When we want to buy an electric skateboard it is important to know whether or not the e-board will support the rider’s weight. But what is the weight limit for an electric skateboard?

On average electric skateboards have weight limits from 200 to 330 lbs (90 to 150 kg).
The maximum riders weights are determined by structural factors of the electric skateboard. Especially the deck defines the maximum capacity that electric skateboards can carry.

Maximum riders weight of different electric skateboards compared

I did some research about the most trustworthy electric skateboards. Electric skateboards are built different from model to model. Therefore different electric skateboard models support different capacities. I created a table to compare e-board models, their weight capacity in pounds (lbs) and kilogrammes (kg). If you miss an e-skateboard or believe that I should complement my list, please let me know in the comment section below.

Comparison table

Electric Skateboard modelWeight limit – lbsWeight limit – kg

Acton Blink S2250 lbs113 kg
Acton Blink Qu4tro280 lbs127 kg
Aeboard AE1330 lbs150 kg
Aeboard AT2330 lbs150 kg
Aeboard GT330 lbs150 kg
Backfire Galaxy G3260 lbs118 kg
Backfire Ranger X2260 lbs118 kg
Backfire Zealot260 lbs118 kg
Bajabord G4 (X)350 lbs160 kg
Bajaboard S2350 lbs160 kg
Bioboard Thorium XNo infoNo info
Boosted Mini S250 lbs113 kg
Boosted Mini X250 lbs113 kg
Boosted Plus250 lbs113 kg
Boosted Stealth250 lbs113 kg
Evolve GTR220 lbs100 kg
Evolve GTR All Terrain220 lbs100 kg
Exway Flex265 lbs120 kg
Exway X1 Pro300 lbs136 kg
Kaly NYC XL Boards280 lbs127 kg
Lacroix Jaws350 lbs160 kg
Lacroix Nazaré (Lonestar)350 lbs160 kg
Lycaon G220 lbs100 kg
Lycaon GR220 lbs100 kg
Majestic Pro220 lbs100 kg
Meepo V3300 lbs136 kg
Meepo NLS Pro300 lbs136 kg
Meepo City Rider300 lbs136 kg
MetroboardX300 lbs136 kg
Miles Mini270 lbs122 kg
Miles Rampage270 lbs122 kg
OneWheel + XR275 lbs125 kg
OneWheel Pint275 lbs125 kg
Ownboard Bamboo AT/ GT265 lbs120 kg
Ownboard Carbon AT/ GT265 lbs120 kg
Ownboard W2265 lbs120 kg
Riptide Boards250 lbs113 kg
Teamgee Boards200 lbs90 kg
Verreal V1S220 lbs100 kg
Vestar Black Hawk260 lbs120 kg
Vestar NightFury260 lbs120 kg
WowGo 3X265 lbs120 kg

If you’ve liked this table than check out my sortable eboard Comparison Table here. I have even built a Drag and Drop Tool with which you can compare your favorite electric skateboard models! It took me days to create it, I hope you like it!

Maximum electric skateboard load – why it is important

There are various reasons why the weight limit on your electric skateboard is vital to consider.

  • Safety reasons (especially braking)
  • Performance
  • Range
  • Lifespan

Safety reasons

A heavy loaded eboard will have an increased braking distance. But an electric skateboard must be able to brake safely and slow you to a total halt while using the brakes, also when going down a hill, especially when you have to stop suddenly because of the traffic. Regular inspections and maintenance will preserve your safety, but the designed maximum load (weight) limit on your e-skateboard will guarantee performance as expected. Any extra load could wear down or damage your brakes and put you at severe risk.

The weight limit is also related to the structural strength of the e-boards components. Additional weight or loading can lead, damaged battery cases, degraded screws and structural connections and cracked or even broken decks.

Performance and range

The electronics, gears and brakes on your electric skateboard have been adjusted to give the best riding experience. If you want to get a good overview regarding the range of eboards check out my articles and comparison tables here. A maximum-loaded board will lessen your range and average speed. Additionally, heavy loads reduce the hill climbing ability and increase stopping distance. This indicates that even if you are not over the weight limit on your board, but are carrying groceries or other hefts, the advertised speed and range states will not resemble.

Lifespan is affected too

If you load your eboard with a lot of weight the motor has to work more to accelerate you, therefore it needs more power and drains the battery faster, hence you have to charge your battery more often and therefore it will wear down faster. If you want to learn more about battery life span check out the article I have written about. Your brakes (electric motor) also have to work harder to decelerate you and your board. All in all, the parts and electronics of your board have to work more and hence will last fewer seasons.

What heavy riders neet to consider

The commercial world doesn’t appear to be composed for people at the upper centiles of height or weight, or? This can be a particular problem when you want to buy an electric skateboard. Recommended weight limits on many eboards can make it tricky for heavier riders to find a proper model. Sadly, a lot of good boards can’t carry more than 220 lbs (100 kg). However, by following a few indicators it is possible for heavier riders to find the perfect board. You will probably want to look for:

  • A board with powerful motors
  • Large battery the more weight the more power is required
  • Strong Deck and good trucks

In the past for big riders, many decks were very durable with very little or no flex at all, but fortunately, that is history. Now, new materials (fibreglass, kevlar, carbon fibre, types of bamboo) have been introduced and eboard manufacturers are trying to combine materials for stability, ease of use and flexibility.

Please note, if you are on the heavier side, you should not stand in the centre of the board. You should always stand over the trucks to make sure that the board can accommodate the weight.

Best electric skateboards for heavy riders

For big and heavy riders we only should consider electric boards with strong decks and preferably eksates with powerful motors. So let’s take a look at the comparison table and pick out the boards with the highest weight limits. Out of these, we will select eboards with powerful motors and large battery capacities. And here we are! This is my list for the best electric skateboards for big and heavy riders:

  • Aeboard GT rider weight limit til 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Bajaboard G4, G4X, S2, Pantera carry up to 350 lbs (160 kg)
  • Meepo City Rider rider weight limits to 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • MetroboardX is accepted til 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Kaly NYC XL2.0, XL40, XL50+ carry up to 280 lbs (127 kg)
  • Lacroix Jaws, Nazaré, Lonestar carry up to 350 lbs (160 kg)

Last words

I hope you have found this blog post informative and helpful. Maybe a colleague or a friend of yours could also benefit from this article. If you have any questions you can comment below.

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