Electric skateboards are so much fun but sometimes it can be annoying that we are limited to sleek roads and pavement for our rides. Wit normal electric skateboards we are excluded going off the road. But eboard companies are slowly also producing all-terrain electric skateboard models. I did a lot of research and compiled a list of the most interesting and compelling off road electric skateboards. If you have a look on other websites they often have outdated models on their list. In this article, I will take a look at all the latest and most trustworthy all-terrain electric skateboards on the market. But I don’t want to keep you on my tenterhook, so let’s get right to the juicy stuff, here is my list of the best off road and all-terrain electric skateboards on the market:

Real All-Terrain Boards: These boards are designed for full off-road riding, but they can comfortably handle tarmac as well.

Boards with pneumatic (big) tires that can be taken somewhat off roads: These e-boards are not designed to truly be taken off-road unless you consider rough pavement or short lawn grass “off-road”. But these boards still offer way smoother rides on tarmac than most to of the normal electric skateboards.

Best real Off-Road Electric Skateboards



Kaly NYC

Trampa Boards

Why using all-terrain electric skateboards?

All-terrain and off-road electric skateboards are often pretty big and expensive. Why would anyone buy these boards?

Like the name says off-road electric skateboards have the ability to be ridden offside the road. They don’t limit you to urban use only, but you can go to the countryside and have the satisfaction of skateboarding. Who doesn’t want to have the freedom to drive anywhere you would like? I think most of us do. But driving everywhere is clearly impossible, but with all-terrain eboards, the choice and variety where to ride gets bigger.

You obviously can ride on rough tarmac, but also on gravel paths, on dirt tracks, on grasslands, on the beach and even on forest trails won’t stop you anymore. Imagine thinking about riding your mountain bike through forest trails, now you can switch your board for your bike. Eboarding through mountains and forest, doesn’t sound this awesome? It is just so much fun rushing down – and up – mountains with your board. With off-road eboards, you can snowboard all year long!

One of the biggest advantages of off-road electric skateboards is that they make the rides on normal pavement and tarmac even smoother! Changing from the sidewalk to the road, riding over rails, getting up the pavement, just getting up curbstones, is just so much easier and smoother with all-terrain eboards. Hence with all-terrain eboards, you can get off the road and still shred your board but also own the road and urban terrain. City rides are so much more convenient, more relaxed flat out smoother with off-road electric skateboards.

What to consider when deciding on an off-road electric skateboard

With the ability to go off-road the boards have to provide more than normal electric skateboards do. All-terrain boards are basically the monster trucks of skateboarding. To get up steep hills and overcome rocky obstacles these boards need power! They will need bigger wheels, bigger trucks, a larger battery, more powerful motors, maybe even a suspension system, and a larger deck to accommodate all these extra power.

On top of that, electric skateboards which can be taken off roads have to be built very consciously and with great quality. When riding at in rough terrain many parts of eboards experience a high temperature due to the required power, physical stress, and severe vibrations. They clearly need excellent brakes too! Off-road boards just have to be stronger to stand up to the potential forces involved. Hence they have to be designed and manufactured diligently and with high-quality parts. These reasons also lead to high prices. So be warned if you want to purchase an all-terrain electric skateboard you probably have to dig deep into your pocket. But let me tell you, it is really worth it!

