Durability and Padding 

The material is a crucial detail on how durable an electric skateboard backpack will be. There is no getting around the fact that the content of your backpack is likely more at risk eboarding than if you were to simply walk around with it. Therefore, it is important to have a tough and durable backpack. At least if you plan to have valuable essentials in your backpack, such as a laptop or tablet. Hence, I highly recommend choosing heavy-duty materials. Polyester is the most popular choice because of its lightness, durability, and its comparable cheap price. Besides, we should think about the material at the bottom of your backpack as well. If you plan to take a laptop with you, the backpack’s bottom should be reinforced. Take a look at the material of the connected webbing and shoulder straps too! I have seen many backpacks that would have lasted way longer without their cheap strap connection.

The Back panel should be contoured and padded for comfort. Foam channels should provide cushioning that also improves breathability. For warm weather riding, you may consider a pack with a suspended mesh system that offers better ventilation. The thickness and type of padding used on the shoulder straps will change with the size of the pack. Thick padded straps provide comfort and support while thinner ones offer better flexibility. Mesh straps provide better ventilation.

Theft Safety 

If you’re traveling with your electric skateboard abroad or even in-country you likely to be traveling through a lot of cities and transport hubs. You never know what happens. Unfortunately, thefts have also get smarter and some of them are focused on bag thievery. Hence it could be worth investing in additional security products such as Slash proof mesh nets and padlocks. These are just one way to further secure your eboard, and personal belongings.

Compartments and pockets

I like to geek out here. My regular personal backpack is a military backpack with a hell of a lot of pockets and compartments (pouches). I just love to put every tiny thing into their niche and particular pocket. So I have got on for electronics, one for important belongings, like my wallet and keys, one for my water bottle, and one for snacks (I could go on haha). Well, my point is, that different pockets are important, you definitely don’t want to get a backpack with only one big compartment. 

Water resistance 

Fully waterproof backpacks, especially large ones are rare because they require lots of stitching, zippers and will regularly have a hole in the top (so you can pack it, lol). Tough and durable fabrics are often used with backpacks and these offer some water resistance. The backpack can be coated with a water repellent treatment, or a far more popular option is a removable rain cover. Take a large one so your board fits under it as well! Another (or additional) option is to pack your most important electronic gear (remote control, chargers, laptop, documents) in waterproof stuff sacs for additional safety.


If you have a huge and heavy electric skateboard small bags with straps on the back will not be suitable for you and probably uncomfortable to use. You need to make sure that your eboard will fit into or onto the backpack. Additionally to that, it is probably pretty noxious to carry a heavy eboard on your back without s right-sized backpack. It could strain your muscles and cause spine problems. 

Last words – now it’s your turn!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article about the best electric skateboard backpacks, bags, and carry bags. I really put a lot of effort into my website and hope that it is useful to you! If you have suggestions or feedback I am happy to read about it in the comment section below.

Now I want to hear from you:

Which backpack and which bag do you like the most? I would also love to know why you like this particular backpack/bag the most.

Let me know by leaving a quick comment.