Orangatang 4 President and Stimulus Longboard Wheels Review

Orangatang has been in the game for a very long time. They’re easily distinguished, classic orange wheels stand out on any board, and may be an instant upgrade to anyone’s setup. But a commonly asked question: “Are they worth a premium price?” For most people, they may not be.

Check out the Orangatang 4 President’s Price on Amazon

Check out the Orangatang Stimulus’ Price on Amazon

I’ve put my 70mm 80a 4President wheels on my Loaded Dervish Sama (A 42in Drop-thru Longboard) and got a decent ride from them. This wheel offers a wide, smooth contact patch for maximum grip and smooth, stable turns. One thing I was able to do was push out some slides, but I had to put more effort than I would’ve liked. The ride was smooth, but not as smooth as I was hoping. However, I do need to add that I live in a city with quite a few poorly paved roads. For someone who is looking for a really smooth ride in a place with bumpy roads, I’d definitely suggest going with a larger, softer wheel to give you the buttery ride you’re looking for. 

I’ve also been riding Orangatang’s Stimulus wheel on my newly purchased Loaded Coyote, and must admit I did enjoy this ride more. Now I was riding a slightly harder wheel, (83a) on a stiffer deck like the Coyote (Loaded’s 30in cruiser) The rouger, shorter contact patch made sliding much easier, and I feel like I was able to ride faster on it. The length and stiffness of the board allowed me to accelerate much faster, along with harder wheels it was definitely a “funner” ride. Pair that with some kickflips and sidewalk cruising, I’d reach for my Coyote over the Dervish Sama every time. The weight of the wheels no doubt made it harder to lift the board off the ground, and if you’re someone looking to do more tricks, I’d personally go with the Stim’s “little brother” Orangatang’s “Fat free” wheel. It’s the same exact wheel with the same rough contact patch and happy thane, but with a 65 mm diameter and smaller contact patch. 


The  question we all want to know… Are they worth the premium price point? To begin with, all their wheels are poured right in California, so you do pay for American labor compared to overseas made wheels. Another great thing about the company is that customer service is outstanding, with real people, in real time, available to help you choose the right product for you. You can reach amazing customer service through the Loaded Boards website, or of course the Orangatang website. But even with the made in California tag, and great customer service, 50+ beans for a set of wheels is a lofty price. And for the casual rider, there are many other great options out there for considerably cheaper.

A couple of my personal favorites are the Cloud Ride’s Cruiser wheels for under 40 dollars, and Devine’s Road Rippers, also for under 40 bucks. My Sector 9 drop-thru with Cloud Ride’s 69mm 78a Cruisers has been my go to for over a year now, because of how smooth and comfortable the ride is. Even though the wheel could definitely be comparable to Orangatang’s 4President wheel, I have definitely enjoyed my Cloud Ride wheels more, and I enjoyed the cheaper sticker price as well.

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I don’t know if they still do this promotion, but when i bought my cloud ride wheels, i got free cloud ride bearings with my order which performed very well. Recently I bought a new Landyachtz deck and put my Divine Road Rippers on it. These wheels are 65mm with a wide contact patch, and 78a. I’ve enjoyed this soft wheel and quick acceleration a lot. 

For those riders out there who are set on an Orangatang wheel, Loaded Boards offers Orangatang wheels on their site with “Cosmetic Blemishes” (B-Stock) for 25% off. They ride exactly the same, and may have a minor issue, such as paint chips on them. I personally think it’s an amazing deal and took advantage of it myself. 

For the casual rider, Orangatang wheels might be a little expensive, but for a more serious longboarder, downhill or freeride, they might be the finely tuned instrument you’ve been looking for. Unfortunately, I am neither a downhill or freeride longboard rider. I longboard casually for transportation and to just get out the house and have a smooth, relaxing ride. Orangatang and Loaded post a ton of Youtube videos describing each wheel and who it may be best suited for. If you’re a serious rider, I suggest going there or read a blog written by a more, ‘hardcore’ longboard rider. But for the leisurely rider, I can confidently say that although Oragnatang makes awesome wheels, there are many other wheel options out there, some of which I think are just as good, or even better. 

To keep full transparency about my opinion, although I did enjoy both boards and wheels, they didn’t cut it like I had envisioned they would when I bought them, so I did end up selling both on ebay as complete set ups. They were in no way, at all, bad boards or bad wheels, but for the ride I was looking for, these wheels and boards didn’t satisfy me. For people in a similar situation as me, people looking for a buttery smooth ride where the pavement isn’t paved well, I’d go for a stiff board, paired with large, soft wheels. (75mm+ and a durometer less than 80a) 

Check out the Orangatang 4 President’s Price on Amazon

Check out the Orangatang Stimulus’ Price on Amazon

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