  • Wheels and wheel size: When wanting to ride off roads we need big tires that can handle the rough ground. the normal longboard urethane wheels will are just not made for rocky paths. This is the most essential difference between regular and Off-Road electric skateboards. But clearly not the only one. If an eboard has got big tires it obviously doesn’t mean that it is an all-terrain board as well. Off-Road wheels are normally pneumatic wheels. So these can be inflated as well. Tire pressure and wheel setup are important factors when it comes down to riding comfort and even range. All-terrain wheels will add a lot of riding comfort but also have a decreased top speed and significantly lower range cause its friction and drag.
    In general: bigger wheels have a higher top speed but slower acceleration and less torque. Smaller wheels have lower top speed but quicker acceleration and more torque.
  • Trucks: It is important that the trucks are wide and robust. You want to have good maneuverability but also a stable truck. The trucks are one of the most tricky parts to build right on an off-road electric skateboard. If the manufacturer makes them maneuverable and “turny” the chance that they get speed wobbles at higher speeds is unfortunately increased. But if they make them too stiff you cant make tight turns. Hence it will always be a compromise.
  • Motor power: To manage rocky grounds we unquestionably need powerful motors. The more power a motor has, the better is the hill climb ability, acceleration, torque and the higher the top speed. If you want to get an electric skateboard which can handle many grounds you need to take one with powerful motors. Check out my comparison table featuring the best eboards and their hill climbing abilities.
  • Battery: The battery size and battery quality (yes there are huge differences) is clearly the most crucial factor when it comes to e-skate range, weight, and cost. You clearly want a big battery if you are planning to make trips off the roads. It is not fun to ride on a mountain or forest trail an then being out of battery. Most off roads eboards are pretty heavy and hard to carry, hence we always want to have juice in our battery.
    The battery is the most expensive part of an electric skateboard. The bigger and the better the battery the more range you get and the more expensive your board will be. But it’s also important to distinguish between different battery brands, types, and setups. Battery capacity is usually measured in Watt-hrs. Watt-hrs = volts x amp-hrs. Some eboard companies try to hide the real size of the battery and therefore just display a range or the battery size with ampere-hours or voltage numbers on their website. But I did research and evaluated the Watt-hours (Wh) for every all-terrain eclectic skateboard in my article. If you want to know how long electric skateboard batteries regularly last, check out my article I have written about it.
  • Riders weight: While electric skateboards alone have a tremendous power-to-weight ratio comparable to the fastest Tesla, eboards with the rider on it only produce power-to-weight ratios of a Toyota Prius. The bigger and the heavier a rider is the slower an eboard will be. This means the heavier you are, the less torque, acceleration, hill climbing power and top speed you get. If you are on the heavier side and you want to shred your board off the roads pick one with a lot of power. If you want to know more about why riders weight matters check out my article about it.
  • Remote control (RC): One factor which a lot of beginners don’t know is the importance of the design of the remote control (RC). If a RC is poorly designed we will have a hard time to really enjoy our rides. When it comes down to control the acceleration and braking precisely the RC is essential. So make sure to think about the remote control too when buying an all-terrain e-skate.
  • Electric speed controller (ESC) The ESC is the brain and main computational unit in an electric skateboard. It is an electronic part and mechanism that regulates the drive and the speed of the motor. The ESC supplies the motor with the ideal amount of electric power, and controls the acceleration and braking curve. The ESC is an essential part when it comes to how smooth the ride of your off-road eboard is.
  • Customer support: If we purchase products customer support is always important. Even though off-road boards are mostly built like tanks, if we ride off-road the parts will wear off faster and the chance that something brakes is clearly increased. If any part breaks, we have problems with the assembly we will wish we have someone to go to. Customer support can make the difference between being frustrated or happily pleased.

Best off-road electric skateboards for adventures


Truly, I’m going to discuss three different electric skateboards here. Bajaboard is the name of the company and they offer 3 different off-road electric skateboard models which are very powerful. The models are:

  • Bajaboard G4 (dual motor)
  • Bajaboard G4X (4 motors)
  • Bajaboard Pantera (4 even more powerful motors)

The company is placed in Australia and their boards enjoy a great credit and have got great reviews. The first thing you will notice is the big wheels and the unusual suspension system. These eboards are made for all-terrain or off-road adventures as well. They are named after the famous race Baja 100 and Baja 500. This off-road race has developed into a sort of a mix between Mad Max and the Dakar Rally but placed on the Baja peninsula. The Baja California Peninsula is a peninsula in Northwestern Mexico. It separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California. The conditions there are truly unusual and every vehicle which wants to finish this race and adventure has to be built to last. The Bajaboard electric skateboard took the off road buggies which win these races as role models for their boards.

Intro to Bajaboards

It also has a special suspension system with shock absorbers which gives their boards the trademark look. The remote controller is the most advanced and best-designed controller I’ve ever seen. You can customize every setting you can think of and it also has vibration warning. The controller will warn you when you’re low on battery or you’re going too fast, using vibration. The board has as accessories option integrated headlights and taillights. One drawback of bajaboard is that they are heavy! So heavy that it is not designed to be pushed by foot, hence if your battery is empty you have to carry it. The BajaBoard has been made water resistant, so you can certainly ride on wet surfaces. However, it is not waterproof, so we recommend not riding into deep puddles or heavy rain. Basically, don’t let water wash over your board. If you buy a G4, you can upgrade it to a G4X at a later date. This is a good way to go if you don’t have all the money upfront to get top of the line. When upgrading, the company either send you a kit to upgrade yourself or you can send the board back to them. You will likely use the BajaBoard in much rougher and dirtier environments than your average e-skateboard. Remember that the production volume is not very high hens manufacturing and shipping will take quite some time.

Bajaboard S2

BajaBoard S2 is a unique electric “skateboard” based on BajaBoard’s new and patented mono-shock suspension system design. A lighter and smaller alternative to the G4 and G4X, the S2 still offers plenty of power and speed where it counts. With a top speed of 37 mph (60km/h) and range up to 37 miles (60km), it is truly a performance machine in a tight package.

