Charge Time for Electric Skateboards compared – How long?

Some of us wonder how long does it usually take to charge an electric skateboard?  It is an important question when it comes down to buying an eboard. It can determine on which model we decide. But how long does it take to charge an electric skateboard?

On average it takes 2 to 5 hours to fully charge an electric skateboard. Charging time is dependent on the battery size and the power output of the charger. Therefore charging time differs a lot from model to model.

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If we want to use our electric skateboards daily for commuting we rely on its ability to recharge in a short amount of time. The batteries of electric skateboards are getting bigger and bigger because consumers demand longer ranges and more powerful models.  A lot of riders want a long range but the longer the range the bigger the battery and therefore the longer the charging time. Electric skateboard companies become aware of these circumstances and are now offering faster chargers. These “fast chargers” have higher power outputs to reduce with this way the charging time.

How long does it take to charge an electric skateboard? Different models compared

I did some research about the most modern and most valid electric skateboards. I created a table to compare e-board models, their charging time, and if there is a fast charger is available besides the normal one. If the fast charger already is sold with the board then I stated: “already in the box”. To provide a helpful overview I added the models’ battery capacity in Watt-hours (Wh) too. My results are presented below. If you miss an e-board or believe that I should add other electric skateboards in my list as well, please let me know in the comment section below.

Please note that these are charging times to fully charge an ebaord! The charging rate is not linear. For example: If a full charge takes 2 hours you can get 80% charge in ~45 minutes

Comparison table

Electric Skateboard ModelCharging timeFaster Charger Available Battery Size in Watt Hours (Wh)

Acton Blink S21 hr 30 minNo160 Wh
Acton Blink Qu4tro3 hrsNo240 Wh
Aeboard AE13 – 5 hrsNo227 – 454 Wh
Aeboard AT23 – 7 hrsNo288 – 576 Wh
Aeboard GT5 hrs No 504 Wh
Backfire Galaxy G2t2 hrs 30 minalready in box216 Wh
Backfire Ranger X15 hrs 30 minalready in box504 Wh
Bioboard Thorium XNo info already in box704 Wh
Boosted Mini S1 hrs 15 minNo99 Wh
Boosted Mini X1 hrs 45 minNo199 Wh
Boosted Plus1 hrs 45 minNo199 Wh
Boosted Stealth1 hrs 45 minNo199 Wh
Enertion Raptor 2.13 hrsNo432 Wh
Evolve GTR4-5 hrsalready in box504 Wh
Evolve GTX4-5 hrs Yes –  2.5 hrs360 Wh
Evolve GT2-5 hrs Yes 234 – 360 Wh
Exway X1 Pro2  hrs 45 minYes – 1 hrs 10 min193 Wh
Inboard M11 hrs 30 minNo97 Wh
Lacroix DSS50+3 hrs 30 minIn box786 Wh
Majestic Pro 2 hrs 30 minNo250 Wh
Meepo NLS2 hrs 30 minYes180 – 288 Wh
Meepo NLS Pro2 hrs 30 minYes336 Wh
Meepo City Rider4 hrs 45 min No504 Wh
Meepo V3No info Yes144 – 288 Wh
MetroboardX5 hrsalready in box576 Wh
Mellow Drive/ Board3 hrs 30 minYes – 45 min99 Wh
OneWheel + XRNo info Yes – 1hr324 Wh
OneWheel PintNo info Nono official info
Ownboard W22 – 3 hrsalready in box324 Wh
Ownboard W1S2- 3 hrsalready in box144 – 292 Wh
Riptide Boards3 – 5 hrsYes | 90 – 180 min97 – 199 Wh
Starkbaord2 hrsNo208 Wh
Teamgee Boards2 hrsNo126 Wh
Verreal V1S5 hrsYes – 3hrs157 – 302  Wh
WowGo 32 hrs 30 minNo216 Wh
WowGo 2S2 – 4 hrsNo144 – 306 Wh

If you’ve liked this table than check out my Sortable eboard Comparison Table here. I have even built a Drag and Drop Tool with which you can compare your favorite electric skateboard models! It took me days to create it, I hope you like it!

Basic charging info – how to charge an electric skateboard correctly

The process of charging an electric skateboard is like charging your smartphone – it’s easy!

