WowGo 2S Pro Review – best eskate under $500?

The newest release from WowGo is a direct upgrade of the formerly available 2S, and is appropriately named the 2S Pro. The new board is equipped with dual 500w motors, doubling the dual 250w’s that drove the 2S. This motor upgrade is paired with a 12s2p 50.4V battery instead of the 10s2p carried by the standard WowGo 2S. 

This allows the board to reach a top speed of 25mph, which is a modest improvement over its predecessor’s 23mph maximum. This extra speed seems to come at a small cost in range (2 miles) but in exchange, the Pro model reaches a full charge a half-hour sooner. On the topic of batteries and such, it should be noted that WowGo has done away with multiple battery configurations on the 2S Pro; the 12s2p is the only option, albeit a fine one at this price.


The most obvious change when you see the new model is what’s on top; the deck. We’ve lost the carrying handle in exchange for a wide, flat blend of Canadian maple, bamboo and fiberglass. The grip tape design is reserved while the bamboo bottom depicts the trident of the Greek God Poseidon amid crashing waves. While this artwork doesn’t particularly cater to our tastes, the lovely bamboo grain looks great and the design is not jarring enough to detract from the overall design much…but perhaps a quick sanding and a shine is in order?


Pros and Cons 

Good range for the priceNo deep concave
Good polish for the priceNot comfortable to carry
Premium feeling remote
Strong brakes

Overall Riding Experience 

The ride quality is solid for this price point with acceptable acceleration and surprisingly strong brakes, which this rider appreciates. The top speed of 25mph is plenty fast for most hub riders, and if you want to go much faster you’re looking at other drivetrain options anyway. We were able to squeeze about 12 miles of range out of this board, which actually matches the specs of the older base model and comes in 2 miles below advertised. That said, our riding styles don’t necessarily extend battery life.

Accelerating & Brakes

The acceleration of the 2S Pro is unremarkable if smooth, but the braking is wonderful! Hub motors often provide very little in the way of stopping power, but the 2S Pro feels strong. Having confidence in your ability to stop is crucial, and this board provides that.

Top Speed

The top speed on this board is 25mph, and we got her there. This is a very reasonable speed for a hub-motor board, and is generally close to the top speed many riders cruise at anyway. For riders who are looking to get more aggressive, other drivetrains are going to offer more speed and climbing power but will produce more noise and require some maintenance. 


Range test: 75kg, mostly flat surface, multiple stop and gos, some inclines, high average speed 18mph+ almost all of the ride, 86° fahrenheit → 11.3 miles

Our test at the listed specifications brings the range to 11.31 miles traveling at about 18mph. Since our test reflects more realistic riding conditions than those generally used in manufacturer range tests, it’s safer to expect about 10-12 miles of travel instead of 14.

Weight/ Portability 

The portability of this board is not great, but unless a board is designed around that idea it generally is best ridden, not carried. The 2S model did have a carry handle, but the Pro does not. 

Build Quality 

This board feels well made, and the 180 day warranty shows some faith in their product. The grip tape design and feel is good, the metal enclosures for the hub motors are awesome and the remote control is excellent! After seeing the same HobbyWing remote everywhere else, it’s refreshing to lay eyes on a new design. It’s polished, with a nice bright screen clearly displaying modern indicators. 

It’s nice to see generally good quality all around. So often, board companies cut costs with bad hardware, throw-away grip tape and trucks you know you’ll be replacing. WowGo is shipping a board that is acceptable all around.


The wide deck is definitely a plus, there’s room to move a bit and those with large feet won’t be crowded. Grip tape is solid, modern minimalist perhaps? The bamboo on the bottom looks great, although the tattoo-like artwork “inspired by Poseidon” isn’t a fit for my fancy…but it would be easy work to sand it off and polish that wood grain. 

While the deck is nice and wide, it’s also a bit flat for my liking. I found that after an hour of riding my feet were becoming sore, much too soon. While different shoes may provide some relief, it’s hard to beat a good concave for me.

ESC & Remote

The ESC and Remote system on this board feel very smooth, even polished. The braking is much better than I’ve come to expect on a hub board, which I am grateful for. The remote is sleek, easy to read and comfortable in the hand. WowGo seems to be in the refining stages of their control system, and we appreciate that.