Whilst the BajaBoard is designed for full off-road riding, it can easily handle tarmac. Other e-boards are not designed to be taken off-road unless you consider short lawn grass “off-road”.

Intro to the Bajaboard S2


Top SpeedPantera: 45 mph (72 km/h)
G4X: 37 mph (60 km/h)
G4: 34 mph (55 km/h)
S2: 37 mph (60km/h)
RangePantera: 28 miles (45 km)
G4X: 21 miles (34 km)
G4: 24 miles (39 km)
S2: 37 miles (60km)
Battery SizePantera: 1100 Wh
G4X: 550 Wh or 900 Wh
G4: 550 Wh or 900 Wh
S2: 600 Wh or 1000 Wh
Motor PowerPantera: 4 x 3500W = 14000 Watts
G4X: no info
G4: no info
S2: no info
WeightPantera: 57 lbs (26 kg)
G4X: 55 lbs (25 kg)
G4: 44 lbs (20 kg)
S2: 34 lbs (15.5 lg)
Max weight capacity350 lbs (160 kg)
Hill climbPantera: no info
G4X: 45%
G4: 35%
S2: 45%
Recharge timePanter: no info
G4X: 2 – 3.5 hrs
G4: 2 – 3.5 hrs
S2: 2.5 – 4 hrs
Water ResistanceWater Resistant but not waterproof
Wheel / Tyre Size10 inch | 254mm
8 inch | 203mm
Warranty1 year
Link to websitebajaboard.com.au
PricePantera: only on request
G4X: $ 3699 – 5099
G4: $ 2949 – 4349
S2: $ 2500


It took the Founder, Kyle Doerksen 8 years of tinkering, lots of coffee, and a handful of prototypes, but by the end of 2013, Kyle had created the first riding experience of OneWheel. Kyle quit his day job, hired a team of like-minded individuals, launched Onewheel in 2014.

Onewheel Pint

The one wheel is not a usual electric skateboard it doesn’t have for but like the name say it just has one wheel. It’s more or less like a vertical and turned unicycle. So you ride the board like you would ride a normal electric skateboard or snowboard standing sideways. But the big difference is that you control the speed with your weight shifting. So lean forward to accelerate and lean backward to brake with the one wheel.

Intro to Onewheel

This gives the one-wheel a big advantage. You can make very sharp turns. Is more versatile and agile then every other electric skateboard on the market. With the Onewheel it is no big problem cruising through a crowd of people while still standing on your board. Try that with an electric skateboard it is impossible! You have the freedom of not having a remote control, hence you can use both your hands carrying something or just enjoying the freedom while riding. Without a Remote you will not have remote control disconnects which can lead to dangerous crashes, hence in this regard, it is safer than many e-skates. Another very safe advantage of the Onehweel is its smooth braking curve. It’s pretty much impossible to get thrown off a Onewheel while braking. But is unfortunately very common on other electric skateboards, sudden braking is the cause of a lot of accidents.

Onewheel+ XR

The disadvantages of the Onewheel is its price, its heavyweight and that it is not very fast and hard to maneuver and control when trying riding fast. Additionally, its hill climb and downhill ride abilities are not the smoothest. You have to lean backward for braking so riding steep hills downhill is not very comfortable. Sometimes it’s even impossible to ride steep hills downhill with the one-wheel because the back side of the board will touch the tarmac beneath you if you want to brake.

Off Road Test of Onewheel+ XR


Top SpeedOnewheel + XR: 19 mph (30 km/h)
Onewheel Pint: 16 mph (26 km/h)
Range+ XR: 15 miles (24 km)
Pint: 7 miles (11 km)
Battery Size+ XR: 324 Wh
Pint: 148 Wh
Motor Powerno info
Weight+ XR: 27 lbs (12,5 kg)
Pint: 23 lbs (10,4 kg)
Max weight capacity275 lbs (125 kg)
Hill climbno info
Recharge timeno info
Water ResistanceWater Resistant but not waterproof
Wheel / Tyre Size11.5 x 6.0 inch | 29 x 15 cm
Warranty1 year
Link to Websiteonewheel.com
PriceOnewheel + XR: $ 1799
Onewheel Pint: $ 950

Kaly NYC

Kaly NYC different colors

The Kaly NYC is an electric skateboard designed from Ernesto Clark. Ernesto is well known in the DIY electric skateboard scene and noted as one of the best (if not the best) electric skateboard builders on this planet. Ernesto designs almost every part (except motor and battery) himself. The trucks are 16 inches CNC precision machined. The Deck is made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and basalt. The remote controller is the Unity by enertion – the same like the Raptor 2.1. You can customize the flex of the board. The board is available in four colors: red, black, gold and blue. Kaly NYC offers three different off-road models:

  • XL2.0 (standard model)
  • XL40 (bigger battery)
  • XL50+ (even bigger battery)

The XL2.0 has a 700 watt-hours battery pack, the XL40 1300 Wh and the XL50+ a 1736 Wh battery pack. What also important to know is that the remote controler can be customized via an Android App or your computer. But out of the box this board also comes with one speed mode. (and let me tell you this mode is not very beginner friendly) The acceleration and braking curve ist pretty aggresive and for expereinced riders.