  • Step 1: Grab your board and your charger. Please make sure that you have the correct charger.
  • Step 2: Plug the charger into your electrical power source. Normally a green light will light up on the charger to indicate that it is connected to the electric socket.
  • Step 3: After plugging into the power source, you plug the connector to your electric skateboard. Charging ports differ from models and brands. Normally it is located on the underside of the deck. If you don’t find it, read the manual to check where it is located. Plug in the cable. Now the light should turn red. This indicates that the battery is charging.
  • Step 4: When the charging process is finished, the charger will show a green light again. You can now unplug the charger from the wall and your board and you are good to go. That’s it!

Electric skateboards are charged via an electric charger. Electrical chargers are in fact AC adapters. You can plug electric chargers into your power outlet (electric socket). The job of a charger is to transform current and voltage from the socket into usable power for the device – in our case eboards. The typical power output of eboard chargers is between 50 and 200 watts. The most common chargers have 84-watt power output.

Typical Charger information:

  • Input: 100~240V-50/60Hz 1.8A.
  • Output: 42V 2A
  • EU Standard,US Standard Plug or UK standard Is Subject to Your Destination Country.

Electrical chargers also need to have a Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) certification.

how long do electric skateboards charge? charger info
typical charger info

What are electric skateboard fast chargers?

Fast chargers for electrical skateboards are simply chargers who offer a larger power output. So instead of a normal charger who is offering 84 what’s in power output, fast chargers offer sometimes 200 watts in power output or even more.

Best ways to charge an electric skateboard – 9 charging tips

  • Don’t forget that you can charge your board with regenerative braking!
  • The charging rate is not linear. For example: If a full charge takes 2 hours you can get 80% charge in ~45 minutes. It is good to know that short charging times can still have a big impact on battery status
  • Always utilise the charger as well as the adapter provided with your battery (or one with manufacturers approval). It will avoid overcharging and guards the battery against damage due to short circuits.
  • Allow your battery to cool before charging it. Also, do not use it directly after recharging.
  • Technology got our back – the battery management chip will guarantee that the battery won’t overcharge or discharge too far
  • If you want to charge your battery more often buy a second charger for your workplace or girlfriends place as well
  • If your electric skateboard is in storage for several months, make sure to store it with 40-50% battery status
  • Perfect temperature for storage is 5 – 20° Celsius (41 °F – 68 °F)
  • Do not expose a battery to temperatures above 60 °C (140 °F) – it will harm your battery significantly.

Additional questions

How much does it cost to charge an electric skateboard?

The main benefit of electric vehicles over combustion engine driven vehicles is how cheap they are to run. Ask any driver you know and they will tell their principal expense is petrol. Because gasoline is a limited resource, its price will only get higher as demand grows. Electric, however, can be sourced from sustainable means and is essentially limitless.

On average, charging an electric skateboard fully will cost you around 1 to 18 cents (US$ cents) in electricity usage. Depending on the capacity of your board´s battery and your electricity price rate. Electric skateboards, usually have a 90 – 500Wh (Watt-hour) battery capacity. The price of electricity varies significantly across the globe. The average residential consumer’s electricity price is between 10 to 40 cents (US$) per kilowatt-hour.

How often do electric skateboards need charging?

The lifetime of the battery will decrease if the battery is not used regularly, so make sure to charge it periodically. If you want to store your lithium-ion battery over a longer period of time, be sure to discharge your lithium-ion battery to optimally 40%. Recharge the battery every six months to maintain 40-50% of battery status.

How long does an eboard battery last?

If the board and battery are maintained properly then a Li-Ion Battery (Standard Battery) will last for 300-1000 charge cycles before reaching 80% of its capacity (the international standard to rating cycle life). That means if you use your electric skateboard daily the battery will last for about 1-3 years. The biggest life factor of the battery is how many cycles your batteries can take before the capacity drops. In addition, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries have a limited span and will continuously lose their capacity.

Last words

I hope you have found this blog post informative and helpful. Maybe a colleague or a friend of yours could also benefit from this article. If you have any questions you can comment below.

I am eager to constantly improve the quality of this blog so feel free to give me feedback!

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