WowGo’s remote
normal Hobbywing remote


At 224Wh the WowGo battery offers a lot of output per dollar. Similar price offerings include the Backfire G2 with 180Wh, the Meepo standard line with 144-180Wh, and the Exway Wave at 193Wh. 

While many boards offer a lineup of battery options, the complete package offered by the WowGo 2S Pro provides an easy approach to buying a well equipped board without feeling pressured to spend more on upgrades.

Trucks and Bushings 

They are absolutely…just fine. Nothing wrong with these, and they don’t scream for replacement. Carving is fun and predictable, and it’s nice to ride a board out of the box that doesn’t require an immediate parts swap.

Wheel Options 

The 2S Pro comes on 90x54mm 78A PU wheels, and Cloudwheel Donuts will be available for this board in the future! The hub motors feature replaceable sleeves, pretty standard now but worth noting.

Water Sealings

As with most electric skateboards, effort has been made to prevent water from damaging this board but you should not tempt it. A splash may not kill it, but a downpour or submersion might. The best way to prevent water damage is to keep the board dry, and any moisture that does get on the board should be addressed immediately.

Shipping Time

7 – 70 days. What a range! Depends on the shipping method and location. For the most accurate shipping estimates, view the WowGo website.

Customer Service

WowGo has a generally positive reputation. They are well established and are one of the most popular and familiar budget eskate brands among Backfire, Exway, and Meepo.
WowGo generally can be recommended, as their intentions seem solid and they put forth effort to do good business.

Price and Competitors

Price competition is fierce in the mid-range field, with specs and costs running tight margins. At the time of this writing you could score a Meepo V3 for $399 (reg $469) and get a board that charges faster, travels faster and has an excellent reputation. Backfire will sell you a G2 Black for $429 (reg $499) but you’ll be a tad slower and you’ll be charging for 3.5 hours! Even if you stay in the WowGo brand you’ll see similar configurations like the WowGo 3, which sports the same dual 500w motors, carries a smaller battery and costs $70 more. 


WowGo 2S Pro

Meepo V3

Backfire G2

WowGo 3



$ 429

$ 399

$ 429

$ 499

Battery Size

224 Wh

144 Wh

180 Wh

216 Wh

Range (real

12 miles (20 km)

8 miles (13 km)

10 miles (16 km)

11 miles (18 km)

Top Speed

25 mph (41 km/h)

28 mph (45 km/h)

24 mph (38 km/h)

24 mph (38 km/h)


2 x 500 Watt 

2 x 540 Watt 

2 x 400 Watt 

2 x 500 Watt 


18 lbs (8.2 kg)

16 lbs (7.2 kg)

14.5 lbs (6.5 kg)

17.2 lbs (7.8 kg)

Max Load

264 lbs (120 kg)

300 lbs (136 kg)

260 lbs (118 kg)

330 lbs (150 kg)

Recharge Time

2.5 hours

2 hours

3.5 hours

2.5 hours


6 months

6 months

6 months

6 months

Wheel Sizes (Stock)

90 mm

90 mm

96 mm

90 mm

It’s this tight competition and variety of configurations that make it both invigorating and confusing to choose a board. The mid-range is always worth shopping around, as there are no clear favorites and the top specs or best deal can change with each new board release.

Recommended Upgrades

When the Cloudwheels donuts are available, they are definitely worth purchasing for your 2S Pro.

The following qualifies as important gear for all riders in our opinion.

  • good helmet (must)
  • gloves
  • shredlights
  • guitar stand as board stand

Closing Thoughts

The 2S Pro is a welcome successor to the 2S, and it showcases a complete package uncommon in eskate retail. Generally speaking, purchasing a board is often akin to buying a car. You pick a base model, then choose the wheels, battery, drivetrain or color. With the 2S Pro, WowGo is debuting a board that is thoughtfully equipped and ready to ride upon delivery. The price is right, the warranty is great and the brand is established. A premium remote, great braking, solid battery and polished feel add up to a board that we can wholeheartedly recommend!

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  1. It is great specs to price ratio but my moto caught fire charging within the 6 month mark (albeit barely) and they wouldn’t take care of it. Low quality, like the Samsung Galaxy clones with the same specs for half price that never make it 2 years


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