Intro to Kaly NYC


Top Speedno info, but they are fast
Range24 miles (38 km) – Kaly NYC XL2.0
42 miles (68 km) – Kaly NYC XL40
55 miles (88 km) – Kaly NYC XL50+
Battery Size700 Wh – XL2.0
1300 Wh – XL40
1732 Wh – XL50+
Motor Powerno info
Weightno info, but they are heavy
Max weight capacityno info, but more than 260 lbs (118 kg)
Hill climbno info
Recharge time2 hrs – XL2.0
2 hrs 45 min – XL40
3 hrs 40 min – XL50+
Water ResistanceNo info
Wheel / Tyre Size8 inch | 20 cm
WarrantyNo info
Link to Websitekaly.nyc
PriceKaly NYC XL2.0: $ 2650
Kaly NYC XL40: $ 3500
Kaly NYC XL50+: $ 3800


Trampa was founded in 2002 in Great Britain. The company began their story by building very sturdy decks (almost bomb-proof) for off-road mountain skateboards. Since a few years, Trampa has decided to also take part in the electric skateboard market. This company is really popular in the eboard DIY scene, for example on the Subreddit for electric skateboards and the electric.skateboard.builders forum. Trampa boards are real mountain and off-road boards! You can use their foot straps to secure your feet to have better control. With foot straps, you can even perform jumps. If you want a true off-road eboard a Trampaboard will probably be the solution for you!

Off-road riding with a Trampaboard

Now, one big disclaimer: Trampaboards are normally the terrain of DIY builders. You can purchase any part you want from them and assemble the board yourself. If you have got the time and the motivation to build your own mountain board than Trampa is really a good choice. If you don’t want to mess up and you are looking for board ready to ride out of the box then other companies are probably a better choice. Now, to be fair, you also can order your Trampaboard to be preassembled by them but you still have to inform yourself a little bit to make a decision on their many options for customization and parts available. Hence you have to spend time on their website and I am sorry to say that but their website is not the best looking one. If you are used to modern and sleek websites be prepared to be overloaded with information.

To give you a better comparison in computer terms: Onewheel is like Apple, a sleek all in one product which just works, the downside is you can not customize the important parts: motor and battery. Kaly and Bajaboards are customizable but also offer one product which just works out of the box. You could compare these to Windows for computers and Android on Smartphones. Trampa is like Linux, you have to inform yourself very well to get the thing working. But if it does you probably got the best package out there!

Off-road riding with a Trampaboard

I will not provide a specs table of the Trampa Mountainboards because it would not make sense hence they are so customizable. Link to Trampa Website: trampaboards.com

All-terrain electric skateboards with Pneumatic Tyres and Wheels:

Evolve GTR AT

Besides Boosted Boards, Evolve skateboards are probably the most known and popular electric skateboards on the market right now. They certainly have made their name! The company is one of many Australian (in my opinion the country of eboards) e-skate brands.

Over the years, they have manufactured a lot of different models. But their most famous ones are the Evolve GT, the Evolve GTX and their new model the Evolve GTR. All of these can be purchased with carbon fiber or a bamboo deck and with all-terrain and pneumatic tires or street urethane wheels. Keep in mind that setups with pneumatic tires will have decreased top speed and less range. What riders love about the evolve is its riding experience caused by the low center of gravity. The trucks are mounted on the deck via a “drop through” mount, hence your feet will be nearer to the ground while riding.

Evolve offers a few models on their website. In my opinion, it is pretty confusing because all models have similar names, the GTR, GTX, and GT. But only the GTR and GT are available with bamboo and carbon deck. The GTX is a bamboo model only. And to add a little confusion the bamboo model of the GT series does not share the same specs with the carbon model because it has a smaller battery. To top that all models are accessible with street (urethane) and pneumatic wheels. But I give my best, here is a small model Overview:

  • Evolve GTR – newest model
  • Evolve GTX – only with bamboo deck available
  • Evolve GT – oldest model

In my personal opinion the new model, the Evolve GTR is the most interesting and attractive model of the company. After ten years the company decided to upgrade its products. So, yes, it is a pretty big jump from the GT and GTX to the GTR. The biggest drawback of Evolve boards has been their battery. A lot of users claimed that the battery has serious voltage sag (when the battery was drained a lot (when climbing hills or riding on rough roads), power output decreased significantly and sometimes the boards even switch into eco mode alone) Voltage sag should not happen on an electric skateboard, especially if you pay more than $1500 for you board. Another flaw with previous evolve models was the remote controller connection issues. Some rides had to spend 15 minutes just trying to connect the remote controller to the board before going out for a ride. On some boards, the RC just disconnected itself from the board and out of safety reasons the board will in these cases make a full stop. Hence you will fly certainly off the board if you ride fast. This is soooo dangerous and was the most serious concern with Evolve boards. The GTR now has newer and high-quality battery cells, hence the problem with voltage sag should not occur anymore. Another new feature is the new airline friendly swappable battery option for those who want to take their Evolve boards with them when traveling by air.

So the bottom line is, if you want an Evolve Board and you have the money get the Evolve GTR.

Intro to Evolve GTR


The Specs apply to the newest model, the Evolve GTR.

Top Speed22 mph | 36 km/h – All Terrain Tyres
26 mph | 42 km/h – Street Wheels
Range19 mi | 31 km – All terrain
31 mi | 50 km – Street Wheels
Battery Size504 Wh – Standard Battery
151 Wh – Travel Battery
Motor Power2 x 1500 Watts
Weight22 lbs | 10,3 kg – Street
25 lbs | 11,3 kg – All terrain
Max weight capacity220 lbs | 100 kg
Hill climb30 % – Street
25 % – All terrain
Recharge time4 – 5 hours
Water ResistanceNot really
Wheel / Tyre Size7 inch | 17,8 cm
Warranty1 year
Link to Website:evolveskateboardsusa.com
Price$ 1899 – Evolve GTR Bamboo
$ 1999 – Evolve GTR Carbon
$ 1649 – Evolve GT Carbon
$ 1429 – Evolve GTX Bamboo
$ 1099 – Evolve GT Bamboo

Metroboard X

The company Metroboard has probably the longest history off all, designing and manufacturing electric skateboards. I mean they built their first eboard in 2004! In 2004! Hardly any other company was even thinking about e-skateboards at this time.

Metroboard is known for its high quality and long range boards. In the last years If the question came up which board to get when a large range is the most essential factor, a lot of people has recommended Metroboards. The boards have proven to be quality built and to last. Metroboards doesn’t boggle using top-quality parts, like very powerful motors, a great battery, integrated head and taillight, and even Abec Flywheels – one of the best wheels out there. However, the biggest drawback of the boards is the look. They just look bulky, clunky and flat out old!

Now, the Metrobaord X is out and it looks fantastic! Similar to the other all-terrain board in this article and maybe even more stylish than them. It has a deck made out of carbon fiber with built-in head, tail und underground lights. The deck has a “dropped platform” design (like the Ranger X1, Kaly NYC, and AEboards AT) and a drop through mount for a lower center of gravity for increased stability and riding experience. The Metrobaord X is cleverly designed! You don’t have to flip over the board over to turn it on, plug the charger in or check the battery status!

One thing to notice is that each Metroboard X Electric Skateboard is built to order. It will take around 3-4 weeks until you get your board. Metroboard ships worldwide!

Intro to Metroboard X


Top Speed23 mph | 37 km/h – All Terrain Tyres
26 mph | 42 km/h – Street Wheels
Range20 mi | 32 km – All terrain
30 mi | 48 km – Street Wheels
Battery Size576 Wh
Motor Power2 x 3000 Watts
Weight29 lbs | 13 kg – All terrain
28 lbs | 12,7 kg – Street
Max weight capacity300 lbs | 135 kg
Hill climbno info
Recharge time5 hours
Water Resistanceno info
Wheel / Tyre Size7.5 inch | 19 cm
Warranty6 months
Link to Website:metro-board.com
Price$ 2499 – Metroboard X

Lacroix Boards

Lacroix Jaws, Nazare, and Nazare Lonestar – the new models

Let´s get ready for maybe the best electric skateboards out there. The Lacroix Jaws and especially the Lacroix Nazare. Lacroix is based in Montreal, Canada. Alex, one co-founder, even has quit his job as a lawyer to go full time into manufacturing these insane electric skateboards. These boards are – together with Bajaboards – the top-notch of preassembled electric skateboards. (I am excluding DIY boards here because some of them are also very, very good!) The founders are surfers and snowboarders and like many other founders wanted to create their street board experience as well. The company dedicated themselves to build the best carving experience you can get on asphalt.

Lacroix Jaws

Their first production boards, the DSS60 and DSS50+ have been probably the most hyped eboards on the internet. The two different models, the DSS50+ and the DSS60, only differentiate in battery capacity. If you search on the big electric skateboard communities, the “electric-skateboard.builders” forum and on Reddit on “r/electricskateboarding”, you will read many very positive reviews about these boards. Users love the smoothness, the power, and performance but also the customer service and support of LaCroix. It has a very long-range, some users even say that they couldn’t even test the range because before the battery was empty their legs couldn’t stand eboarding anymore. On the companies website, they state that carving with the Lacroix can actually be a great Core workout. However, the DSS60 and DSS50+ are not available anymore, you only can buy them secondhand.

Lacroix DSS50+ (Design and Speed Study)

You maybe wonder where the odd name “DSS50+” comes from. Well, let me tell you, that DSS stands for “Design and Speed Study”. These boards have only been a study for the two brothers. Because ultimately they wanted to create an extraordinary board, the Nazare. It was always the end goal. The DSS50+ was only a big prototype for what they have to improve to make their dream, the Nazare, come true. And now it has come true.

Lacroix Nazare Lonestar

They have launched their new boards recently. The Lacroix Jaws, an upgraded DSS50+, the Lacroix Nazare, their dream, and the Lacroix Nazare Lonestar, a model with even longer range. The Nazare and Nazare Lonestar come with newly designed trucks. The Lacroix Hypertrucks, these trucks are built to correct speed wobbles. The deck is also newly designed. It is now asymmetrical and has lower angled back concave feet “pockets”, and a triaxial fiberglass layer under each foot and tab to make the riding experience better. The Nazare and Nazare Lonestar share the same specs except for the battery size. Nazare has a big 1089 Watt-hour battery, but Lonestar has an incredible 2178 Watt-hour battery. This is massive! It is the production line electric skateboard with the biggest battery out now!


Top SpeedNo official info (but they are fast)
45 mph (73 km/h) – Nazare (no official info)
Range24 miles (38 km) – Jaws
37 miles (60 km) – Nazare
50 – 60 miles (80 – 97 km) – Nazare Lonestar
Battery Size726 Wh – Jaws
1089 Wh – Nazare
2178 Wh – Nazare Lonestar
Motor Power2 x 3550W = 7100 Watts – DSS50+
no info of the other models but they are more powerful
Weight26 lbs (11.5 kg) – Jaws
35 lbs (25.5 kg) – Nazare
45 lbs (20.5 kg) – Nazare Lonestar
Max weight capacity350 lbs (160 kg)
Hill climbno info – but they surely climb hills
Recharge time2 hours – Jaws
3 hours – Nazare
6 hours – Nazare Lonestar
Water resistanceyes – but no IP rating
Wheel / Tyre Size8 inch (20 cm)
Warranty3 months
Link to Websitelacroixboards.com
Price$ 2499 – Lacroix Jaws
$ 3299 – Lacroix Nazare
$ 3999 – Lacroix Nazare Lonestar

Cheap all-terrain electric skateboards – with airless rubber wheels

Backfire Ranger X1

The Ranger X1 is manufactured by Backfire skateboards, a Chinese company. It was founded in 2009 by Randy and Jerry, two Chinese skateboard enthusiasts. First, the company only built regular skateboards but in 2011 they jumped into the electric skateboard market as well. In 2017 Backfire introduced the G2, which was very popular and successful. Of all the Chinese manufacturers, Backfire may have the richest operating history. They are a 5-year-old company, having sustained the ups and downs of the esk8 industry. In 2018 they successfully raised $330.000 USD for their new all-terrain eboard model, the Backfire Ranger X1.

Backfire Ranger X1

The Ranger X1 is all about little maintenance. Instead of belt driven motors they use (in-wheel) hub motors and instead of inflatable pneumatic tires the Ranger X1 uses airless rubber wheels. These are the biggest differences compared to the other boards in this article. Less powerful and expensive hub motors and cheaper wheels. But let’s get to the features:

Backfire Ranger X1 – what’s in the box?

The Ranger X1 has 6.5-inch big airless rubber wheels. The board is equipped with double kingpin trucks with a minimum turning radius of only 2 meters. I have not seen hub motors in all-terrain boards, but the Ranger X1 does. And it looks like the work fine. This could possibly be a first within the esk8 industry. Furthermore. most of the well-known boards (Trampa, Evolve) use pneumatic rubber tires. But, the Ranger X1 uses airless rubber wheels. The wheels utilize a honeycomb architecture, to dampen vibrations and shocks. These wheels have the advantage that you can not get a flat tire. But riders say that these wheels are not very good and that the pneumatic wheels add more comfort and better riding experience. It has a unique designed curved shape, with a drop through mount of the trucks.

What is special about this board is its price. You can now get a decent all-terrain board which also proofed to last for around a thousand dollars. That’s a huge jump from the majority of boards in this article. The Evolve GTR, the Metroboard X cost twice as much. And the other boards even more than that. Together with AEboards, these companies lead definitely in price point.

Review of Backfire Ranger X1


Top Speed22 mph | 36 km/h
Range21 mi | 35 km
Battery Size504 Wh
Motor Power2 x 900 Watts
Weight28 lbs | 12,7 kg
Max weight capacity260 lbs | 118 kg
Hill climb30 % – Street
Recharge time6 hours
Water ResistanceWater-resistant but no IP rating
Wheel / Tyre Size6.5 inch | 16,5 cm
Warranty6 months
Link to Websitebackfireboards.com
Price$ 999 – Backfire Ranger X1

Meepo City Rider

Meppo is one of the many Chinese budget board companies. The company was established in 2017, so actually they are still pretty fresh, but they have made their name! Today they’re well-known in the market and in my opinion they are the market leaders of the electric budget board field.

Meepo City Rider

The Meepo City Rider is not rated as an All-terrain board (at least stated from Meepo, the company). But in my opinion and a lot of others too, it should be added in this comprehensive list. The City Rider has big 6-inch rubber wheels and two powerful 650 Watt motors. The reason why Meepo does not advertise the City Rider as an All-terrain board is because of its “too small” wheels and not enough ground clearance. However other riders say that its trucks are not the best suitable trucks for off-road adventure. The City Rider uses Shredder trucks, which doesn’t make it perfect for all-terrain rides but a hell of fun for city carving!

And that’s where the City Rider has got his name from. It is made for the city, to ride above main-hole covers, curbstones, cracks in the pavement and rough tarmac. The Meepo City Rider also uses a Hobbywing ESC which makes the acceleration and braking very smooth. All together the riding experience is great! The only real drawback of the City Rider is its heavyweight.

Meepo City Rider Review


Top Speed22 mph (35 km/h)
Range15.5 mi (25 km)
Battery Size504 Wh
Motor Power2 x 650 Watts
Weight36 lbs (16,6 kg)
Max weight capacity300 lbs (136 kg)
Hill climb30 % – Street
Recharge time5 hours
Water ResistanceNot really
Wheel / Tyre Size6 inch | 15,2 cm
Warranty6 months
Link to Websitemeepoboard.com
Price$ 719 – Meepo City Rider

AEBoard ATs

Like Backfire AEBoard is a company based in China. The Aeboard GT and AT2 are solidly built budget all-terrain electric skateboards from a company called AEboard. They are located in China and have various boards which are decent and all in all recommendable. A good friend of mine bought his Aeboard AT1 and had no problems with it. Hence I can tell you something about the AT1 but not the newer and more interesting models the GT and AT2. However, of all the eboards from my list, I am most skeptical about these. I could not find a lot about these boards. But again the company seems to be a trustworthy one. I will give my best and try to tell you more about these all-terrain boards:

I will start with the GT model, their flagship all-terrain model. So, it comes with two 650 Watt in-wheel hub motors, although all wheels look like hub motors. But it appears like two motors are just not connected to the battery – weird. The GT has double kingpin trucks for a better turning radius. It can be purchased with a 504 Watt-hour battery or an extended range battery with 612 watt-hours.

AEboard GT with “flexy” battery enclosure and double king-pin trucks

The AT2 is pretty similar to the GT except for its normal trucks (no kingpin truck), its less powerful hub motors (two 360 Watts motors), its front wheels (look like normal wheels) and its different battery options. You can choose out of more variates of batteries. From a 288 Watt-hour battery all the way up to a 576 Watt-hour battery.

AEboard AT2

The AT1 has a different deck – which I like even more than the newer one because it has a “dropped” design. Different and smaller battery options and different and less flexy battery enclosure. As I said, a good friend of mine purchased one and is pretty pleased with it. I have ridden the board myself too and liked it! One drawback is that the battery has a little delay, so if you push the trigger the throttle on the remote the board will accelerate 0,2 or so later. Same with braking. For the money, it is really a good board but you can’t expect high-end quality and riding experience form it.

AEboard AT1

(If you own a GT or an AT2 and can tell us more about, please let us know in the comment section below)

Review of AEboard AT1


Top Speed23.6 mph (38 km/h) – AT1
23 mph (37 km/h) – AT2
22 mph (35 km/h) – GT
Range9 – 20 miles (15 – 32 km) – AT1
10 – 28 mi (16 – 45 km) – AT2
17 – 25 miles (27 – 40 km) – GT
Battery Size227 – 454 Wh – AT1
288 – 576 Wh – AT2
504 or 612 Wh – GT
Motor Power2 x 360 Watts – AT1
2 x 360 Watts – AT2
2 x 650 Watts – GT
Weight23 lbs (10 kg) – AT1
23 lbs (10 kg) – AT2
25 lbs (11.5 kg) – GT
Max weight capacity330 lbs (150 kg)
Hill climb25 – 30 % – AT1
25 – 30 % – AT2
30 % – GT
Recharge time2 – 6 hours – AT1
3 – 7 hours – AT2
5 – 8 hours – GT
Water resistancenot really
Wheel / Tyre Size6 inch (15 cm)
WarrantyNo info
Link to Websiteaeboarder.com
Price$ 639 – 869 – Aeboard AT1
$ 689 – 929 Aeboard AT2
$ 899 – 999 Aeboard GT

Off-road electric skateboard conversion kits

If you want to build your own off-road electric skateboard off-road and all-terrain conversion kits are the most convenient way to go. First off, fitting these kits to an existing deck is interesting, but they don’t offer much of a cost saving over buying a complete e-board. If you want an off-road electric skateboard, the easiest option is to purchase a complete board. With eboard conversion kits, however, you have options for customization and personalization. You can add-on a modular electric kit to your pre-chosen, personal deck.

Trampaboard Kits

On the website of Trampaboards, you can get everything to build your own off-road mountain electric skateboard. If you are interested in “Do It Yourself – DIY” building your eboard than Trampa and some forums are a good place to start. But just be warned: Trampas Website looks a bit outdated and cluttered with products and options – definitely overwhelming at first!

L-faster E-Board Motor Kit

This conversion kit uses off-road pneumatic tires, has two N63 1650 Watts belt driven motors. The max speed is 40 km/h.

This kit uses N63 motor, it is 36V 1650W brushless motor, very powerful and max speed can be 40km/h.

AEboard AT Set

The AEbaord AT set is made of two wide trucks, big 6inch rubber wheels and two (in wheel) hub motors with 300 Watts of power each. You will need all the rest, battery, ESC, remote control yourself.

Disadvantages of off-road and all-terrain electric skateboards

  • Weight – These boards are often very heavy
  • Size – Off-roads ebaords are often very big and bulky: hard to stow
  • Less top speed – Due to the drag of the pneumatic tyres
  • Reduced range – Due to the drag of the pneumatic tyres

Advantages of off-road and all-terrain electric skateboards

  • Ridable on many surfaces
  • City rides also get smoother
  • Better carving ability

What else to consider when buying an off-road or all-terain electric skateboard

Riding skills

Many of the boards on my list are not well suited for beginners. Some companies even advertise their boards as not amateur friendly. I don’t want to destroy the fun but you should have decent riding skills if you want to go off roads as. Almost all of the electric skateboards have different speed and riding settings so you don’t have to ride fast if you don’t want to.

Safety concerns

When riding off-roads the likelihood of crashing is increased. Due to the rough ground, obstacle count and needed level of concentration and skillset when riding on rocky paths.

The kinetic energy of a moving object increases in proportion to the square of the speed. In other words, if you are traveling at 20mph (32 km/h) will get 4 times the damage (do 4 times the damage too) to someone riding 10mph (16 km/h). At 40mph (64 km/h) (and yes there are eboards out there that can reach this speed) you will have 16 times higher impact energy!

Protective gear

If we crash we don’t have a thick protection layer out of metal as we have in cars. All we got is our protective gear (helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads), our clothes and ultimately our skin to shield us. Please ride with reasonable speed and always wear your protective gear!

Check out my articles on the best protective gear for electric skateboarding:

How to ride more safely when riding off roads

  • Always wear your helmet!
  • Wearing additional protective gear (gloves, knee and elbow pads, good shoes) is highly recommended
  • Know your paths
  • Practice and master your board’s braking
  • Train emergency braking techniques and to “fall right”
  • Make sure your batteries are charged (remote control too)
  • Make sure you’re being seen – (nighttime = light time)
  • Don’t ride beyond your skill level

To really know how to ride more safely check out my article with 17 insanely reliable safety tips!

electric skateboard safety tips

Last Words – now it’s your turn

Electric skateboards are great. They have many of the advantages compared to standard longboards but you can get around faster or further with less effort.

With off-road and all-terrain electric skateboard kits, we have the possibility to go off the road (I love this freedom!) and have even smoother rides on the streets. They are simply more powerful and capable than regular electric skateboards

Now I want to hear from you:

Which off-road board do you like the most? I would also love to know why you like this particular board the most.

Let me know by leaving a quick comment.